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Ryan's Lessons

by rushadeeno

Chapter 1

Ryan was sitting in the most isolated computer cubicle he could find. It was his usual spot. The one where he could surf the internet without people seeing what he was looking at. Ryan knew that several people used the spot to surf for porn, just like him, he just doubted they were looking at quite the same sites. Ryan glanced up to check if anyone was in the area and continued reading;


The latino glanced at the control crystal in Bryan’s hand and found himself unable to look away.


“Hey, what’s going on?” he asked in a panicked tone.


“Everything is okay,” said Bryan. “You are relaxed and want to listen to me. In a moment you will follow me to my house. This will feel perfectly natural to you. Once there you will remove all of your clothing and stand at attention waiting for further instructions. Do you understand?”


“I understand,” the Latino said.


Bryan put away the crystal and said, “Good. Follow me.”


Ryan rubbed the growing bulge in his pants. He glanced at his watch and swore. “Damn it. Gotta go to class.” Turning off the computer, he grabbed his book bag and headed out.


It was a few minutes later when Ryan met the stranger as he walked to class. He strode directly toward Ryan, looking very intent - as if on a mission. Tall, but otherwise not terribly remarkable in appearance.


“There you are,” he said. “I’ve been looking for you.”


“Excuse me? Do I know you?” Ryan asked in a surprised tone.


“No, but I know you,” the man said, smiling. “I like what you read on the internet.”


Oh Shit! Ryan thought to himself, this guy must’ve been reading over my shoulder while I was in the library. He’d always been careful, but apparently not careful enough. It wasn’t like he wanted people to find out he was reading gay erotic stories, much less stories that usually involved mind control.


Ryan knew he must’ve blushed because the man said, “No, don’t worry. I’m not here to blackmail you or anything like that. I’m here to give you something. Something that from your taste in literature, I’m sure you’ll enjoy.”


“Hey, look. I don’t know what this is all about, but you must have the wrong guy.” Ryan was feeling a bit panicked. What the hell did this guy want?


The man just smiled and said very firmly, “No, you’re the right one. Just hear me out, okay?”


Ryan looked around. They were between two university buildings. Nobody else was within earshot, but there were some people in the area that Ryan could call for help if the guy tried anything. “Sure, what’s this all about? What would I want from someone I’ve never even met?”


The man held a small bag filled with what looked like white powder. “Here, this is yours now. It will let you do what you’ve always wanted. You can use it to control people’s minds. You’ve fantasized about it for so long, isn’t it time you lived your fantasy?”


The guy was clearly off his rocker, Ryan thought. He didn’t look crazy though. He actually looked pretty normal. “Give me a break. This stuff is supposed to be some sort of mind-control drug?”


“I don’t have much time,” the man said. “Take it. Mix about one quarter of the bag in one gallon of water. It’s odorless, colorless and tasteless. You can add it to punch or tea with no problem.”


Ryan took the bag, still skeptical.


“I can tell you don’t believe me yet.” The man smiled. “Five minutes after someone drinks this they will become programmable. Anything they hear for the next 30 minutes causes permanent alterations in their thinking. They won’t remember anything that happens during that 30 minutes unless you specifically tell them to.”


The man turned and began to walk away.


“Hey wait!” Ryan said. “You’re just giving this to me, and leaving? Who are you?”


“All in good time. We’ll meet again, soon.”


And then he was gone.


Ryan put the plastic bag in his pocket and slowly continued on his way to class.


Part 2 - Mix it up


This has got to be some sort of joke, Ryan thought as he walked inside his house. It just doesn’t make sense. Why would someone give this away, even if they could make it? He’d been thinking the same thing for the last two hours and still hadn’t come up with anything that made sense. It had to be a really strange joke.


He walked up the stairs to his room and threw his backpack on his bed. Downstairs he could hear people moving around in the kitchen and voices. Dan and Jason must be home. Dan and Jason had been his roommates for the last year. Both were straight, blond, blue-eyed jocks. Dan was about 6’1". He had been a wrestler in high school and still helped out with the college team, though he didn’t compete. Dan was still very athletic. He drove Ryan crazy, running around the house wearing nothing but his tight bike shorts after a ride. Jason wasn’t as well built, but he wasn’t bad looking by any means. In fact, the two were fairly frequent stars in Ryan’s jerk-off fantasies. If the strange guy on campus was telling the truth, his roommates could be more than just fantasy material.


It wasn’t that Ryan was bad looking. He was actually a pretty good-looking guy. It was just that most of his fantasies involved taking control of hot looking straight guys…just like his roommates.


Perhaps a test would be in order, Ryan thought to himself.


Downstairs he heard the water turn off and the basement door close. Must be Dan, Ryan thought. Dan lived in the basement bedroom, while Jason and Ryan had the two upstairs bedrooms. Jason usually didn’t get home for another two hours.


Ryan checked to make sure he still had the powder and walked downstairs into the kitchen. He looked around to make sure Dan and Jason were gone. He quickly grabbed a package of powdered punch and emptied out the contents into a gallon pitcher. Checking quickly over his shoulder one more time, he pulled out the white powder and measured out about 1/4. He added that to the punch and then mixed the whole thing with some water.


After a few minutes, the punch was fully mixed. Ryan carefully sniffed it. Nothing. I hope he’s right about this having no flavor, because I’m not going to risk tasting it, Ryan thought.


Grabbing two glasses out of the cupboard, Ryan poured out two glasses of punch. He still had a lot of punch left. I wonder how well this stuff keeps? He put the punch in the back of the refrigerator.


Well, here goes nothing.


He walked downstairs to Dan’s room with the punch.


“Hey Dan, Jason. You two in there?”


The door opened. “Yeah, wuzzup Ryan?” Dan asked.


“I want you two to try out this kick-ass sports drink I just found! It tastes great, and it’s supposed to really help athletic performance.”


“Sounds cool,” Jason said. He was lying on Dan’s bed with an open physics book. There was an open book at Dan’s desk, so Ryan guessed the two had been studying together.


