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Mother dearest

by slaaneshschosen

I had a terrible time sleeping with my heels on.  My calfs ached and I
couldn't really get into a deep sleep. When I got up to use the bathroom
in the middle of the night, it was really awkward trying to get there and
back while half asleep. Also, my caged clitty kept trying to get hard, but
the cage frustrated it. I finally was able to get semi-comfortable by
laying on my stomach with my legs spread and my clitty cage pushed back
somewhat between my legs. Still, it was very difficult.

I was awoken to mother gently stroking the plug in and out of my pussy. It
was a wonderful way to wake up even though my clitty was straining against
its cage. The stroking made it leak, and there was a small wet spot on the

Mother laughed when she saw that I was awake. "It really is a treat to
tease you my sissy daughter. It makes me so horny." She ran her hand
between her legs and massaged herself lightly. "I can't wait for Dom to get back and scratch this itch deep inside of me." She looked
slightly flushed.

Finally, she smacked my butt and said it's time to get up. The smack made
me tense up and more sissy precum dripped out of my clitty cage. I almost
wanted to cry I was so frustrated.

"Please mother, I need it so bad." She just laughed at me and got up and
went into the bathroom.

"If you are a good sissy, and I mean a very good sissy," the words made my
clitty push really hard against its cage. "I'll text Dom and see if there
is anything that we can do about it."

I got out of the bed and swayed on my heels. They didn't hurt as much as I
was expecting, but they started to ache slightly as I went into the
bathroom. Mother had finished and went downstairs to the kitchen.

I cleaned up and made my way downstairs too.

As I sat at the table, the butt plug pushed deeper into me, and my clitty
dripped in it's cage. Mother laughed about this.

"Well, I suppose it's time for you to move up to the next size sissy." She
had me clean up the dishes while she went and found the next dildo and some
lube. She told me to meet her upstairs when I was done.

When I got there, she said that she had a surprise. "I found this
inflatable dildo in the box of stuff from the other night. I think it's
just the thing to help you expand for the next plug."

It was cock shaped, about ten inches long, and had a bulb attached to it by
a hose. It didn't look too difficult, but when mother started pumping it
up, it really expanded. It was even bigger than my wrist.

"Don't worry, we'll only pump it up enough so that you'll be able to handle
the next plug."

She had me remove my panties and kneel on the floor while leaning over the
bed. After lubing the dildo, she removed the plug that was in me, and it
made me feel really empty inside.

"Please hurry mother, I don't like not having something in me." I wiggled
my butt.

I felt the tip of it enter me easily, and she slid it in deep. It didn't
hurt at all. In fact, it felt pretty nice. I let out a contented

Mother slapped me on the ass and laughed. "I see my sissy likes having a
cock in her pussy."

I heard her squeezing the bulb and the dildo inflated a little. She
grabbed the end of it and started sliding it in and out. She did this for
several minutes while I made sissy sounds. She slowly inflated it as she
fucked me with it. It started to feel really good, and I started pushing
back for more.

"Is this what it's going to be like to get fucked?"

"Ha ha, not even close. His cock is a bit bigger than this right now, and
I know that you are going to love having the real thing -- a hot, hard,
cock from a real man."

She continued sawing in and out while enlarging it. It started to approach
my limit, and I had to work to take it. Mother sensed this, and got up and
sat on my back to keep me in place while fucking me.

"Come on sissy, you can take it. When he gets through with you, you're
gonna beg for his cock. You are going to be his sissy cum dump."

I could only moan and squeal in response.

"You should see the puddle that your clitty is making. It's really
leaking." I felt her hands on my clitty cage. "This is fun, having you
squirm beneath me as I fuck you."

The dildo kept growing and mother kept fucking me with it. She changed the
angle a couple of times, and it started hitting something inside of me that
felt utterly wonderful. I was really moaning and crying out loudly.

"You like that sissy? Am I giving it to you good? Looks like I have found
your sissy g-spot." I felt her slap my ass a couple of times.

"Yes mother . . . oh my god . . . please . . . please . . . oh, oh, oh,
. . . yes . . . please . . . more" I babbled on while mother laughed and
fucked me with the dildo. It kept on growing and growing.

"You're almost there sissy, pretty soon, I'll take it out and put in the
next butt plug."

She kept fucking me for a little while longer, and then I felt it deflate.
I was so disappointed when that happened, I actually started to cry.
"Please mother, I need it."

I felt the head of the butt plug enter me, and it filled me up again. It
felt so good. My pussy spread to take it, and finally settled around the
only slightly thinner neck and I squeezed it and felt it pull up into me.

"There you go sissy," mother said as she climbed off of me. "Your pussy is
almost ready for the real thing."

She had me put my panties back on to hold the butt plug in place. "I
didn't want to tell you before hand, but I skipped the next size plug and
went up to the next one after that." She smiled at me proudly.

"I feel so full mother. It's making my clitty dribble constantly." There
was already a wet spot on my panties.

She laughed at this and she was clearly enjoying what she was doing to me.
"You'll get used to it pretty quickly sissy. You're gonna love when you
get the real thing in you. A real hot cock from a real man is
going to rock your world."

I could tell that she was horny from the experience, and I watched her
climb up the bed and lay back with her legs spread. "Come on sissy, all
this has gotten me excited. It's time for you to practice your pussy
licking skills."

I crawled between her legs, and immediately her hands grabbed my head and
ground it into her pussy. My hands found their way behind my back. It
just felt so natural to keep them there while worshiping a pussy. She kept
me there for at least 45 minutes, licking her to orgasm after orgasm. When
she was through, she pushed me away. I could see a very large wet spot on
the sheets. They were soaked.

"Wow, that was great. Too bad I can't return the favor sissy." She
laughed at my clitty as it was straining against it's cage.

I lay down on the bed next to her on my stomach with my legs spread to get
comfortable. Mother brushed my hair lightly. "Do you think they'll ever
let me take it off mother? It's so frustrating."

"I don't know sissy. Maybe if you are really really good they might. Or
they might replace it with a prettier one like Miss Alexa said."

I groaned and tried to rub my caged clitty against the bed to get some
relief, but it was useless.

"You know, you have a nice ass. Lot's of real girls would kill to have an
ass like yours." She said off-handedly. "Maybe if I'm a good slut,
they'll let me fuck you with a strap-on. I'd really like that."

I groaned again a lay there wanting to touch my clitty.


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