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Good Boy

by ekluise

Good Boy

Stumbling to his feet, Dan steadied himself and looked down at himself and
where he'd been lying. It was a large plaid pillow set in a big basket on the
floor. There were two dog bowls on the floor next to the basket: one was empty
and one had about a finger's full of water left in it. Dan was naked from the
neck down, except for several piercings and some ink on his chest, arms, and
legs. He didn't recall getting the piercings, at least they didn't hurt. Maybe
they were the removable jewelry that just looked like piercings. The tattoos had to be the temporary kind since his skin looked normal around them, and he
remembered when Stu got his tattoo that his arm had been inflamed for several
days, and the colors of a new tattoo were more vibrant than an old one. Dan
rubbed his head and eye, he ached all over, but mostly his head. He must have
had one hell of a drinking binge. He didn't recognize the room he was in, he
hoped the girl was at least a looker. He needed to vomit, so he went in search of a bathroom.

The first door was a closet. The second one led into a windowless tiled
bathroom with a skylight at least 20 feet overhead providing light. The toilet
seemed lower than what Dan was used to, but he recognized it as a toilet and
knew what to do. After about 5 minutes of heaving up a weird mixture of white
snot-like goo, Dan decided to use the shower, and the go in search of his
clothes. He was a bit surprised when he lathered up that the ink didn't start to run. He tugged on a nipple ring and it hurt. Damn he really was pierced. He
figured that maybe the piercings were real, but the tats had to be henna or
something because it took weeks to get all the detail that he was seeing. He
turned off the shower, and stepped out. The towel rack was empty. There were no
towels in sight. No cupboards either.

He padded barefoot and dripping across he tile floor, and back into the bedroom. There was a large bed with black satin sheets, and at the foot of it was the basket where he'd apparently spent the night. He ran his fingers through his wet hair and massaged his aching scalp. At least the place was warm, so he didn't mind being wet and naked, it had to be 85. He walked over to the drape and lifted it back to peek out. Instead of the city or even a nice New England wood, Dan stared out at a lush tropical jungle. A cinder block and bamboo palisade surrounded the building and a smooth patch of ground, but then a solid wall of dense green foliage roseup. The sky was an egg shell blue he only could recall seeing in paintings or photos, never in real life. Monkeys ran along the top of the fence, then disappeared into the jungle. The room was painted in a deep oriental red, and looking at it anew, Dan realized it didn't match the rooms he knew. The floors were rough hewn planks covered with woven grass cloth. The rough beamed ceiling
hung too low, and the one light fixture was an ornate paper lantern hung from a
hook on the ceiling. The bed was really more of a futon, and
was just off the floor. A low black lacquered table next to the bed hosted a
bronze Chinese dragon with incense rising out of its mouth. Dan grabbed the
sheet from the bed to cover himself, and only after he was wrapped in it did he
realize how dirty it smelled and crusty stuff rubbed against his smooth skin.

Smooth skin? That was the other wrong thing, he hadn't been able to place. All
his chest hair was gone, so was his pit hair and his pubic thatch. While it
didn't seem right, it felt normal. This worried Dan even more as he crept toward the closed door that he guessed would lead to the rest of this apartment or house.

To his relief the next room was empty--of people. It appeared to be a living room decorated in Chinese modern. Two walls were yellow, and two were red, the furniture was black lacquer with red and yellow silk cushions. There was an open lap top on a the bar counter. Dan climbed up on the black leather bar stool, and looked at the laptop.

He clicked on the red dragon icon, and the desktop opened. There were the usual icons for recycle, my computer, and the like, but one of the icons caught his eye it was picture of him from his college year book. He clicked on it and the file opened. It was a PowerPoint, and the opening slide showed three pictures of him under the caption: How I Spent My Summer Vacation. The caption alone creeped him out.