Ryan handed one of the glasses to Dan and then walked in and gave one to Jason. “Well, what do you think?” he asked, before they’d even tried it. Come on guys; drink it, Ryan thought.


“Tastes like punch,” Dan said.


“Yeah,” Jason echoed, drinking more.


“That’s the thing about it. It’s the first sports drink that tastes good!” Ryan said. “So do you like it?”


“I have to admit, it’s pretty good,” Dan said has he drank more. “I was planning on taking a bike ride later. I’ll tell you how it works.”


I hope I find out before then, thought Ryan.


“You guys mind if I come down and study with you?” Ryan asked.


“Sure,” Dan and Jason said at the same time.


“Be right back. I’ve got to get my books.”


As he headed upstairs Ryan glanced at his watch. 6:25pm. Well, so far so good, Ryan thought. I guess we’ll find out for sure in five minutes!


Ryan grabbed his backpack and hurried back down to Dan’s room. 6:27pm.


Dan’s door was still open. Ryan walked in and sat down in an empty chair. Jason had nearly finished his ‘sports drink’. Dan still had about half to go. They were both trying to get back to their studies. I hope they’ve had enough.


Ryan opened his backpack and rummaged around for a book. Grabbing one at random, he pretended to read while keeping an eye on Dan and Jason.


Dan was at his desk, turned slightly toward Ryan and Jason, flipping slowly through his class-notes. He took a sip of the punch and sat the glass down.


Jason was still on the bed with his physics book. He finished off his glass and sat it down as well.




Well, if this stuff works, they should be feeling it by now, Ryan thought. He looked over at his roommates again. Dan had flipped to the last page of his notebook and was staring at the cardboard cover. Jason was staring at the same page. Neither was moving other than to blink occasionally.


“Do you guys feel ok?” Ryan asked.


“Yeah,” said Dan, not looking up.


“Feel fine,” said Jason staring at his book.


I think it’s working! This is too fucking cool! I better continue testing though, Ryan thought cautiously.


“Guys, you don’t want to study right now,” Ryan stated.


“Don’t want to study,” Dan said as he slowly closed his notebook.


“Yeah, no studying right now,” Jason said sort of mumbling.


The two were clearly in a very suggestible state. They both had midterms in two days and were dedicated students. Normally, nothing would pry them from their studies no matter how much they hated it.


Both of them were still not moving.


“Dan, why don’t you finish your drink,” Ryan said.


He drank it all down.


“Guys, look at me,” Ryan said. “I have something to say that you really want to hear.”


They both looked at him, not saying anything. They looked relaxed, eyes slightly glazed. “Want to hear what you have to say,” Dan said. Jason seemed a bit farther gone and didn’t say anything. He just looked at Ryan.


I’d better start out with something relatively minor, just in case this stuff doesn’t work as well as it’s supposed to.


“You guys look very uncomfortable,” he said.


“Feel uncomfortable,” Dan said as he squirmed a bit in his seat.


“Uncomfortable,” Jason muttered.


“When you’re at home you only feel comfortable when you’re wearing nothing but your jock-straps.”


“Yeah, jock-straps. Comfortable at home,” Dan said.


“Jock-straps comfortable.”


“That’s right. It’s totally natural to wear nothing but your jockstrap when it’s just us three here.”


“Totally natural,” Dan agreed.


“Just us three,” Jason said.


And just for good measure… Ryan thought.


“You loved the sports drink. Any time I offer it to you, you will drink it. You will drink the entire glass as quickly as you can without spilling. You will not drink it unless I tell you to.”


“Sports drink,” muttered Dan and Jason.


Seems like they’re both pretty gone now. 6:45pm. Fifteen minutes to go. Better keep this simple.


“Dan, Jason,” he said, making sure he had their attention. “When I next say ‘NOW’ you will go to sleep for 15 minutes. When you wake up you will find it very easy to study and retain all the information you need for your midterms. You will feel refreshed after your nap. Do you understand?”


“Yes,” said Jason.


“Yeah,” echoed Dan.




As if he’d thrown a switch they were both out. Jason was passed out on the bed and Dan was asleep with his head on the desk. Now, let’s see what happens, Ryan thought with growing excitement.


Part 3 - Run Program


Ryan sat back and waited. Twenty minutes later Dan began making waking up noises.


“Huh, did I go to sleep?” he asked, waking Jason up.


“Yeah, you two looked like you needed a short nap so I let you sleep,” Ryan said.


“I feel great,” said Jason. “I must’ve really needed that.”


“We better get back to studying,” said Dan. “The mid-term is in two days.”


The two started to study again. Ryan continued to pretend to study his book. I actuality he was intently studying his roommates. Both were squirming around a lot. After a few minutes of this Jason got up.


“I can’t seem to get comfortable,” he said. “I’ll be right back.”


Almost too excited to say anything, Ryan asked, “Where are you going?”


“I’ve have to change. I can’t study wearing this,” he said as he ran up the stairs to his room.


“Me too”, said Dan. “You mind leaving for a sec, while I change Ryan?”


“No prob. I’ll be right back,” Ryan said. He headed up to his room for a few minutes. A short time later he heard Jason head back down to study.


Ryan took a deep breath. Well, here goes, he thought, let’s see if it all worked according to plan. He headed back down as well.


When he got back to Dan’s room, he could see the commands had worked perfectly. Dan was sitting with his back to his desk talking to Jason. He was naked except for a tight jock. He looked totally at ease, with his legs slightly spread. Ryan let his eyes wander over his buff roommate’s bod. Tight washboard abs, well-built pecs with a light dusting of blond hair…and of course a well-stuffed package barely contained in his jock.


Jason was sitting on the edge of the bed in front of Dan. He was also more comfortable now. Thinner than Dan, but without an ounce of fat. Jason was normally very body conscious. Ryan had never seen him for more than a few moments without his shirt on. He had the body of someone training for a triathlon. He was naked as well…except for his jock strap of course. When Ryan’s eyes got down that far he did a double take. Shit, he must be hung like a mule!


