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A slave's ambition

by alicedoll

A slave's ambition

Deep in her room, a girl moaned out loud in pleasure.

It was so dark. The only like came from the pulsating screen in front of the girl. Aside from her moans, the only noise she could hear was the headphones, whispering sweetly in her ear. All she could feel at the moment was the massive dildo jammed into her pussy.

That was all she could see. That was all she could hear. That was all she could feel. She couldn't see the slutty maid uniform she was wearing. She couldn't hear her sisters searching for her across town. She couldn't feel her pussy juices running down her leg.

A new message appeared on the screen. New words rang through her ears. Her master had given her a command. She was happy to oblige.

The slut got on her knees and opened her mouth. She could feel a new sensation now; her master's cock in her mouth, gently going in and out. She sucked on it eagerly, wanting to please him.

"I see only you suck cock like this"

She tried to force a smile as she sucked eagerly. She had gotten praise and she loved it. A year ago, she would have hated this. She would have gotten up. She would have screamed in rage, she would have called the police.

That was before she met Mark. He said things to her. He changed her. They dated for a long time. He got her many expensive gifts....new lips, new tits, wonderful clothes, and even her own ipod to listen to. He loved her so much, and she certainly loved him back.

On a nightly basis, she would have her pussy, ass, tits, and mouth fucked by the man she loved most. She dressed up as his maid and cleaned his house as he patted her ass. She stopped talking to her family to be with him, and, eventually moved in with him.

Recently, he started running her through "training sessions", which would make her happier. They certainly did, she was so happy that she'd been doing the sessions for half a year, bringing her to tonight.

After roughly a half hour of sucking, she finally stopped. The whispering stopped. The dildo stopped.

Alice shakily got to her knees and flipped the light switch. Eyes glazed over, she wobbled out of the room, into the next room over, where her master, Mark Runnels, was sitting patiently, with a smile on his face.

Her practice was over. Alice wrapped her collar around her neck. It was time for the slave's ambitions to be fulfilled.

She bent down and got to her knees. Her dildo flashed to life. Her master smiled.

The end.

To Haxsaw, who's files I absolutely love the most. I hope I can keep listening in sir!


Re: A slave's ambition. - Haxsaw

Dear Alice,
I am quite impressed you used my name. I am pleased you think of me so often. Obviously you do or you would not have written this way. I will look this story over. I will try deciphering it. I will try analyzing it from a psychological slant, dear. I will attempt to make another file.

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