It was definitely summer. The windows were open and the hot humid air drifted in from the jungle. But the last thing he remembered was that college had let out, and he was going to be his road trip on Memorial Day Weekend. The images were disturbing too. One showed him in his graduation attire, one showed him from a side view with some leather apparatus harness to his head, and there was a collar around his neck. Subconsciously, Dan raised a finger to his neck and traced the tight collar currently around his neck. There was no seam, hinge or clasp.

The last image was most disturbing it appeared to be him on all fours sucking a businessman's cock, and the businessman looked like his older brother Joshua! He looked around the room again. The silence was deafening. His brother did work for an import export company and was constantly taking trips to the orient, but he wouldn't, he couldn't? Could he? Reluctantly, Dan clicked on the arrow to advance to the next slide.

Dan leapt back as he heard his own voice coming from the computer's built-in
speakers. "My name was Daniel Oliver Graham when the summer of 2005 began, but
now I'm simply known as DOG. My transformation from an American preppy college
graduate to my Asian master's dog slave is detailed in the following Power Point Presentation. I never thought I'd be using my presentation skills to present this story, and I strongly doubt the business management professor would have ever conceived it being used this way, but then that's life. Or rather this was my life!"

A brief montage of photographs from Dan's photo album danced across
the screen. Then he clicked the next arrow again.

The next image showed him glaze-eyed and drooling. "Hypnotherapy helped this
slave to discover its true place in the world..." Another montage began showing
him entranced as he was shaved, pierced, and trained.

"Down boy! Heel!" came a commanding voice from behind him. Dan instantly leapt
from the bar stool, and crouched on the floor with all fours on the floor. He
lowered his head, and maintained the heel position.

A lean muscular Asian man strode masterfully up to the laptop. He stopped the
Power Point and clicked another icon and opened a file.

"Good boy, dog," his master said leaning over to tousle the hair on Dan's
head. Dan's eyes were transfixed on the erect cock outlined beneath the black
silk lounge pants his master wore. Dan was horrified to find himself drooling.
"I'm going to miss you."

Dan wanted to ask so many questions, but mostly why would his master miss him.
But all he could do was cock his head and whine while looking puppy dog eyed at
his master. Part of Dan's mind was screaming, master! Who is this guy? Why am I
behaving this way!?!?

"Oh, you silly dog. You must be terribly confused. Your hypnotic training
created a new persona or identity and suppressed your old one. Last night as I
put you to bed, I triggered your old persona with the appropriate control word.
So when you woke, you remembered that you were Daniel Graham, or perhaps you
even thought you still were him. But your new owner will need you to play that
part occasionally. You may wonder why you were changed from a promising young
businessman into a prized sex slave.

"Well, you can thank your brother Joshua Graham for that. I have nothing but contempt for your brother. In fact, I have even more contempt for him now. I had intended to embarrass and insult him by providing you as his sexual entertainment. Ah, you look confused again or perhaps more confused than you were. You see your brother and I have been doing business for some time now. Ostensibly we trade in various items, but really we smuggle drugs from my country into your--I mean his country.

"I suppose I should have let you watch your whole biography, but it's too long.
One of the things we do in my country is entertain our guests and trading
partners with uh, unique sexual entertainments. You are one of those
entertainments. This power point on my big screen TV was another. I had hoped to shame and humiliate your brother by having you suck his cock each time he
visited. He instead has increased the frequency of his visits, and I suspected
he might try to liberate you, but my fears were misplaced."