Interesting, Ryan thought, it looks like they’re following the instructions perfectly. It’s funny that they’ll walk around in their jock straps, but still have a nudity taboo. I better really plan out what I want to say the next time I use this.


“You guys look a lot more comfortable,” Ryan commented.


“Yeah, man. It’s too hard to concentrate with all those uncomfortable clothes on,” said Jason.


“Aren’t you going change,” asked Dan.


“Naw, you don’t mind do you? I’m okay this way for now.”


Dan looked a bit skeptical, but said, “Sure, but I don’t see how you can study that way.” He turned around and began to study.


Jason climbed back up onto the bed and laid down on his stomach in front of his book. Ryan stood there for a moment gazing at Jason’s tight ass, framed by the white straps. He wrenched his eyes away and concentrated on keeping the growing lump in his pants from showing.


I can’t believe this. There’s no way their faking this. It’s all for real! He was getting more aroused by the moment.


“You know what guys? I’m going to go study upstairs,” Ryan said.


“Whatever,” said Dan sort of shaking his head.


As Ryan shot out of the room he heard Jason ask, “What’s his deal?”


“I dunno,” Dan said as they both began studying intently.


Part 4 - Ryan’s Room


Later that evening after Ryan had jerked off to get his cock under better control, he laid on his bed looking at the ceiling thinking.


After Dan and Jason’s mid-term on Friday, the three of us are going to have a lot more fun together. I’d better plan out exactly what I want to program though. I don’t want anything screwing this up.


Chapter Two


Part 1 - TGIF


For the next two days Ryan was on pens and needles. This is worse than waiting for Christmas, he thought to himself. Still, the presents are well worth the wait.


Ryan had given a lot of thought to what he was going to do. He knew that if he weren’t careful, the changes he was thinking about for his roommates would bring a lot of unwanted attention. He wanted to keep this quiet and for a very select audience.


Friday, during class, Ryan could barely concentrate. At the end of his last class he practically bolted out of the door and raced home. As he entered the house he could tell he was the first one back. He wanted to catch Jason and Dan before they went out for the evening. It was about 4pm, so he knew they should both be getting home soon.


It was remarkable how profound his few simple commands had changed his two roommates. The moment they got home Thursday, they both changed into their jockstraps and spent the rest of the day that way. To them, it was totally natural and completely comfortable. For Ryan it was beyond a dream come true. He knew that this was just the beginning. After their mid-term, he’d be able to finally live out his hottest fantasy.


Ryan went upstairs and tried to keep his composure. His cock knew what was going to happen and was already starting to get hard. Ryan took a deep breath and tried to concentrate on cold showers, anything really to keep the bulge from becoming noticeable. So close…can’t give the game away with a hard-on, Ryan laughed to himself. Downstairs, he heard Jason and Dan come in and head for their rooms to change.


After ten minutes or so he could hear them both in the kitchen. He grabbed a piece of notebook paper sitting on his desk and walked downstairs, trying to act nonchalant.


“Hey Guys!” He said. “How’d the test go?”


Both were back, wearing nothing but their jock straps again. Neither noticed Ryan checking them out.


“Dude, it was amazing! It was the hardest test, but I think we aced it!” said Jason.


“Yeah, all that studying really paid off this time!” Dan said.


“Going to go out and celebrate tonight?” asked Ryan.


“I think so. We don’t have anything planned yet. Want to come with?” asked Dan.


“Sure,” said Ryan. “You’re not leaving for a while are you?”


“No, probably not till later tonight.” Dan said, looking at Jason for confirmation.


“Cool. How about some of that sports drink to get your energy up for it?” asked Ryan.


“Hey thanks, that’d be great,” said Jason.


“That stuff is great!” Dan said at the same time.


Ryan poured two glasses and handed them to the two studs. Both immediately drank the entire glass.


“Don’t you want any?” asked Jason as he wiped some spilled ‘sports drink’ off his chin.


“Uh, I just had some.” Ryan quickly thought up. “Want to go in the living room and watch TV? Or, do you have to study?” he asked jokingly.


“No way man! I’m not studying on a Friday after a week like this,” said Dan.


“Me either!” said Jason as he ran into the living room to grab the remote. “First dibs!”


“No way, dude, it’s my TV,” said Dan as he followed.


Ryan checked his watch as he followed them both in. Jason and Dan were both on the couch. He sat down in the recliner, watching his studly roommates fight over the remote. Since it was Dan’s TV, he ended up with the remote. After a few minutes of channel surfing, Ryan started to notice they hadn’t said much and their eyes were getting a slightly glazed look. He checked his watch. Time to start the show, he thought to himself.


“Stop channel surfing, Dan.”


Neither roommate said anything, but Dan stopped surfing. Both were gazing at the TV.


“Turn off the TV,” he said. He didn’t want some advertisement to inadvertently program these two hot studs. The TV clicked off. Both continued gazing at the screen.


Ryan pulled out the piece of paper he’d grabbed on the way down. He took a deep breath and started reading it out loud, slowly.


Looking directly at the two on the couch he said, “Dan. Jason. You want to listen to me very closely. I’m going to tell you the most important thing you’ve ever heard.”


Both studs stopped looking at the black TV screen and turned to him.


“I have given you both a drug which makes you completely programmable.”


“Programmable?” mumbled Dan.


Both studs looked like they were mentally struggling with this and were trying to think about this, so Ryan quickly continued.


“You enjoy being programmed by me,” Ryan read.


“Enjoy being programmed,” said Jason with a small smile.


“You are both my slaves,” he continued to read. “You consider yourselves my property. This is right and good.”


“You feel good about obeying me. You cannot disobey.”


“Cannot disobey,” both studs mumbled.


“When you obey you will feel erotic pleasure.”


“You are proud to be my slaves. You want others to be my slaves. You will help me control others. People controlled by me are trusted. You must be cautious around people not controlled by me.”


“I am your Master. When we are alone you will refer to me as Master or Sir. When you are with outsiders you will not let them know you are my slaves unless I specifically order it.”


