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The Curse Pt 2

by EMG

The Curse Pt 2

The next day they woke Robert still felt really alive and warm all over He got out of bed and searched in the chest of draws on his side the bed for clothes. But all he could find were women’s belongings all new and all about his side, He thought, to hell with this grabbed the towelling Dressing gown that was on the dressing table stool and headed off to have a shower. He felt good as he washed he dried himself off and looked in the mirror unconsciously he picked up Tom’s razor and shaped his eye brows, paused to look went to have a shave but realised he had no facial hair at all, odd he thought and looked over his body, he had no hair at all he had never had much to start with but had had some if only very thin. but he noticed something else he noticed his growing breasts for the first time for what they were, up till now he had assumed it was fat, he smiled then frowned, why did I just smile he thought and why do I have breasts, he showered with the scented soap Tom had put there sprayed himself with a very feminine spray that had been purposefully left where he had left his normal deodorant without initially noticing, but it made him smell nice he sniffed looked at the wash items and said what the hell
He returned to the bedroom in a bit of a mood by now Tom had woke and said to Robert ‘Hi you smell nice (another trigger), Robert thanked him all the negative thoughts about the wash items just vanished from his mind. He asked where there were clothes for him and Tom said all your new clothes are in their pointing to the Closet and dressing table you will no longer be requiring your old clothes. But Robert was about to complain that they were women’s when Tom uttered another trigger and he felt silent. Tom said ‘That’s better’ these will be your clothes while you are living here. You will keep and wear your uniform for work but otherwise you will dress the way I tell you do you understand. Robert nodded his compliance. He pulled on a pair of frilly panties s pair of three quarter length jeans and a ruched Deep red scoop neck top. He found a pair of 2 in court shoes under the dressing table and put them on.
Tom looked at him and said way not try a little make up there’s some in the dressing table. Robert said he did not know In a firm voice Tom told him to stop whining and do as he was told he was a Sissy and would be treated like one Robert fell silent and sat on the ottoman in front of the dressing table stared blankly into the mirror., Tom said who will know, here let me help you. He helped Robert select the appropriate foundation and told him how to apply it.then a top colour and blusher this was followed by eye makeup mascara eye liner etc., then a strong coloured red lipstick Tom said to him you look good ‘honey’ Robert found he liked the compliment but did not know why, his mind was becoming vary fogged. I have something to finish off the look he said and presented him with a necklace and matching clip on ear-rings that went with the lipstick and clothes
We will have to get those pretty ears pierced he said, infect we can do it today. Robert smiled wistfully he knew if this was what Tom wanted him to do, it would be done, he could not fight it. as did Tom his programming was working a treat Robert was no longer resisting but would be fully aware he was being changed against his will for now, Hell that is all part of the fun thought Tom and smiled sweetly at his latest victim. that would make life easier Next he got Robert to put on nail varnish and gloss that matched the lipstick
They sat and had breakfast then Tom had Berta as he now called Robert who inwardly winces when hearing his new sissy name Tom had told him he would be known by that name from now on and would be considered a sissy so could not react to male terminology. Tom had her walk around for a while on her heels to get her used to them she was developing a delightful wiggle, she is going to make me a lot of money he thought He then suggested they go into town Robert was apprehensive about going out in public like this. Tom used his trigger again and they went to the car
Tom drove them to this beauty salon called Gurlz he would use for these experiments should this one be a total success , they would finish the job on the visual side then no one will know that she was really a he unless they ‘get close’ he grinned.
They entered the Salon and a woman looked up and said Good morning Mr Henderson I see you have another client for us, he nodded told the receptionist that Robert had in the main been compliant to the initial hypnosis and triggers but there was still a bit of resistance, but less than the others he had supplied. She said no problems Just tell Mr Baker she should be ready in about a month, I am surprised though she said that no one misses these ‘museum assistants’ We just tell the powers to be and parents should they come looking it is down to turn over they are young free spirited and have decided to leave and we have no idea where they have gone She smiled and said what trick did you use this time, A mummy’s curse he said. Oh said the woman that was a bit novel, Tom replied easy really we had a mummy with an unusual curse attached to it, I just modified it in the telling to Berta to suit our need both smiled a knowing smile.
