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Rebirth Clinic Continues Ann'a Tale

by EMG

Rebirth Clinic Continues Ann'a Tale

Ann's Tale

This fascinating account arrived via the Chilling Tales e-mail.
Of course, there is no way of confirming any of it:

Where do I start? I have known for some years that I had some sort of precognative powers: when I was in my teens (back in the 60's) I saw four things when I was between sleep and wakefulness. You know: the state you are in just before you go to sleep properly, but if someone talked to you, you would wake up instantly.

At the time I lived on the outskirts of London and travelled to the city every day to work. Sometimes I would doze on the train, either going to or coming home from work. On one occasion I saw someone fall from a moving train.... within three months I fell from a moving train when someone opened the door I was leaning against. Fortunately I was not hurt.

Another time (when on the way home one Friday evening) I got the impression that someone famous had been killed. That was the night the Kennedy assassination was reported.

The next think that I saw / dreamt was the death of a work colleague. He was a rep for the same safe manufacturer that I worked for. What confused me was that he usually drove a black Mini Van with the company name on the side in white lettering. In my dream he was driving an estate car. His car was travelling up a motorway when it collided with the back of a lorry carrying steel girders: the impact woke me with a start. Within three months (after I had left the company) I discovered that he was dead. He died when the estate car he was driving went into the back of a lorry: its load of steel rods went right through the engine and into him. He never stood a chance.

What really scared me was that over the next few nights (at home) he sort of appeared to me. I could not see him but I knew he was there. As I was (and possibly still am!) the type of person who could not cry out if I was frightened, I would freeze and not be able to move anything other than my eyes. I thought that if he was on the other side, he could possibly read my mind. So I thought very hard about what I wanted to say to him, which was:
'I am sorry that you died so tragically,
but if I had told you what was going to
happen, you may well have died sooner!'

With that, he (or something!) picked up my mug (which was on the floor by my bed), took it across the room and placed it on my chest of drawers. I never saw or felt him again.


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