“You both find men physically and sexually attractive, especially your Master. You love having sex with men. Slaves are meant to sexually please their Master. You love getting fucked. Being fucked by your Master is the most pleasurable experience ever. You will only have sex with your master or other slaves. You will only have sex with your Master’s permission. When you have sex with your Master you will only cum when told.”


Both new slaves repeated back what Ryan told them. Ryan didn’t want to make the programming too complex and he was running out of time so he moved on to the last few commands.


“You both eat healthy and keep physically fit for your Master.”


“You will notify your Master if you have any questions or problems.”


“When you wake up, you will know that you have been changed. You will feel good about being changed. You will look forward to any more changes I wish to make in you.”


“When I next say ‘NOW’ you will both fall asleep. You will wake up when I tell you to.”


“NOW,” said Ryan.


Both boys’ eyes’ closed as they slumped down on the couch. Ryan decided to let them sleep for bit to make sure all of the drug was out of their system. He got up for a drink of water and a quick trip to the bathroom. When he got back a few minutes later both boys were still asleep. Ryan glanced at his watch and decided enough time had passed.


He stood in front of them and said, “Wake up boys!”


Both opened their eyes and looked at him. For a split second there was a look of confusion in their eyes and then big smiles.


“Master?” Jason asked


“How can we help you, Sir?” asked Dan


“How do you feel, Jason?” Ryan asked.


“Wonderful, Master!”


“And you, Dan?”


“Great, Master!”


“Do you understand what I’ve done to you both?” he asked.


“You’ve made us your slaves, Sir,” answered Dan with a smile.


“How do you feel about it?” he asked Jason.


“Great, Sir! I love being your slave, Master.”


Seems like the programming worked perfectly. They know they’ve been changed, but are perfectly happy, Ryan smiled to himself.


“Stand up boys,” he commanded.


Both slaves stood up and then let out slight gasps once they were on their feet.


“What’s wrong?” Ryan asked, suddenly concerned.


“Nothing, Master. It just felt amazing when I obeyed your command, Sir,” answered Jason.


Ryan noticed that their jock straps were bulging a little bit more than usual and they were looking at him in a much more sexual way. Ryan’s cock was almost bursting by this time so he decided to really put the two through their paces.


“Strip down, boys. Stand at attention.” he commanded.


“Yes, SIR!” both slaves answered as they rushed to obey.


In moments the jock straps had been thrown off and they were standing ramrod straight, eyes locked forward. Both studs were semi hard, ready for inspection.


Ryan walked around his new slaves, examining every inch of their bodies. He wanted to enjoy every second of this.


He slowly ran his hands along Dan’s firm pecs and examined his slowly thickening cock. “Get hard for me, slave.”


In moments Dan’s cock was standing at attention as well. 7 1/2" of thick cut cock stuck out from his blond pubes. Ryan couldn’t resist a feel. Dan gasped. Ryan felt the hot pulsing prick as he looked into his newest slaves’ eyes. Nothing but obedience and pleasure looked back at him. With a final grasp of Dan’s lightly furred balls he turned to Jason.


As commanded, Jason was still at attention. Eyes locked in front of him. Ryan ran his hands along Jason’s rippled abs and looked at what had been hidden in the jock strap. Semi-hard, it was already 8" with a set of balls that looked like they wouldn’t be out of place on a bull. “You too, get hard slave.”


Also cut, Jason turned out to have a 9 1/2" cock when fully hard. Ryan gave it a few slow strokes while watching Jason’s eyes. Just like Dan, nothing but devotion and obedience looked back at him.


“Have either of you had sex with men before?” asked Ryan.


“No, Sir.” Answered both his slaves.


Ryan smiled and said, “Help me undress.”


Instantly both his slaves where by his side. Jason helped him take off his shirt as Dan knelt at his feet untying his shoes. In moments Ryan felt hands at his belt buckle and then opening the fly of his 501’s. Hands pulled his jeans down and he stepped out of them wearing only his underwear.


“May I, Master?” asked Jason, looking at his growing bulge.


Ryan nodded and felt his underwear being pulled off and his hard cock spring free. Both slaves looked at him with lust in their eyes.


Dan was still kneeling in front of him, eye level with Ryan’s cock, waiting. Noticing this, Jason knelt in front of Ryan as well. Both of them looked up at him.


Ryan grabbed the back of Dan’s head and pulled him toward his cock. Dan’s mouth was open instantly as he let himself be guided down. A look of pure bliss passed across his face as he took all of Ryan in his mouth. Slowly he began to suck.


Ryan could feel Dan’s tongue moving over his cock, exploring. For a first-timer, Dan was doing pretty well. “Careful with the teeth,” Ryan cautioned.


Dan nodded and continued his work.


After a few minutes Ryan gently pushed him off his cock and turned slightly to face Jason, still kneeling obediently. Ryan grabbed the back of his head and slowly pulled his head down to his slick cock. Not needing any further encouragement, Jason practically inhaled his Master’s cock. He had obviously been watching Dan’s performance closely. He immediately tried to deep throat Ryan and choked a bit.


“Take your time, boy.” Said Ryan.


Turning his head toward Dan, he said, “Suck Jason off.”


He watched as Dan struggled to fit Jason’s huge stiff cock in his mouth. After a moment, he was down as far as he could go and began bobbing up and down, moaning with desire.


Quickly Ryan felt himself getting close so he pushed Jason off his cock. Slightly disappointed, Jason looked up at him, spit covering his chin. Dan stopped as well. “Go get some lube.” Ryan told Jason. The slave went to Ryan’s room and grabbed it from the place he had been told it was stored. Hurrying back, he saw Dan gently sucking on his Master’s balls.


“Here it is, Sir.”


“Both of you on all fours.” Ordered Ryan.


In moments both slaves were on their hands and knees in front of Ryan. Moving behind the, Ryan nudged their legs wider apart. Instantly, both slaves spread their legs a bit farther, to comply with their Masters’ unspoken desire.


Ryan looked down on the two hot studs, totally under his control. Both blond boys were still completely stiff. Ryan loved looking at their tight assholes, balls hanging down. His slaves were completely exposed and ready for him.