He sits on the stool spreading his legs, and his erect cock pops out of his
fly. Dan instinctively leans toward it. His tongue peeks between his tightly
pressed lips. The master laughs, and tugs at Dan's ear. "Come and suck it, boy.
The slave part of you wants and needs it, even if the Danny boy part doesn't
understand. But just get me good and hard, don't make me cum. I want you to lube me up, and then you'll sit on my lap, while I show you something. Anguish filled Dan's eyes as he looked up his master's bare chest, as he swallowed his master's entire 4.5 inch cock. He noted that there was only a light dusting of fine black hairs on the deep golden skin of his master. He inhaled the spicy musky smell of his master. His master was a god. He felt inferior with his larger, hairier pale skinned body with his grossly over-sized schlong. It had to be at least 6 inches long, and way too thick. As he lapped at his master's cock, he felt so secure,so right, so comfortable, so normal. The gag reaction that the old Dan was envisioning never happened. At last thick gooey precum leaked from his master's cock head, and reluctantly, dog removed his lips from the cock. Though he couldn't resist a final taste, if as his master suggested this might be his last, his tongue darted out of his mouth and lapped up the glistening droplet oozing out of the master's piss slit. The master smiled and told Dan to stand and turn around. Then placing his hands on Dan's hips, he gently guided the young man's ass on to his master's cock. Dan was sitting on his master's lap, impaled on his master's cock. The master then spun the bar stool back to face the computer. Gently, the master began bouncing Dan on his knee. Slowly the erect cock slid in about an inch and a half and then out an inch and a half, as the knee rose and fell.

Dan moaned.

"Ah, well, Dan, as I said earlier. You will soon be your brother's property.
You will even being going home briefly, but since you renounced your U S
citizenship, you'll have tooooo-ooh. You tightened up there, boy, didn't recall
giving up your citizenship? Well, it's in the power point, I may show you later
if there's time. Part of you may think that your brother is acquiring you to
rescue you. That is not the case, though perhaps in his twisted mind he
considers it a sort of rescue. As I said, your brother has always been held by
me in contempt..oooh, ahhh, yeah, you're looser than usual Josh's big cock is
already stretching you out of shape."

Already stretched? Josh had fucked him? Vague images filled his mind of his
hairy, pale skinned naked brother. He focused on alternately relaxing and
clenching his hole tight to milk his master's cock. He trembled slightly, Master Joshua wanted Dog not Daniel. He felt his master lift, and arc his back. The master let out a long sigh of ecstasy as warm goo filled Dan's rectum, and then was churned by his master's still pumping dick. The master kept his cock in place, and continued to bounce Dan on his knee though at a slower and gentler pace. The cock slid only about half an inch or quarter inch back and forth.

"I want you to hear some calls your brother made. I've got a closed circuit
cam, and wiretap on his phone," the master said reaching around Dan, and
clicking the mouse-pad.

Instantly, an image of a hotel room with Dan's brother with his shirt open and
a bourbon in one hand appeared on the small screen. Josh sat down at the phone
and dialed a long number, the sound of a phone ringing could be heard. There was a click, and the odd echo of an overseas connection.

"Hello?" Dan's heart leapt it was the voice of his father.

"Hey, ol' man, it's Josh. How's everything going?"

"Oh, about the same. Josh, it's good to hear your voice. Your mother hasn't
been the same since Danny took off last year. You haven't heard from him have

"Talked to him? No, I haven't. But I have gotten a lead on him."

"Out there in the orient?"

"Yeah, I think our little Danny may be involved in drugs. Not sure what the
little snot has gotten himself into, but I've arranged for him to be ken--put in
a detox program, and a job with my firm. Hopefully, I'll be able to bring the
little guy home for Thanksgiving."

"What drugs? You found him, that's wonderful. You're a good son and brother,
Joshua. But why not until Thanksgiving? Surely we can get him in a better detox
program here in the States," Dan's father said in an anxious sounding voice.

"Well, it's best for him to stay in the program here. And from what I've been
told he renounced his citizenship, so I'll need to get him traveling papers."

"Renounced!?" the father sounded flustered, "Never mind, I'll call our
congressman. I'm sure Jack can get his citizenship reinstated."

"No! Just let me handle it. After I know what's involved, we can try the
congressman. But right now, with an election year, and suspected foreign drug
trafficker is not going to get citizenship. He's not going to get a visa even.
By keeping a low profile, I should be able to get him a visa. So don't do
anything that might jeopardize that. Promise, ol' man?"

