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Accepting a Dare

by jayne23

Accepting a Dare

"I dare you."

Trish narrowed her eyes at her friend and co-worker. Lauren simply stared back, the guileless expression on her face at complete odds with the wickedness of her proposal. "Sorry, I haven't been twelve for over a decade now," Trish said.

"Oh, come on," Lauren said, poking at Trish's arm with one long, manicured fingernail. "Look me in the eye and tell me you're not at least a little bit curious." She leaned forward across the tiny table, breasts coming perilously close to knocking against her half full martini glass. "You're thinking about it. I know. I can tell."

Trish sighed. Lauren was right, she was thinking about it. Ever since the other woman had told her about the website her new boyfriend had introduced her to, Trish had been more than a little intrigued.

The premise sounded almost too good to be true--fulfill all your deepest, darkest desires in the privacy of your own home through the wonders of hypnosis. Yeah, right. There had be some kind of a catch.

"Look," Lauren said, "it's not an instant kind of thing. You have to listen to the file you pick over and over, and you have to really and truly believe it will work." She shrugged. "And, it doesn't work for everybody, but--"

"You really need to work on the whole 'pep talk' thing."

"But," Lauren said firmly, "imagine if you're one of the people it does work on. You're too straitlaced to not have some major kinks, sweetie. Now, just think about being able to experience some of them without going through all the muss and fuss that reality demands?"

Trish licked her lips. Lauren was right--again--she did have things that she'd always wanted to try but she had never been able to muster up enough nerve to talk to any of her boyfriends about them. Things that she had seen in porn or online. Things that were her go-to fantasy fodder. Things that never, ever failed to get her juices flowing. The temptation was overwhelming, but Trish couldn't help but have reservations.

"And this actually worked, for you?" she asked.

Lauren's smile was positively wicked. "Let's just say I have a whole new appreciation for things involving my backdoor."

It takes a moment for Trish to understand, and when she does she smacks her friend's forearm. "Lauren!"

Lauren doesn't even have the decency to blush. "What can I say, I used to think it was gross, not to mention painful, but now I can't get enough of having my ass pounded."

Trish rolled her eyes at the vulgarity, but she couldn't deny the sweet, little tingle of excitement that formed in her belly. "I guess, it wouldn't hurt to try it out," she said.

"That's the spirit! I'll email you a link to the site. Oh, and this great spanking file I found!"



The email Lauren sends was straightforward and innocuous consisting of a simple link and a winking smiley face. Trish dithered a bit, but when she clicked on the URL she was feeling more excited than anything else.

After reading through the basic information on the homepage, she started browsing. The sheer number of files was almost overwhelming, but after about half an hour of searching she saw one that had her squirming in her chair.

Trish was a good girl, she had always been a good girl, but one of her favorite fantasies was imagining herself as a porn star. Thinking about being on display, about having countless men ogle her nude body, never failed to get her positively soaking. She wouldn't even have to be a proper porn star--more than once Trish had thought about taking some pics of herself and posting them anonymously somewhere. But she never did, because the rational part of her mind always stopped her.

But what if she could override that voice that was always telling her what a bad idea it was? What if she could hypnotize herself to follow through with what she really wanted, societal restrictions be damned.

Trish let her mouse hover over the file. Before she could talk herself out of it, she steeled her resolve, downloaded the file, and loaded it onto her mp3 player.

That night she went to sleep with her earbuds in, the surprisingly calming voice of her hypnotist telling her how much she wanted, needed, craved to do what he told her.

She slept like a baby.


Trish quickly lost count of how many times she had listened to her file. It was working though. The hypnotist's suggestions were creating a compulsion that was becoming harder and harder to deny until finally, a week after she first visited the site, she was there again.

This time, instead of the file database, she had the gallery pulled up. Her shirt and bra were off, and she was running an ice cube around her nipples--she wanted them to be hard and pretty for their debut.

She let the ice slip out of her fingers and, in an almost detached manner, she picked up her digital camera. She had had to read the instruction booklet to figure out how to work the timer settings, but it was worth the hassle. With each flash Trish's excitement and arousal gots higher and higher. She was doing what she was supposed to, and it felt blissful.

She loaded the pictures onto her computer and brought them up in an editing program. She couldn't help but giggle. There she was, her tits looking full and gorgeous, her nipples jutting out, rosy pink and so erect. She was amazing, and she couldn't wait to show herself off to everyone.

Her hands were shaking as she logged in and then uploaded her files. Then they were there in the gallery, her naked breasts, for all the world to see.

She got herself off right there in her computer chair, fingers working furiously and her slick dampening the upholstery. By the time she had come down from her orgasm, her pictures had already been viewed almost three dozen times. Her eyes stayed focused on those numbers as her hand strayed back to her clit.

People left her comments. Someone called her a dirty slut, in a fond way, of course, and she came again.

An unknown amount of time later Trish found herself sprawled over her chair, panting harshly and her cunt practically aching from the treatment she'd given it. She smiled, tired but finally sated. She was going to have to send Lauren some flowers, but first...

Trish sat up straight and, after wiping her hand on her discarded shirt, she started hunting for a new file.


the end


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