Opening the bottle of lube, Ryan poured some out into his hand. Slowly, enjoying every sensation, he began to rub the lube over Dan’s tight asshole. Dan let out a moan of pleasure as he felt his Masters’ hand touch him where nobody had ever touched him before. Ryan massaged the outside of his slave’s hole until the lube was evenly distributed and then slowly stuck his slippery ring finger in. Dan gasped and Ryan felt his hole clench up. “Relax, boy.” He said. Moving his finger in and out a few times, he could feel Dan begin to loosen up so he lubed up his cock and pressed the head against his slave’s hole. Realizing his Master was about to fuck him, Dan began pushing against the cock, eager to have it deep inside him. This time it was Ryan who gasped as he felt his slaves hot fuck hole slowly take his cock. Once he was in to the hilt he stayed there, letting his slave get used to it.


“How does it feel, Dan?”


“It hurts a bit, Sir, but mostly it feels FANTASTIC!” his slave moaned.


As the pain quickly went away, Dan began fucking himself on his Master’s cock. Not wanting Jason to feel left out, Ryan reached over and began lubing his other slave. Now Jason could feel what Dan had. He couldn’t believe how amazing it felt to have his Master grease him up. Ryan began pistoning in and out of Dan while fingering Jason at the same time. After a few minutes he pulled out of Dan and slowly entered Jason.


“Dan, on your back and suck Jason off as I fuck him.” Ordered Ryan. “Stroke yourself off while you blow him.”


Jason was in heaven as his friend latched onto his thick cock and began working it for all it was worth. As his Master began fucking him like a machine, all three could feel themselves getting close. The moans increased in volume and Ryan could feel his balls tighten up as he stepped up the pace. Slamming his cock into Jason he felt the orgasm begin to wash over him so he yelled, “Fuck yeah! Cumming boys. Shoot your load, now!”


Shooting his load up Jason’s ass, he could feel it as his slave blew his load in Dan’s mouth. Dan worked his cock furiously as he choked a bit on all the cum his friend was producing and then he too was shooting his load. Dan shot so hard, his cum hit Jason and Ryan. Jason felt Dan swallow his last shot and then gently release his cock, licking his lips. Ryan pulled out of his slave and said, “Good job, boys!”


Both slaves smiled at the praise.


“Let’s go get cleaned up,” Ryan said as he led them to the shower.


Later that evening, after Ryan had told his slaves about the strange man and the mind-control drug, Dan said, “I have an idea, Master. I know a perfect way to get more hot slaves to serve you.”


As Dan began explaining his plan, Ryan smiled and though, Just when I thought it couldn’t get any more perfect…


Chapter 3 – The Plan


Part I – Breakfast


It was Monday morning and Ryan was in the kitchen. He was in a great mood. After all, he’d just spent the entire weekend living out every sexual fantasy he’d ever had involving his two stud roommates, Dan and Jason. He’d gotten up somewhat early that morning after spending the night in Dan’s bed sleeping between his two slaves. It was a little crowded, but nobody was complaining, least of all Ryan. Getting up, he accidentally woke his two slaves.


“Go back to sleep,” he said, as he headed to the kitchen. Without another word, both slaves went right back to sleep. As he went out the bedroom door he could already hear them snoring softly.


Ryan had decided to make breakfast for himself and his slaves. Can’t let myself get too lazy, he thought. All weekend, when his slaves weren’t taking part in his sexual fantasies, they’d pampered him. Cleaning the house, doing his laundry, and generally done everything they could to please their master. Ryan could see how this could get out of hand if he let it.


After a 20 minutes or so, the clinking of dishes and the smell of bacon and eggs woke the two slaves for the second time.


“Master, let us do that!” said Jason, horrified that his Master was doing slave’s work.


“It’s alright Jason, you two can get the dishes. Sit down at the table. Breakfast is almost ready.”


Dan and Jason both looked skeptical, but an order was an order.


Ryan brought over two plates and sat them in front of the two studs. He smiled to himself. Both slaves were in their standard home-attire. Since he’d programmed them, they usually wore nothing but tight jocks (when they wore anything at all). Ryan doubted he would ever get tired of seeing them walk around the house that way.


Grabbing a plate for himself, he joined the two at the table and asked Dan, “So what time will you bring Coach Johnson over?”


“I should be able to convince him to come over sometime late this afternoon, Master,” said Dan. “It shouldn’t be difficult. He’s been over a few times before.”


Ryan hadn’t met the coach yet. The other times, he’d been out of the house. From what Dan said, Coach was quite the stud though. Coach Johnson had been state wrestling champion when he was in college and at 32 he was still in great shape. He was also young enough that he enjoyed hanging out with team assistants like Dan.


“It’s important that we get him over here,” Ryan said.


“I understand, Master,” said Dan.


Part II – Coach Johnson


That afternoon Ryan and Jason waited upstairs for Dan to come home. Since Ryan didn’t know for sure when Dan would be there, he decided to spend the time having Jason practice the fine art of cocksucking. Both had been happily engaged in this for some time when they heard the front door open and voices downstairs.


He and Jason quickly and quietly got dressed. Once they were in their “street clothes” Ryan opened the door to his room, but neither left.


Ryan had decided that it would be easier if Dan got Coach to try the ‘great new sports drink.’ If all went according to plan, in about five minutes Dan would come up and get Ryan and Jason so they could put part one of Dan’s plan into place.


The first day that Ryan had enslaved his roommates, Dan had come up with (in Ryan’s opinion) a brilliant plan for enslaving ten of the hottest guys on campus. First they would enslave Coach Johnson and then with his help, the rest of the wrestling team. Ryan had gone to several matches, and though the team was small, he couldn’t remember seeing a finer looking group of guys anywhere.


Downstairs, Ryan and Jason could hear Dan talking to Coach Johnson.


“Here’s that drink I was telling you about, Coach. I really think you’ll like it.”


A deeper, sexy voice said, “Well, if it’s got all the vitamins and performance enhancing amino acids you say it does, it sure can’t hurt.”


