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Ray and Lily story collection

by hornymask

If you want attention for your udders


“Don’t you think you’re getting a bit cocky?” Ray smirks down at her naked, kneeling girlfriend. The black collar stands out against Lily’s pale skin. “I caught you running around in a push up bra, like you want everyone’s attention on those giant udders.”

Lily looks up at her, cheeks flushed, but she knows better than to argue over something so small.

Ray walks to the desk in their room and sets out two small rubber bands and a red sharpie “well, we can make sure everyone notices them while we go get our coffee.”

Lily bites her lower lip, already feeling an embarrassing stir of arousal. Ray pulls her up and sits her on the desk. She grabs the sharpie and writes ‘pinch me’ over both of Lily’s nipples. “You’re lucky I’m limiting my writing to these slutty tits this time.”

Lily nods “thank you Mistress”

Ray smirks, writing ‘grope us’ on Lily’s left breast and ‘slap us’ on her right breast. She walks away momentarily to grab a small bullet vibe “Spread your legs like a good slut.” 

Lily looks away as she spreads her legs. She is undeniably wet.

“I guess that makes my job easy.” Ray pushes the bullet vibe into Lily, nesting it against her g spot. She sticks her now pussy juice covered fingers in Lily’s mouth, which she automatically licks clean. “Good girl” Ray smirks as she removes her now clean fingers. She pulls white lace panties up so there’s no futile attempts to try to squeeze the toy out, before she turns the bullet vibe on low with her remote, eliciting a moan from Lily. Ray smirks “That short black skirt and your light weight white collared shirt will be cute today” she expertly pinches Lily’s nipples and binds them with rubber bands, so they stick out “get dressed quickly, I won’t let those stay on any longer than is safe, even if it means I need to remove them in the middle of the line”

Lily squeaks a “yes Mistress” and rushes to get dressed.

Ray grabs her wallet and stops to admire her handiwork. The red writing and raised nipples are visible through Lily’s shirt. “Now that is a look more suitable for my cute little slut.” 

Lily rubs her thighs together, making Ray laugh “did I make you horny, sweetheart?”

Lily blushes more and nods. Ray smirks “Good, sluts are supposed to be horny”

Ray takes Lily’s hand and walks her to the coffee shop. A few of the people who walk past them stop and do a double take. One man walks up to them and glances at Ray,  who nods to him, and he roughly grabs Lily’s tits. Lily gasps, making Ray giggle. The man fondles her tits a bit, until his order is called. Ray orders for both of them, as usual. After they get their drinks, they head back to their dorm. In their dorm, Ray removes the rubber bands and gives each reddened bud a gentle kiss. "Nobody slapped these, even with my permission. Barely anybody played. Why do you think that is?"

Lily smiles "Everyone knows I'm your slut, Mistress" Ray nods, petting Lily's hair, satisfied for now
Lily knows, she got off easy this time


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