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Post Hypnotic Suggestion

by jacob_maroon

Chapter 1

This was a little story script me and a friend made using our ocs. It's nothing special, but I wanted to post it anyways.


*Trikos walks out of an alleyway, seemingly walking away from a fight. He's a bit scuffed up, but he's fine overall. He checks his phone and sees he has a missed call from Mari, she left a voice message though. He plays it..*


Mari (voice message): Hey Trikos, it's Mari! I wanted to ask you if you wanted to come over to my place a bit, but it seems you're busy so I'm leaving this message for you! So come by if you have the chance. Bye! *phone beep*




*Trikos makes his way over to Mari's house. He walks up and knocks on the door. He waits for a few seconds but then Mari answer the door, her head only visible as her body hides behind the door*


Mari: Oh, Trikos! Hi! *she smiles*


Trikos: Hey, I got your voice message. You wanted me to hang out right?


Mari: Oh yeah yeah! Come in! *she opens the door further to let Trikos inside*


*As he walks inside, he walks past mari. She then closes and locks the door behind them*


Trikos: So..what's new with yo-


*he turns around to face Mari, only to see that she is completely naked, but she doesn't seem to care*


Trikos: W-woah! Mari, Why aren't you wearing any clothes??...*he begins to blush*


 Mari: ...what the hell are "clothes"?..


Trikos: *a little thrown off at that response* wait...did anything happen to you today?..you're acting weird-


Mari: Oh! Well I should probably mention, I got bored a few days ago, and while I was searching the internet for something to do, I discovered this thing called "hypnosis" and that people actually get paid to be hypnotized in their own homes, so I hired a hypnotist to hypnotize me for fun!


Trikos: *Now realizing why she's acting weird* So you're hypnotized!


Mari: What? No! He did hypnotize me, yes, but he made sure I was completely normal by the time he left! Now..


*Mari then kneels down in front of Trikos, then grabs his pants, trying to take them off*


Trikos: H-Hey! What are you doing?-


Mari: *struggling to even unbutton his pants* dammit..what even is this thing covering your legs, just take it off so i can suck your cock already!


*Trikos, blushing more than ever, is how hesitant due to mari's sudden sexual behavior*


Trikos: But..why though?-..


Mari: why not? *she then starts teasing him, shaking her breasts back and forth, and bouncing them up and down* what, you don't want these tits smothering that dick of yours?~..


*she then stands up and teases him more by posing sexually and showing off her ass*


Mari: You don't want this thicc ass slamming up and down your shaft? You don't want to blow your load in between my cheeks?~..


*Mari then backs up so her naked butt is grinding on Trikos's crotch. He can't help but get an erection from this*


Trikos: Mmhh…


Mari: hehe~..i know you want to~..


Trikos:...oh fuck it..*He quickly takes off his pants and lets his throbbing cock out*


Mari: That's it~..


*Mari goes back to kneeling down in front of him, and now starts playing with his cock by stroking it with her hands and licking it with her tongue*


Trikos: o-oh my..mmh~..


*immediately, trikos was hit with a wave of pleasure. Mari did not go easy on his cock, she wanted him to cum..hard*


Mari: Yeah baby~..feels good doesn't it?~..*stops using her hands starts giving trikos a blowjob full force*


Trikos: Ahhhah!~..


*Trikos's pleasure spikes again as his cock slides deep into Mari's mouth. He looks down to see Mari bobbing her head up and down, his cock sliding in and out each time. With a quick glance he also notices she's masturbating as she sucks him off*


Trikos: Hhhahh~..*Trikos now starts to get close as his orgasm starts to build*


Mari: Mmmh!~..*she moans as she doesnt stop*


Trikos: Mari...i-im gonna!-..mmh!~..


*Mari then slides his cock out of her mouth. She grips it with her hand and jerks him off fast, with the tip pointing into her mouth*


Mari: Then give it to me, baby!~ give it! I want it all!~..


*Trikos can't hold it in anymore and he shoots load after load of cum into Mari's mouth, moaning loudly. As Mari takes it all, Mari seems to have an orgasm of her own, her juices slightly squirting out of her pussy. After a brief moment she gains her composure and laps up the rest of his cum from his cock, giving him some slight after- pleasure as she does. After their fun, the two then cuddle together on the couch. Mari then passes out almost instantly, but before trikos could join her, he notices something on the table*


 Trikos: huh?..


*he picks up what seems to be a camera with a note attached to it. The note reads: "A message to her date: her suggestions should be gone in the morning. Ps: don't worry, she won't notice this camera ;)". Trikos turns on the camera to watch a recording that's on it. He plays it..*


Camera-man (hypnotist): So, are we ready?


Mari: Ready as I'll ever be, i guess..


*It's Mari's session before he came over. Trikos continues to watch all the things they do in the video. The hypnotist manages to get mari to do a variety of things, like making her do a cute little zombie walk. But then things get more lewd when he eventually gets Mari to strip naked, and even have orgasms without even touching herself. And soon after..the final suggesting plays..*


Hypnotist: just relax now..alright now when you wake up i want you to forget what a shirt is, forget what pants are, forget what clothes are entirely. Any memory of clothes and what they are is now erased from your memory, understood?


Mari: yes sir…


Hypnotist: good..are you dating anyone right now?


Mari: Yes sir..


Hypnotist: hm..how intimate is your relationship with this person?


 Mari: very..intimate..


Hypnotist: ooh, this could be fun..ok, also when you wake up, we'll wrap up this session and I'll leave. When i leave you will suddenly feel extremely horny, horny that you need your date to come over. And when he does you will seduce him, and give him the best blowjob of his life. Understood?..


Mari: mmh..yes sir..


Hypnotist: good. Now, ALL these suggestions i have given you will last until you fall asleep. Once you wake up from your slumber all of my suggestions will be gone, understand?


Mari: Yes..


Hypnotist: good, time to wake up now. 3..2..1 *Snaps* awake!


*Trikos then stops the recording and places the camera down. He then proceeds to fall asleep next to mari on the couch*


The end.



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