“If you like it, I’ll bring you the literature on it so you can check it out for the team,” Dan said.


“Hey, this is pretty good! I expected it to taste terrible. You know the old saying 'If it tastes good, it can’t be good for you,” the coach said.


Ryan and Jason exchanged wicked grins.


“I’m sure you’ll feel like a different person after that sports drink kicks in, Coach,” said Dan. “I sure did.”


Coach took another sip and said, “Dan, you can call me Pete when we’re alone.”


“Cool, Pete.” said Dan. “Want to kick back for a few? We can go over the training schedule for the team.”


“Sure,” the coach said.


Downstairs, Ryan and Jason could hear the two discussing several new training regimes that had gotten a lot of attention in the college-wrestling circle.


A few minutes later Ryan heard Dan say, “Here, I’ll take your glass to the kitchen. You want anything else to drink?”


“Naw, I’m fine,” said the coach slowly.


Ryan knew that Dan would be up to get him in a just a few more minutes.


Sure enough, within minutes they could hear the conversation begin to slow down, until Coach’s responses became one-word responses to questions Dan asked him. Moments later Dan appeared at the top of the stairs. He looked at his Master and motioned them down without saying anything. With the coach fully under the effects of the drug, Ryan didn’t want any random comment being permanently etched into his mind.


The three walked downstairs. Ryan motioned the two slaves to the side and took a moment to check out the man who would soon be his newest acquisition.


Coach Peter Johnson was sitting on the couch in jeans and a t-shirt. Even though he was sitting, Ryan could tell that he was probably about 5’10. Short brown hair and green eyes seemed to match the strong jaw and made for a very attractive face. His t-shirt couldn’t hide the well-built chest or the strong biceps.


Ryan was very pleased. Coach would make a great addition to his little group. He could see the glazed look in his eyes and knew the coach was deeply under the influence of the drug.


Coach Johnson hadn’t said anything when the three walked down, so Ryan asked, “Coach Johnson, can you hear me?”


He looked over at Ryan and slowly blinked a few times. “Yes,” he mumbled.


“Peter, I have something very important that you really want to hear,” Ryan said.


As Coach Johnson listened, Ryan began to reprogram his mind.


Ryan used the same script he had prepared for his two roommates with the exception of the order to wear only a jock around the house. After he was done, Coach would wear anything Ryan told him.


After a few minutes, Ryan finished and told the coach to sleep until Ryan woke him.


Turning his attention to his first two slaves, he noted that they were still wearing their street clothes.


“Why don’t you two get more comfortable,” he said.


In a flash, the two had stripped down to the jockstraps they had been wearing under their jeans.


“You did well, Dan.” Ryan said.


Dan felt like he was in heaven, from his Master’s praise.


“You too, Jason. Good job upstairs,” he said with a smile.


Jason gave him a big grin, but simply said, “Thank you, Sir.”


Checking his watch, Dan realized it was time to wake up his new slave.


“Peter,” he said. “Wake up!”


Coach Johnson opened his eyes. For a split second he looked at Ryan with total confusion and suddenly he realized who he was looking at.


“You, you’re my Master!” he exclaimed.


Ignoring the obvious, Ryan simply asked, “How do you feel?”


“I feel good, Sir,” Coach Johnson said as he sat upright.


“Do you understand what’s happened?”


“Yes, Master. You’ve made me your slave,” the coach said with a smile.


“And how do you feel about that?” asked Ryan.


“I know you changed me somehow, Sir, but I can’t help feeling really happy that I’m serving you.”


“Are you dating anyone?” Ryan asked. Dan had already told him the coach wasn’t married.


“Nobody serious, Master.”


“Perfect. Nobody will miss you tonight?”


“No, Master. I don’t have anything planned,” said the coach submissively.


“Good. Stand up,” Ryan ordered.


After he stood up, the coach let out a little moan of pleasure as he obeyed his first order. He hadn’t been expecting THAT. Serving his Master was literally going to be a pleasure.


Now that he was standing, Coach Johnson noticed Dan and Jason standing nearby in their jocks. He looked over at Ryan with a slightly puzzled look on his face.


“They’re my slaves too. I like them to dress that way when we’re at home.” Ryan explained. “Speaking of clothes. Take off your shirt and pants.”


Rushing to comply, the coach quickly pulled off his shoes, quickly followed by his t-shirt and jeans.


Ryan stood in front of the beefy coach and decided he enjoyed the view very much. The coach had a moderately furry chest with a “treasure-trail” that disappeared beneath the band of a pair of tight Calvin’s. The combination of the coach’s pleasure obeying orders and his newfound desire for men began creating a wonderfully obscene bulge that Ryan couldn’t resist fondling. Feeling the heft of Coach’s cock and balls, Ryan knew they’d made a good choice. Eager to see more, he ordered the coach to strip down completely.


Freed from its white cotton prison, Coach’s cock began to expand and stiffen. Ryan stepped closer and gave his new slave’s cock a few slow strokes while massaging the large furry balls hanging underneath.


Turning to Dan and Jason, he could see that they too were hard. Jason’s huge prick was already sticking out over the top of the jock. “Take off those jocks and start practicing your cock-sucking skills,” he ordered. “Don’t cum until I tell you!”


“Yes Master!” the two slaves replied eagerly.


Leaving them to entertain each other, Ryan turned back to the coach, who by now was fully hard and breathing heavily. Grabbing the back of the coach’s head, Ryan pulled him closer. The two locked in a passionate kiss as the eager coach began gently thrusting against Ryan’s crotch.


Ryan was now fully hard as well, and since he was the only one still dressed, he began taking off his clothes so that he too, could be “more comfortable.”


Coach Johnson looked at his Master’s cock for the first time. The naked lust on his face was plain to see.


“Have you ever sucked cock before?” Ryan asked the coach.


“No, Master,” he replied.


“I think it’s about time you had your first taste then,” Ryan said. Putting one hand on the coach’s shoulder he gently pushed him down to his knees in front of Ryan. That was all the encouragement he needed. Mouth open, the coach slowly sucked Ryan’s cock in as far as he could. Striving to give his Master the best blowjob he could, the new slave tried to take it to the base, but quickly started choking.


