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Didn't Even Realize(m/m)

by Jeshi

Didn't Even Realize(m/m)

I had met him online, not on one of those sketchy hookup sites, but on a popular dating site by the name of AlrightAphrodite. He said he was a slam poet among other things, and that anyone he fell in love with would probably end up listening to him perform a lot. I knew nothing about slam poetry and some of the parts of his profile were a bit cheesy but he was good looking and we had some similar interests that were unrelated to poetry, so I decided to contact him. We hit it off and flirted a bit and got along quite well. We got along well enough that I felt comfortable meeting him in person. As you're supposed to when meeting someone from the internet, we met in a public place. The date was just lunch and a walk through the park, it was simple but enjoyable. It didn't take long for us to shift from internet flirting to going on frequent dates in person. It didn't take long for me to feel comfortable going back to his place to listen to him read me some of his slam poetry. So here I am now, at Ralph's apartment, sitting on his couch waiting for him to start reading his poem. "Okay, so this poem is like a magic trick. You have to close your eyes and imagine all the things you like in a man while you listen to me. And then something magical happens." he says. I have to stifle a laugh, I like his cheesy personality sometimes but sometimes he can say stuff like this that I can't take seriously. But still, I close my eyes and begin to imagine my perfect man. "Okay so just relax. Breathe in and breathe out." is how the poem starts, the thing about slam poetry I don't think I've realized before now is how much of it is performance rather than actual poetry. I'm surprised by how drawn in I'm getting and he's mentioning stuff about imagining all sorts of things at once while still keeping that image of a perfect man in my mind and it starts to become difficult to keep track of it all while still listening to the poem and eventually I guess I space out because I'm no longer paying attention to what he's saying, I'm just completely immersed in what he's trying to tell me. Time passes, that I can tell. How much time, I'm not sure. He tells me to open my eyes and I see Ralph before me, he seems different than before, yet the same. I feel like nothing about him is different but that now he exudes all of the traits I had been imagining when he first told me to close my eyes. He looks at me and gives me a winning grin that makes me want to swoon. I never noticed until now how amazing he is. Just at the sight of him I am instantly aroused. "Welcome back. How was my poetry?" he asks. I get nervous and begin to stumble on my words. "Great." is all I manage to say back. It's weird though, because I know the poetry was great but I can't remember anything but that first line that didn't even seem like the start to a poem. He flashes another grin at my response and I feel myself blush. I never blush! I can't believe I'm blushing! "Well sleep." he says, and suddenly my eyes are closed and I'm spacing out again like before. I can't tell exactly what he's saying but I can tell he's saying nice things. I can tell he's complimenting me and telling me about fantastic things he plans to do. I'm beginning to suspect that this isn't really slam poetry but rather something else, if this is what slam poetry is like then it would be way more popular than it is. But I don't care if it's not real slam poetry, it's still fantastic. "Open your eyes again." he says, and I do. I don't know when it happened but at some point we both took our clothes off apparently and switched rooms. Because now we're on his bed and we're both naked. His cock is staring right at me. I don't even bother thinking about the situation any more, I just go right down and start sucking. He has the best cock I've ever sucked. It's the perfect length, girth, taste. I feel as if I am blessed by the presence of his cock in my mouth. I'm so lucky to have met Ralph, I'm so glad I sent him that message on AlrightAphrodite. He cums in my mouth and I feel as if it is the final signature on a contract. That we are now officially 'together' and there's no going back. I am his boyfriend. Emphasis on the his because clearly I belong to him, I am his possession. That is how relationships work. We fall asleep in each other's arms and the next morning I begin to make preparations for us to move in together like I somehow know we are going to do, even though we never even talked about it. There's a lot of things I know he wants without him telling me, every time I wake up I just know what he wants and then I do it. And he knows what I want and it always seems to match up very well with what he wants.


Re: Didn't Even Realize(m/m) - callmecrazy

I really liked this idea. I wish it had been a tad longer, perhaps explaining the things he does for his "boyfriend" and other changes his boyfriend makes in him.

But it was very enjoyable!

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