The receptionist turned to Robert and said Hi my name is Clair you will be staying with us for the next month and you will have to wear this bracelet while here also you will have to follow some rules, to refuse or not comply will result in punishment she pressed a button and he felt a sheer pain speed through his body having originated from the brace let. Don’t try to remove it you be able t Clair said and that was only setting one, there are four other levels. Now then the three main ones are You will do what you are told at all times without question. You will only ever wear feminine clothes no matter where you are. And you will only ever use your sissy name your old name and past will be erased Robert panicked but found he could not move he realised the whole thing had been a trap and he had been set up and he realised Tom and Mr Baker were both in on it
Clair gave Berta a sheet of paper that had many rules on it, he read it but stared blankly at her, this was all too much for his head to take in, what are they doing to me what have they got planned, he wanted to scream to run, but something else a stronger suggestion was telling him to go along with it all, it would be for the better. Also he didn’t think his body would be able to stand a higher setting on the punishment bracelet
Clair led him to darkened room the lights were turned on and he saw a woman in a medical uniform Clair conferred with her college as Robert looked around he was scared there was so much strange equipment in this room, designed for what purpose he thought. here he was checked over by the ‘Doctor’ well he assumed she was, she was thorough checking in every nook and cranny of his body some tests had brought him to tears and he had been admonished for this and again called a sissy. Once all the tests were completed he was told to lie on what looked like a dentist’s chair he did so and then felt Clair strapping him by the ankles and wrists and waist to it. He went to shout out but felt a pink penis shaped gag being inserted into his mouth.
That’s a good girl said Clair we don’t want you upsetting the other clients do we, when she was satisfied her new client could not move or speak she switched off the lights she then left the room after a short wait he heard music and then saw lots of flashing images in front of him, were they on a screen or on a wall he could not make out he could not take his eyes off them and after a while drifted off into a trance Just befor he went under it dawned on him there was no curse and he had been toally set up
When he came round he could feel a sharp pain it took him a second to figure out where it was coming from as he felt groggy and was still trying to figure out what had just happened and where this pain was coming from. then he realised it was from his eye brow, the pain continued for a while then it started on the other side it was only then he realised he was wearing something that looked like swimming goggles but blacked out. Clair looked down at him and said to the technician she come round the technician said ‘oh that’s ok I have just about finished this bit’. Clair said ‘you have done an excellent job, the technician agreed ‘and you say it is permanent and won’t fade as she gets older’,
‘it might a tiny bit but not so most people would notice’ replied the technician
Hi honey said the technician, don’t panic about the pain it will wear of shortly, we are using a laser to permanently shape your eye brows in a feminine arc the pain went on for some time then stopped. The music started again and this time he was watching a spiral of colours deep down he knew this was hypnosis but he was unable to resist. When he woke the area between his eyes and eye brows hurt it did not take him long to figure out he had had more work done but what he was unsure of. He looked round the goggles had been removed but there was barely enough light to see but there was no technician this time he just lay there after a while Clair came in wheeling a hospital stand with two drip bags on it these were connected to long tubes and as he watched Clair took out hypodermic needles from their sterile packaging and connected them to the tubes she then inserted them into Roberts arm and hand and taped them in place. She told him they would remain in place for three weeks, he was to have concentrated dosed of hormones she then gave him a drink through a straw that poked into his mouth through the gag it tasted good, but soon he felt calm and uncaring. About his situation.. She left the room again and the music resumed
Roberta was kept like this for a week she had been fitted with a catheter and diapers while in this state. ss it was hard for her to move about. She had several operations while under to fit permanent long false eyelashes to have her cheek bones reshaped long shaped false but permanent fingernails fitted, her own having been totally removed. And also permanent lip colour and liner She was finally let out of the room and blinked as she came out, she was led to another room and the catheter was removed and she was allowed to wear panties with a thick layer of pads, the gag was also removed as she now totally under the control of the staff via the hypnosis and punishment bracelet yes the bracelet, she had broken the rules on day three had actually tried to leave but had gotten a taste of setting three.
She was lead to a chair in front of a mirror here she saw what had happened for the first time, there was nothing masculine left about her facial features she stared in awe was this really her face, Here she was treated to a major hair makeover she sat transfixed as her hair was worked on it was given a permanent wave then cut to the shape the staff had decided would be suited to her. Next her ears were pierced and some large hoops inserted all the while she sat their passively as the work was carried out She then felt the chair being tilted back her navel was pierced and a little diamond on a loop was inserted (to match the ear-rings.