“Easy, slave,” Ryan said. “You’ll improve with practice. Just do your best for now.”


As far as Ryan was concerned, even if his newest slave couldn’t deep-throat him, it still felt incredible. With practice all three slaves would be experts in no time.


Glancing over at Dan and Jason, he watched as the two slaves 69’d each other. They seemed to be enjoying themselves immensely. Ryan could hear muffled grunts of pleasure from both of them.


Turning his attention back to the incredible sensations his cock was experiencing, he could see Coach looking up at him, eager to please, as he sucked his Master’s cock.


Ryan reached down and grabbed the back of his slaves’ head. He gently began to fuck Coach’s mouth as the slave passively let himself be used for his Master’s pleasure.


“Dan, go get the lube,” he ordered. At this rate, I should by stock in a lube company, Ryan thought to himself.


Dan was back quickly and stood patiently waiting for further orders.


“Jason, go lube Dan up. When he’s ready I want you to fuck him. Go easy with that big dick of yours though,” Ryan ordered.


“Yes, Sir!” Jason said eagerly.


Dan got on all fours with Jason kneeling behind him. The two slaves made sure that their Master had a good view of the action as Jason began to slowly work a well-lubed finger up his buddy’s asshole. After a little work he could feel it loosen up so he added a second finger.


“You ready, dude?” Jason asked.


“As ready as I’ll ever be for that big fuck-stick,” Dan replied. “Go easy on me, man.”


Jason greased up his pole and aimed it for Dan’s hot spot. After pushing in a little bit, he stopped. Dan pushed back against Jason, slowly forcing more of the cock into his ass. After a little work, all 9 1/2" were buried to the hilt.


“How’s that feel, Dan?” Jason asked.


“Feels fucking great!” Dan moaned. “Yeah, fuck me dude.”


Not needing any further encouragement, Jason began a serious fuck. Pulling almost all the way out, then slowly back in all the way again.


After watching this for a few minutes, Ryan decided it was time to pop his newest slave’s cherry. Pulling his cock out of Coach’s hungry mouth, he said, “Go get the lube.”


Returning with the lube, Coach got on all fours with his back to Ryan. He looked over his shoulder, waiting for his new Master to initiate him fully into the group.


Ryan poured out some lube and began massaging it into his slave’s tight ass. Sticking first one finger and then two into the tight hole, Ryan gradually worked on it until it loosened up enough to take his cock.


Taking his slick cock, he aimed it at the slave’s hole and began pushing against the tight entrance. Meeting resistance at first, Ryan felt his cock pass the tight ring and then suddenly slip much deeper in. Pausing for a moment to let his new slave get accustomed to his cock, Ryan continued on until he was in all the way. Pausing again, he asked, “How you doing?”


“Good, Master. Your cock feels fantastic, Sir!”


With that, the coach began fucking himself on Ryan’s cock.


Jason and Dan looked over at their Master as he fucked Coach Johnson. The sex they were having felt great, but nothing compared to having their master’s cock up their ass.


After a while, the moans of pleasure picked up pace and Ryan could sense that they all were ready to cum. Feeling the waves of orgasm begin to break over him, he managed to order the three slaves to shoot their loads. Instantly, he felt coach’s ass clinch rhythmically around his cock as they both shot their load together. From the noise Dan and Jason were making, Ryan could tell that they had shot at the same time as well.


Exhausted, the four collapsed in a heap together with Ryan in the middle.


Later that evening Ryan explained Dan’s plan to Coach Johnson who was, of course, happy to help in any way possible.


Chapter 4 - Coach Johnson Helps Out


Coach left early the next morning. He needed to drop by his place for a shower and a change of clothes before heading to the university for the day. As he drove back to his apartment he smiled and rubbed his semi-hard cock through his jeans. He couldn’t believe how good he felt. In less than 24 hours he’d gone from straight to gay and had become Ryan’s fuck-slave! He knew it was because of the programming Ryan had given him, but despite this he wouldn’t change a thing. Apart from his ass being a little sore, he’d never felt this good or this focused. Becoming Ryan’s slave was the best thing that had ever happened to him.


On arriving at his apartment Coach quickly showered and changed clothes. Driving to campus, he reflected on Ryan’s plan for this Friday’s special wrestling practice. He was very pleased that he would have suchan important role in helping his Master. He would do everything he could to make sure nothing went wrong.


That Friday Ryan, Dan and Jason knocked on Coach Johnson’s door about ½ hour before wrestling practice. Coach opened the door and let his Master and fellow slaves into his office.


Once the door was closed and he was sure of their privacy, he said, “Master, everything is going according to plan. I’ve called a mandatory team meeting and reserved a room so we won’t be disturbed. As we thought, no other teams are scheduled to meet this late. Your wrestlers should be suiting up in the locker room right now. They’ll be showing up at the meeting room soon, Sir.”


Ryan smiled, thinking of ‘his wrestlers’, but simply said, “Good work, boy.”


Ryan turned to Dan. "Go with Coach Johnson to meet the wrestlers. Let’s stay cool and stick to the plan.


If anything goes wrong, though, let me know. "


“Yes, Master!” Dan said as he hurried to comply.


“It’s a good plan, Sir. I’m sure everything will work,” said Coach Johnson.


Calls of “Hey Coach!” filled the hall as Dan and Coach Johnson met the team outside the reserved room.


“All right, everyone settle down,” said Coach Johnson. “As you enter the room Dan will be handing out a new sports drink that I want the team to try. This stuff really enhances your performance so unless you want to get thrown around on the mats today, you’d better drink up.”


Dan positioned himself in the doorway with a tray of filled cups, making each member of the team drink up before entering the room. As the last of the wrestlers filed in, Dan leaned over to Coach Johnson and said in a low voice, “They’re all here except for Mitch.”


“All right,” said Coach. “You wait outside the door for him. I’ll take care of the rest of the team. You know how to handle Mitch.”