"Traffic--that just doesn't sound like Daniel? But I'll wait, and not do
anything. I know you'll do what's best." He sounded both defeated and relieved.

"Well, it's a different Daniel to be sure. Once I have him, I'll keep him
under my close supervision. You can rest assured of that, and we'll be home for
Thanksgiving. Count on it."

"Please call us as soon as you have Daniel. Your mother and I can be on the
next plane to where ever you say."

"No, you two just stay put. You won't want to see Danny this way, wait until
he's cleaned up in November."

"But that's months away? He can't be that bad."

"Trust me, alright?"


"I'll phone you with an update later. Oh, and do you have Danny's address

"What? Oh, yeah, it's on his laptop. We phoned all his contacts trying to find
him. No one knew where he was, or at least none admitted knowing."

"On his laptop? Perfect. Please email me his address book."

"Why do you want that?"

"To have my company's detectives check them out. I think you're right about
one or more of them being involved with Danny's disappearance, and involvement
with drugs. I intend to find out who."

"Be careful."

"I will. Got to go. Email that ASAP, OK?"

"Yes, I will. Godspeed."


Joshua leaned back. Put his hands behind his head and smirked. "Yeah, that
went better than I'd expected. I just wonder if I can get that little cocksucker presentable enough for the family without damaging his slave training. Well,it'll be fun retraining him over Christmas, if I have to. Ha ha, who'd have thought it goody two shoes Danny would make such a perfect sex slave. I think his mouth was made for my cock. And his ass. Well, I have to share that tight hole with the whole gang."

He leaned forward and took another swallow of bourbon. Then he slid over his
pda and keyed in something. Then he dialed the phone again. The ringing, another echo, the sound of a receiver being lifted, and then Josh started speaking.

"Hey, Marshall. Josh, here."

"Josh? You back in the US?"

"I wish! No, just calling to see if you could arrange to book that dungeon for
the first week in December. Friday or Saturday, if possible. Yeah, I've just
acquired a dogslave, and he's primo."

"Whoa fuck! Am I invited?"

"Sure thing, Marshall. In fact, I'm thinking of making it a regular gang-bang
orgy. I'm going to invite some of Danny's buddies too, in addition to the usual

"Danny? Your kid brother is into this stuff? I thought he was too
straight-laced for this scene."

"Oh, you'd be surprised what Danny's like now. But I assure you this fucking
party will be one he never forgets, heh heh."

"What's so funny?"

"Oh, you have to wait for the dungeon party, Marsh. Thanks for arranging it."

"Dude, I'll rent the room, but you're bringing the entertainment. A fucking
dog slave, man I can't wait!"

"Well. I gotta go, Marsh. See you when I get back stateside."

"Later, Josh."

Josh hung up the phone. Then got on to his bed and started masturbating. He
rolled back his eyes, and murmured, "Oh, Danny, your ass is so fucking tight.
But I'll loosen you up good. Oh, yeah. Life is fucking good!"

Danny's master gently rubbed his finger back and forth under Danny's left ear.
Danny was currently rising up and down on his master's clock and flexing his
butt muscles as he had been trained. He couldn't believe what he was doing. He
couldn't believe what he'd just seen and heard. How could his own brother do
this to him?"

His master nibbled his ear, and started to pump his ass. It was so perverted.
His master was getting off watching Josh jacking off. He was moving in rhythm
with the picture on the monitor. Somehow the Asian managed to cum at the same
time Josh splattered himself with cum.

Josh Graham licked his cum off his splayed fingers, and chuckled. Yes, life
was good.

"Good dog," his master said pushing Danny off his cock, and guiding him by his
shoulder down to the floor and on his knees. Then he stuck his dirty cum covered cock into Danny's mouth, and Danny started cleaning up his master's cock. Danny's head ached with all that he'd become aware of it. He focused on his master's cock and his job. He couldn't bear to think of anything else.


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