She was then taken to another room, it looked like the hypnosis room except the chair had been modified As she was made to sit on the chair she felt something prodding at her rear she pulled a face. A technician bent round a cold jelly like substance on her sphincter and slowly guided the item into her slowly after a minute or so it sank deep in her she was fully sat down by the technician, she was again strapped in and left this time there was a voice telling her she loved, no craved having her ‘pussy’ filled by men any men she would need to seek out cock as often as possible, as this voice continued she felt the throbbing and thrusting in her. This would go on for a few hours then she would be allowed out for food drink and toilet needs then back to it again.
After what seemed like an age (She had lost all perspective of time) She was then taken to another room that looked like an operating theatre was laid on an operating table here she was given an anaesthetic and fell asleep, when she woke her throat fell vary sore and she was told not to talk for at least three days to allow the operation to heal, what operation she thought seeing her expression she was told she had undergone a pioneering process for changing the voice box and as long as she followed instructions the operation would be a total success
For the first time since being there she was taken to a room not unlike a hotel room and allowed to rest. The room had a bed, closet, dressing table TV and head phones, she took a look round and opening the closet found a large range of woman’s clothes most very slutty but a few were sophisticated, in the draws were various items of sexy clothing from matching bra panties and garter to Basques and cinch belts she then led on the bed put the head phones on instinctively and pressed the button next to where they plugged into the wall and led back a voice spoke and she went blank
She woke some time later it was dark, she put on a cut off tee shirt and jeans looked in the mirror on the door of the wardrobe and go a strt, what she saw was a very attractive girl, on the dressing table she found a note telling her to go to the dining room when she woke, her throat still hurt and she did not feel like eating but fearful of punishment she went anyway. When she got there she looked around and for the first time it dawned on her that having been left by Tom she had not seen a single man in this place. She went and got a glass of water and approached one of the other girls Candy she read on the nametage pinned to the blouse, then realised she had no tag herself not being able to talk though they just sat there together
From the other side of the room Clair watched intensively, ah good she wants to be friends with Candy then they can work together when we let them out. Now I know what type of girl we shall make Berta, we will make here a complete airhead tranny bimbo to start with and if the paying clients want more we shall of course provide
It was Berta’s final week at Gurls her breasts had grown to the desired size in a time that nature and hormones alone would not achieve, again another patent pending process had been a success, The Clinic would rake in a fortune if they got approval to sell she was now able to talk and had the sweetest feminine voice Clair was pleased with the work, but now came the final project, She led Berta to the Hypnotherapy room again and strapped her now willing victim in she left the room and started the process Berta felt every thought seep from her mind, her past life was gone forever, her family her masulanity everything the whole lot wiped. There was a pause then a voice, she was being re programmed a whole new back history and personality
At the end of that week a bubbly bleach blonde girl left the beauty salon she was dressed in vary high cut shorts and a see through white chiffon blouse revealing her bust underneath As she walked down the street her padlocked on 5 in heels clip clopped on the paving slabs, she was looking for action, it was evening and she needed cock, it didn’t matter who’s but she needed it just then a car slowed and pulled up to her, she turned bent down and chatted to the driver for a few seconds. Then she went round and got in the car within minutes she was getting filled from both ends by the two occupants, who told her their names were Mr Henderson and Mr Baker. Once the two men finished they said to Berta she should come and work for them they would look after her, she giggled and said yes. Well she had nowhere to go she was homeless had absolutely nothing? The trap snapped shut Roberta would spend the rest of the useful life as a Transvestite hooker, loving every minute and earning the men a lot of Money
Dean was excited; he had gotten his first job. He was 17 and had not got the grades to get into university, he needed money and had been looking hard. He had been turned down so many time, he had rewritten his resume and re written it time and time again, he had been about to give up. Then he saw it an advert in his local paper for a museum assistant, no formal training needed as all would be provided by the City Museum. Dean picked up his pen and wrote for the application form.
Dean walked up to the pretty young blonde girl on the reception and said I am here to see Mr Baker, she looked gave a little giggle, He thought she is cute and made a note of her name Roberta the name tag said. She should be easy she’s not that bright, he asked her out but she turned him down, ‘Oh I can’t I am busy in the evenings she said going a little red, but maybe another time, She flipped the intercom Mr Baker the young man is here for your interview. In his office Mr Baker rubbed his hands and nodded to Tom that the next target was here, Tom left to be on station at the staff room to look after his new charge.
That evening two young girls stood on the street corner looking for tricks, they were best friends and had even been known to do it together, but tonight it was work, Cany and Berta would get as much as they could and they both loved every minute


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