Coach Johnson went inside the team room and closed the door behind him, leaving Dan to guard the door.


Dan was slightly annoyed, but they’d anticipated this complication. Mitch was one of the best members of the team, but he was often late. His lack of discipline was probably the only reason he wasn’t the best wrestler. He was also one of the best looking members of the team.


At 23, Mitch stood 5’11" and was a lean 175lbs. With chiseled looks and body, not to mention a package his tight wrestling singlet did nothing to hide, Dan felt sure that Ryan would be very pleased despite the slight change of plan.


Dan smiled to himself as he rubbed his thickening cock through his 501’s. Mitch would show up soon enough and then he wouldn’t lack discipline any more. “It was good to program more slaves for Master,” he thought, especially when they were as good-looking as Mitch.


Coach shut the door and turned to walk up to the front of the meeting room. He quickly counted the filled desks just to make sure they’d accounted for everyone. Good, except for Mitch, the other eight team members were there. They were loudly discussing the mandatory team meeting and the parties they thought they would be attending in the coming weekend.


Coach Johnson took his time at the front of the room. He’d purposely left the over-head projector in its case so he could kill time for the drug to take effect. By the time he’d finished setting up, the noise level in the room was noticeably lower. Some of the first to take the drug were obviously falling under its influence.


Coach Johnson placed a sheet on the overhead and flipped it on.


On the screen behind him were the words:


Teamwork builds excellence.


By now the room was completely silent. All eyes virtually glued to the projected words. The coach scanned the room carefully. Six of the wrestlers had particularly blank expressions. After a few more moments Coach placed another sheet on the overhead.


Teams need leaders.


Coach checked his watch. By his calculation everyone had at least five minutes for the drug to take effect.


Scanning the room this time, Coach noted that indeed, everyone had a blank expression on their face.


Coach Johnson felt that it was probably safe to conduct the first test to determine if the team were completely under the drugs influence. He looked through his stack and pulled out another sheet.


Nod your head


Looking up from the projector Coach smiled as he saw all eight wrestlers nodding their heads - in synch no less.


Feeling much more confident now, Coach placed a new sheet on the projector.


It is warm. Uncover your chest and continue to read everything you see on the screen.


Coach Johnson was happy to see that all eight were taking their arms out of their singlets and sitting bare-chested. After a few moments they were again staring blankly at the screen. Not a single word had been spoken aloud.


Now that he was sure they were completely programmable, Coach let out a sigh of relief. He paused a moment to look at the eight entranced team members. Just a few days earlier he would have been horrified to learn that his wrestlers were going to be gay fuck slaves. Now he envied them. He loved the thought of programming these hot young men to serve his master and he looked forward to the next time his master would adjust his programming. Squeezing his cock one last time, he quickly began the process of re-programming the team. He was sure that Master Ryan would allow plenty of time for him to play with his cock later.


Though Dan, Jason and Coach Johnson had all been programmed with roughly the same instructions, considerable thought had gone into how the team would be programmed. Ryan knew that adding nine more slaves to his household probably wouldn’t be practical. Instead, a more decentralized chain of command seemed to be in order.


Mike Taylor was pissed. Here it was, late Friday afternoon and Coach Johnson had called a mandatory team meeting. As he left the locker room with the others, he heard quite a bit of grumbling.


“What the fuck is Coach thinking of,” asked his buddy Jack. “Why the hell would he schedule this on a Friday?”


“Yeah,” said Mike. “Doesn’t he know you need Friday, Saturday AND Sunday to stand even a remote chance of scoring with a chick? Looks like you won’t be getting any this weekend!” he joked.


“Hey fuck you, dude! I bet you I score more chicks than you this weekend,” Jack said.


“You’re on,” grinned Mike. He couldn’t wait to start. It’d been over a week since he’d gotten laid. He adjusted his package in anticipation. “These singlets can be embarrassing,” thought Mike, “can’t hide anything in them.”


They’d had this bet with each other before. Despite his teasing, Mike knew neither he nor Jack had any problems with the ladies. With both of them in top form from years on the wrestling team, chicks couldn’t get enough of them. Mike was about 5’8" with sandy brown hair. His chest showed the years he’d spent at the gym, building up his strength for wrestling. Standing there now in his wrestling singlet you could see his six pack and a healthy package a little farther down. His buddy Jack was taller, almost 6", with black hair and blue eyes. His height made it more difficult for him to bulk up, but he was very toned and had spent just as much time at the gym. In truth, Mike almost felt sorry for the girls this weekend…they didn’t stand a chance!


In a few minutes he and Jack were standing around in front of the meeting room with the rest of the team. All except Mitch of course.


“Fucking Mitch…always late,” groused Jack.


“Coach’ll have his ass this time,” said Mike.


At this point Coach Johnson and his assistant Dan showed up. Dan was carrying some sort of tray with cups of what looked like juice in them.


“All right, everyone settle down,” said Coach Johnson. “As you enter the room Dan will be handing out a new sports drink that I want the team to try. This stuff will really enhance your performance so unless you want to get thrown around on the mats today, you’d better drink up.”


Mike and Jack looked at each other. Coach was always trying new training regimes, but he’d never been into the whole “sports drink” fad. Mike shrugged and got in line behind Jack. Coach Johnson had gotten them to be one of the best teams in the league; he wasn’t about to start arguing with his methods now.


The line moved quickly and in a few moments Mike was standing in front of Dan. “Thanks,” he said as he took the offered cup. He chugged it down and threw the cup in the trashcan just inside the door. Dan stepped aside so he could enter.


Mike sat down next to Jack. “Tasted like punch,” he said.


“Yeah,” said Jack. “So where are we going first tonight?”


While Coach got the projector ready, Mike and Jack talked about their plans for conquest that evening. Soon though, it seemed like too much effort to keep the conversation going. Mike felt sort of spacey so he just sat looking at the screen at the front of the room. A part of him noticed that it had gotten pretty quiet.


He seemed to lose track of time.


The next thing Mike noticed was that Coach had put a sheet on the projector


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