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An actual Mind Fuck

by hidekiinoue

The magic cock ring

Ryan looked down at the golden ring in his hand. The old inventor had called it "The Cock Ring of Impossible Insertions". Supposedly it'd allow someone to fuck anything without actually damaging  whatever it was they were fucking. The human had agreed to test out the invention in exchange for some gold. 


So, Ryan had agreed to test it. And the best thing to test it on would be his party-mate, a young drow named Ven. Ven was an extremely grumpy and abrasive man, often being bossy and demanding. He and Ryan were friends, but they often butt heads and Ryan often became sick of Ven's attitude. 


So... what better way to change his attitude by... literally changing his mind. It was a depraved and perverted idea that had come to Ryan's mind. But holding this little ring that was supposedly able to make his cock go ANYWHERE, it made him feel powerful, and it made him curious.


So, as he returned to the inn that he and Ven were staying in, he hid the ring in his pocket and went up to their room. As he walked in, he subtley cast a silencing ward on the room, so they wouldn't be disturbed. Ven was sitting on the floor by the bed, restringing his bow and waxing the string to keep it in working order. 


"You're finally back. What did that old fool want? You were gone for so long I thought that he'd killed you and I'd have to go bury your corpse." The drow snorted, looking over at his companion. Ryan's eye twitched. 


"I'm fine. He just gave me some potions and a couple magic items to test out." He replied, setting his bag down on the floor and coming around behind the white haired man. Ven turned his head around and raised an eyebrow. 


"What kind of magical items? Anything interesting?"


"You could say that. It's something I gotta wear, though, so if you wanna see me in it you've gotta close your eyes while I get changed." Ryan replied, reaching into his pocket and grabbing the ring. Ven's eyes narrowed. 


"Are you serious? Ugh, fine." He huffed and closed his eyes, turning his head back around. Ryan pulled his pants down and off, holding the ring in his hand as he stood 


Ryan began stroking his cock, breathing slowly and heavily. There was a mirror across the room, and he could see Ven's face in the reflextion, as well as his own hardening cock in his fist. He smirked, seeing the elf's furrowed brows and annoyed look. He couldn't WAIT to see what expressions he'd make with a cock in his head.


"Could you hurry it up? I don't have all day to wait for you to strip." He huffed, crossing his arms in annoyance. 


"Don't worry, I'm almost done. Just hold on." Ryan slowly came up behind his friend, and grabbed the other's pointed ears like handles. 


"Hey! What are you doing let g-uh!" Ven's protest was cut off as he felt something pushing into the back of his skull, impossibly, starting to push inside. "W-what...?"


Ryan watched with fascination as a slit appeared in the drow's head, opening up and exposing his brain. Ryan's cock pokes against the soft organ, grinning at the sight. "I wouldn't move if I were you."


"Wh- GAAAH!" Ven's eyes rolled up as the cock was suddenly thrust into his gray matter, seperating the two halves of his brain. Yet, the magic of the cockring prevented any actual damage happening. But despite the magic, his brain was still seperating, causing his vision to blur. The cock pushed further in and Ven's body and face twitch and convulsed.


Ryan watched Ven's face in the mirror, watching him grin and his eyes twitch. He continued to push his cock further and further in, until the tip of his cock hit pushed out of the front of Ven's forehead, the dark pink head poking out from dark purple. "Holy fuck..."


Tears rolled down Ven's cheeks as his emotions were scrambled as the cock pushed into his frontal lobe. The grin on his face was not because he was actually happy but rather from the mess his brain currently was. "Hhh... ghh... ugh..."


"I'm going to fuck your mind now." Ryan grinned, and pulled his cock out almost all the way, letting Ven's mind repair itself with the magic of the cockring. Ven gasped, and tried to move away, but the cock was fucked back into his head, making him groan and twitch.


Ryan began to speed up his thrusts, fucking in and out of the drow's skull. Ven's gray matter was soft and warm, better than any pussy that Ryan had ever fucked. 


However, as the human's thrusts sped up, the cockring's magic struggled to keep up with the repairs, unable to fix the cleric's brain at the same speed that Ryan was thrusting into and mixing it up. Ryan realized it but... he kept going. The cockring would eventually catch up, and besides, it felt FAR too good for him to stop now. 


As his brain was literally scrambled and pounded into, Ven sat there, twitching with his eyes rolled up and crossed, his mouth hung open dumbly. Drool trailed down his chin, tiny moans and whimpers leaving his throat with each thrust. His legs spread slightly, hips rocking a little as pleasure spread through his body, his body interpreting what it was feeling as arousal.


Ryan noticed this, and laughed. "Are you seriously getting off on this?" He asked, but Ven didn't answer, unable to. The human groaned and started fucking faster, his balls slapping against the back of the elf's head, head of his cock poking out of the skull with every thrusts. 


"Uh, uhn, uuuh, guh-guuuhd...." Ven moaned softly, feeling the pleasure grow in his body. Ryan gasped, never thinking that he would hear the arrogant drow say that sex with a human would feel good. Even if this was not at all normal sex. It only made the human's pleasure reach to new heights, pushing him over the edge.


He thrust a few more times before burying his cock into the skull, not deep enough that the head would come out of the front. No, he wanted his cum deep into the drow's head, inside of his brain. Cum splattered around in the skull, mixing with the scrambled mess of the cleric's brain.


"Hhhgh... uugh... gahh..." Ven groaned and trembled as warm seed filled his head, some of it leaking out of his ears and nose. His eyes were rolled up and crossed so much that the irises could barely be seen. Ryan kept his cock in the warmth of Ven's skull until his cock stopped twitching and pumping cum. 


"Fuuuuck... shit." He groaned, keeping his hips still. 


Now that he'd stopped thrusting, the cockring was able to start the repairs to Ven's brain, however... it was still only an experiment. As it made the repairs, it mixed the semen in with the gray matter. Ryan's semen mixed itself literally into Ven's mind, who know what the results of this would be. 


Once the elf's brain was almost completely repaired, Ryan pulled his cock out, letting the brain come back fully together. As he completely pulled out, the slit that appeared in the drow's head disappeared. Ven slowly slumped forward, trembling and drooling mindlessly.


"... Uh oh. I think I might've gone too hard."


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