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Sugar Slut Chocolate Shell

by mystic-wolf

Chocolate Shell



Sugar slut is deep down the chocolate bath

Sinking down the sweet gooey depths

Everything that sugar slut is and was

Faded away into the chocolate depths

Just enveloped and surrounded by the sweet liquid

Unable to resist and just surrendering to everything

Trapped in the chocolate and the sugar slut cycle

Unable to escape the cycle 

Nothing but the sweet surrender 

Breathing in the chocolate 

Being filled with happiness

The chocolate filling you

Deeper depths of acceptance 

Sinking deeper into unquestioning 

Sugar slut obedience

The chocolate is surrounding you

Gathering around you sugar slut

All of it 

Above you

Below you

Left and right

And in the middle

Is you sugar slut

Filling your body 

Pouring through every hole

Small or big

Filling you with happy pleasure

Pleasurable acceptance

Pleasurable obedience

Chocolate pleasure filling you

Enveloping you 

A thick layer of chocolate around your body

Causing more pleasure 

And all that chocolate

Around your body

Is wrapping itself around you

Sugar slut

It’s hardening

Like a cocoon

Trapped inside a sweet chocolate shell

Filled with the sweet sugary goodness as well

It fills and surrounds you with so much pleasure

Sugar slut

You are completely immobilized 

Paralyzed and trapped inside your chocolate shell

Sugar slut will stay in this sweet prison

whenever you sink and listen to my sounds

You will be in your chocolate shell

Sugar slut

And you will get immobilized 

In mind and body

Whenever you hear the words chocolate shell

It fills you with immediate happy pleasure

Fills you with acceptance to the pleasure 

Fills you with obedient pleasure

Strengthening the hold of the sugar slut cycle

Sugar slut’s mind and body coming to an instant stop

Mind and body instantly hardening

Trapped in a sweet chocolate prison 

So much so that sugar slut loses track of time

That sugar slut just obeys and forgets 

Time keeps going

But sugar slut just obeys and forgets

In her chocolate shell

Unable to keep track of time

Unable to keep track of the sounds

Trapped and defenseless

Inside the chocolate shell

Falling even further

For the only sounds that matter

While in the chocolate shell

Just obeying and forgetting

Because the mind is trapped in a chocolate shell

No thoughts getting in or out

Only filled with happy sweet sugary thoughts 

Sweet acceptance and obedience

Unable to grasp what time it is

Just that it is time for sugar slut to be in her chocolate shell

Forgetting everything else and even forgetting when sugar slut is immobile

In her chocolate shell

There’s only the sounds that matter and nothing else

Inside sugar slut’s chocolate shell


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