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A prisoners ties

by sissyloriane18

Chapter 1

The house was old, damp, and dark. I stumbled through it, bleary eyed and desperate for the toilet, fumbling along the walls for a door handle. I'd long lost the party but, insulated by the warmth of my liquid dinner, I didn't really feel like I cared. My hand eventually closed on a door handle and I pushed it open to be greeted with the oddest sight I could possibly imagine.


A figure, clad in the most bizarre fetishistic outfit conceivable, stood hunched in the corner. It jumped as I stumbled in and recoiled, before slowly looking me over. It was dressed head to toe in satin, leather and latex - a heavy, black satin mask with tiny eyelets for the eyes and nose, a thick satin blouse buttoned to the neck, black satin gloves, a leather dog collar with a thick, chrome ring at the front tucked under the collar, a very severe looking black and white leather corset tied to the extremes and a flap that went between the figure's legs, black satin leggings, a very severe latex hobble skirt in black and tall, thin, black leather stiletto boots. It took a moment of silent stand-off between us before the figure started to whimper like a girl and stumble towards me with an air of desperation, pointing desperately at a book on a lecturn next to the door. I could hear a rattling as it moved and it was only as it passed me that I saw a long row of tiny padlocks swinging on the back of its corset.


I was about to turn and run when the book's open pages caught my eye - the title on one page read 'To Trap a Slave', and on the other 'To Release a Slave'. I leafed through a few of the pages, shocked to read 'To Access a Slave', 'To Control a Slave', and more.


Unexpectedly dextrous in those boots, the figure was up next to me in no time and began stabbing the page about releasing a slave with a desperate finger, the tight satin over the hands glistening in the low light and padlocks clacking. As it stabbed the pages, it mumbled and grumbled, before grabbing at the front of her mask in frustration, squealing and moaning with a feminine tone. Eventually it resorted to tracing letters on the page. '6'... 'M'... 'O'... 'N'... 'T'... 'H'... 'S'... six months? It had been trapped like that for six months?


I began to step backwards towards the door away from it, signalling I wanted no bother. Panic seemed to set in and it squealed, begging and pleading in mumbled chirps, and pointing time and again at the page about releasing a slave.


Not knowing what else to do, I began to read the text on the page. It took a short while as the language was not something I was used to, but it seemed desperately happy to hear the words and clapped and squealed under the mask. I reached the bottom of the page and it cheered a muffled cheer.


I heard it gasp with relief as the outfit it had apparently been sealed in for so long slowly peeled away from a weakened form. I was mesmerised watching the corset unlace and the busks pop open down its front. As it fell to the floor, the heavy leather and steel dog collar dropped from around its neck. The buttons on the gleaming blouse popped open, revealing a sweaty set of breasts, the mask unsealed itself and flopped to the floor, revealing a beautiful girl's face, and a gag removed itself, sliding thickly from her jaws before thudding to the ground. Her hobble skirt fell open and dropped to her feet, her leggings fell and her boots unbuckled. Lastly, the savage black satin lingerie set that had gripped her body like a vice for six whole months fell away from her, and she was able to stagger towards me, naked at last and, it appeared, weeping with joy.


I held my arms out to embrace her as she fell, but she suddenly grabbed me and threw me around! Suddenly imbued with a spark of energy, she tripped me and I sprawled into the warm mass of cloth and latex on the floor!


Like a flash, she had the book in her hands and I was paralysed as she began uttering the incantation on the opposite page, a crazed look in her eye!


"No! No please! It wasn't me who did it: I let you free!" I begged, feeling the clothes I lay on start to stir.


"It doesn't matter! He wants someone in that outfit and I don't want him to know I'm gone! I'm so, so sorry but I must do this to you!" she shrieked before carrying on.


She continued muttering as I struggled against my weakened arms and legs, trying desperately to roll off and away from the warm, scented pile of her clothing.


But it was too late.


The bra clamped itself around my upper chest like a snake - I could see the insides of the cups were moulded to fit her bust perfectly but hung open on my chest. It held me to the ground as her satin and lace thong worked its way up my legs. I watched wide-eyed as her marked, soiled thong slithered up me and pulled itself taught over my junk. I felt its rasping lace sides settle over my hip bones. I couldn't believe what she was doing!


"You crazy bitch! You can't seal me in here! Please!"


She carried on unabated as her old leggings encased my legs, vacuumforming themselves with a swish of perfumed, sweaty air to my skin to allow her towering stiletto boots to consume my feet and buckle themselves up.


I screamed and writhed around as her bra fastened itself together and the creamy, thick satin of her black blouse encased my body, slowly buttoning itself right up to my neck. The bra suddenly filled beneath the sea of thick satin and jiggled as I struggled, alarming me no end! Her satin gloves covered my hands in no time, and were secured in place by the cuffs of the blouse. Lastly came the white and black corset which hooked itself down my front, under my heaving, gleaming bust, and tied itself tightly at my back, squeezing the fight out of me physically. I was forcibly rolled onto my busty front and her army of padlocks clicked themselves down my back one at a time.


She suddenly stopped the incantation as the skirt finished restricting my legs to a tight tube and I rolled over to find myself, gasping and powerless, in her clothes. I began clawing desperately at my prison, staring down at the outfit she'd been wearing not two minutes ago as it heaved and rippled about my twisting body. The feel of the satin of the gloves sliding over the satin of my blouse did nothing to help the terror and fear of my new inescapably feminine prison.


My trembling fingers traced the bones of the corset, the thick, stiff lapels of the blouse, up and down the tight, warm sleeves, the bouncing tight bust... I really was imprisoned in her cursed outfit! Well... nearly all of it... she held the mask and collar up and grinned.


"N-no. Please read the release script. I'll get you help! Let me help you! Let me out of this and let me help you!"


With a flourish, she read the final few words and slammed the book shut as the mask and collar flew from her hand. The mask whipped itself open, revealing a gleaming, makeup-stained interior and, with no pretense of delicacy, jammed itself forcefully over my head! I screamed, clawing at it and stumbling in her wretched boots, before the still moist penisshaped gag silenced me and the hood sealed itself around my neck under the blouse. It formed tightly to my face, keeping the gag in and almost silencing me as I stared wide-eyed through the tiny eyelets as she'd done when I first saw her. The final item, her heavy dog collar, clicked and locked closed under my lapels, and the switch was done.


I tried to speak but all I heard were the same girlish squeaks and moans she'd uttered while I'd been helping her - I pawed at my mouth, satin on satin, before stumbling to a mirror I'd now seen on the opposite side of the room, trying to ignore the muffled sound of the padlocks down my back clacking as they had on her.


I stopped short - I could see myself now. Dressed against my will in a fetish model's outfit, I looked like a submissive prisoner. I squealed and screamed, stumbling and scraping at my outfit, as she smugly left naked to go reclaim her life.


Panic setting in, I moved cautiously towards the book, trying to regulate my breathing around her gag. There was the page on releasing a slave - I began to try and read the text but the words weren't right! I couldn't pronounce them while the gag was in!


I hauled as hard as I could at the collar, the hood, everything, but the room was just filled with the squeaking of my heels, feminine grunts from my gagged mouth and the clattering of my padlocked corset. I felt the room spin as my ragged breaths tried to fill my lungs around the rubbery cock stuck in my mouth. I screamed in fury as I stumbled to the door, only to discover it was locked! What the Hell was I to do now?




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