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Chapter two The Rebirth Clinic Continues

by EMG

Chapter two The Rebirth Clinic Continues



THE next day the children woke up in their different beds TATEANA , SCARLET, CONNIE, AND RAIN
Tateana took a shower brushed her teeth, and her Mother ask her what she wanted for breast fast she said oatmeal and toast nice hot co co

Breast fast she sat at the table and turned on cartoons it was summer and she made good grades in school so she did not have to go to school she watch Casper the friendly ghost on TV she ate her breakfast washed the dish she ate out of, and the spoon, and said Mom can I go over Scarlet house she said yes so she ran out the Door, and she saw Scarlet and Connie playing
Hooch scotch just then Rain ran up so they all joined in.. What adventure are they going on today dear reader?

THE Adventure
The park World

After hooch scotch the Children ran up to Tateana bed room they help her pull the mattress back from the bed, and they open the Big door it creek as it open, and they saw the slimy stars and the weeds grown up around the stars so Taeana Connie and Scarlet started walking Down the stars and Tatena look in one of the doors and saw the most beautiful park one could ever see it had heals and Mountains and a train like the train you would find in a amusement park or at the Zoo Tatean Said lets go here And all the Children agreed a big YES so they ran in the Open Door And the Grass was o Green and beautiful it was like a Picture The Sky Was Bright Blue The Birds were Singing And rainbows double rain bows violets green lavenders blues reds purples yellows browns yellow orange they saw a hot dog stand so they ran over to the stand and the sign said free so they each got a hot dog and they got some juice and ran over to the train set and got on and the train started to move it did not have a top on the little car they were setting in so they were able to see everything around them Tateana started looking around and screamed look look you can see all the house’s underneath us you can see the mountains in the distance and Rains said it is beautiful then scarlet said it is. And the Little train went high up in the Air and you were able to see the clouds white as snow and the snow light shining through so white so beautiful so peaceful and the city glowed with light Connie said it is lovely and then the train swoop downward toward the Ground and up again then it went all the up this hill and you could see the top of the sky scrapers an poem trees and the blue birds flying in the trees and then the train went down into the neighborhoods you could see these tall building that reached into the sky their were these little cars on this little track going into little doors in the bottom of the building of the building that floated in the sky then the little train started it up claim into the sky again towards the buildings that floated in the sky the children got scared, because the building were so big and the car Zoomed underneath the buildings and through a door and you saw more building within building and through the top of the building was the sky again the train made a loop per loop and then went though the clouds and back to the park, that was wild said Tateana yea said Scarlet, and Rain said cool and Connie said awesome and they ran to the cotton candy man and got some cotton candy and ran to the fairest wheel and went up in the sky and screamed with excitement because they were happy. Tateana said,” It’s too late; we have to get back home.” They each got off the fairest wheel they ran across the park, up the hill, down the hill, back to the door. They went up the stair, into Tateana’s room through the door in the floor underneath Tateana’s bed. Connie said,” I’ll see you Rain, I’ll see you Scarlet”. Scarlet said,” I’ll see you Connie”.
They are all ran home, ate supper; took a bath, put on their pajamas and wonder

what will be the adventure tomorrow through
the door on the floor underneath Tateana’s bed.



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