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diaper club

by BabyShadow

Chapter 1

The Canterlot Diaper Club

The Kingdom of Equestria is a vast empire filled with many creatures, great and small. In this kingdom exists the capital City of Canterlot, occupied by the elite and home to the Princesses that rule over this kingdom. It is within this city that the kingdom’s dark underbelly resides, lighting the city despite the choking shadows of night. Taboo, passion, and what is simply called “the truth” are the only guide for the rich and refined that abandon their facade and indulge in their true selves. Inside an inconspicuous Canterlot strip club, one of many such dens of sin, can be found the truth. In this town nothing is ever what it seems, for this is the exclusive and absolutely elite Canterlot Diaper Stripclub. Ponies from all over Equestria gather in the secrecy of the night to indulge in what the harsh light of the day would never allow them.

One such individual, was a well-respected white stallion. A unicorn possessing a wavy blue mane, and mustache. In the cover of night he walked towards the entrance to the club, which was concealed even from the shadows of the Canterlot night. He was a regular, well known by his black suit, and cutie mark composed of 3 crowns. Walking by the bouncer, he was greeted as per customary of the club. ”Good evening Mr. Fancy Pants, please go right this way, and enjoy your night,” he said directing him through the door.

Fancy Pants turned to the heavily muscular bouncer and smiled, “Ah, thank you my good man, and I believe I will.” He proceeded into the door, as the dank smell of the world outside subsided. It was soon replaced by the sweet allure an aroma, one which this club was known for. Inhaling the air his mind began to waver, the night had just begun.

He continued to walk in through the long hallway carpeted in red velvet, and lit with antique chandeliers. The smell soon intensified, intoxicating many newcomers unable to cope with it. Against all this the stallion took it all in, and pushed passed the large double doors. As the doors opened a light hidden away in the darkness presented itself. In here the scents, sounds, and sights fully seduced those that dared to peek inside.

Light poured from the room as the forbidden scene unfolded. This room filled with elegant crafted chairs, granite countertop booths, and a gold accented red carpet. In the center of it was a grand bar lined with drinks, older than most of the ponies in that room. As he looked in, he could see a sight he was quite accustomed to. Throughout the large, brightly lit room were many different ponies. Earth, Pegasus, and Unicorns were well known for frequenting the club. It was even rumored that Alicorns could be seen on some occasions, however no one was willing to confirm this . Although a few were garbed in the formal attire of their mundane day to day lives, a few did not and indulged. These ponies were dressed in an eccentric fashion, that were specially catered to by the club.

As Fancy closed the door behind him, he noticed a mare dressed in formal clothing, such as himself. She was being sweet talked, by two stallion escorts. The one on the left was a brown earth stallion with a gray mane, he was dressed in a large onesie decorated in a pattern of toy cars, and had a pacifier hanging from a necklace around his neck. Although it was covered, it was quite evident that he was wearing a sagging diaper underneath his clothing. Looking over he saw the other was a pegasus that had a light indigo coat, with an orange mane. He was dressed mainly in leather, with his pure white diaper being the only portion of his clothing that was not black. As they continued to talk to the mare, they had managed to successfully seduce her. As she directly followed them into one of the many doors surrounding the room.

He let out a chuckle at the sight of this, “When you are still getting your hooves wet any old escort will do, I suppose.” As he continued on, he noticed two mares were approaching him. The first one to reach him was a mare new to the club, she was a light green unicorn with a magenta mane. She was wearing a bright red sleeper, and was levitating a large plush bear as she trotted towards him.

She put on a big smile, “Hello there mister, my name is Tammy. Would you like to play with me?” The mare brought the bear in close to herself and gave it a hug, nuzzling it. Before he could respond, he heard a voice call out from the distance.

“Save your breath Tammy, he isn’t going to fall for it.” The more distant mare continued to approach the two of them, and it was one Fancy was quite familiar with. She was an earth pony with a light orange coat, and rich red mane. She was wearing a nurses uniform. Everything from the hat, right down to the dress, that was far too short to cover her heavily used diaper. On her back she had a silver platter that was balancing several adult sized baby bottles, filled with a brown liquid. “This here is Fancy Pants, he is a regular customer. Heck, he has been coming here, since back when I used to be a trainee like you.”

The young mare upon hearing this put on a pouty face and placed the bear on her back. “Aw boo. Well Mr. Fancy was I at least convincing in your opinion?”

He let out a hearty laugh at the Tammy’s statement, “Yes, you did splendidly my dear. You even remind me of a spry young mare I regularly visit here.”

The orange mare scowled, “Ha ha very funny. Keep up the compliments, and I might even be willing to let you change me later.” Fancy noticed there was a slight slur in her voice. She then grabbed one of the bottles she was carrying, and began to drink from it. After it was about a quarter empty she exhaled, the smell of alcohol was thick on her breath.

Fancy Pants smiled at her, “You know Tulip, those drinks are for the customers.” He paused for a moment, looking at the state of her rear. “ Also, if you keep drinking like that, I doubt your diaper will last till later.”

Hearing this Tulip turned back to look at her diaper, seeing it’s sagging state she let out a sigh. “Tell that to the customers, they keep buying me drinks. All of them are the same, they just wanna get their grubby little hooves on my diaper.” She stopped to take another drink from the bottle, this time leaving it completely empty. She exhaled again, this time smiling as the buzz started kicking in. “Whatever, you know where to go. Come on Tammy, lets move on to your next lesson. Getting fed hard liquor.” Tulip walked off towards the crowd on the other side of the room. As she continued the diaper around her waist became a brighter shade of yellow, and sagged even further.

Seeing Tulip’s diaper approaching critical capacity, Tammy turned towards Fancy Pants and smiled. “Thank you for your complement earlier, sir, and please enjoy your stay.” She quickly turned in towards the direction of her superior and yelled, “Mrs. Tulip, please wait!” And galloped after her. This was made all the more difficult by the thick diaper she was wearing.

Fancy laughed at the sight, “Oh, somethings never change.” All things settled, he continued deeper into the club. Walking through, he noticed most of the ponies in the room were dressed in fetish clothing. Some were workers at the club, other were patrons. The one thing they did have in common were the diapers they wore. Some dry, some wet, and even a few fully used. Stallion or Mare it didn’t matter, for the patrons this was the joy they could only experience in the secrecy of this club.

Having reached the other side of the club he was standing in front of a large door, the letters VIP written on top of it. Standing next to the door was a unicorn stallion. He had a silver coat, and a soft yellow mane. He was simply wearing a diaper, and sucking on a red pacifier as he stared into the ceiling. Fancy waited by the door patiently, for the preoccupied stallion to acknowledge him. The stallion continued to be lost in his thoughts, until he looked down to see Fancy Pants standing by the door looking at him. His eyes went wide as he spit out his pacifier, “F-F-Fancy Pants sir! S-sorry for not being more alert. Please forgive me.”

Fancy Pants smiled at him endearingly, “It is quite alright. Just try to be a bit more attentive from now on, alright?”

The unicorn was still nervous, but nodded his head, “T-thank you sir. One moment please.” The unicorn used a spell to deactivate the lock on the door, and then used his magic to open it.

Fancy walked through the door, which shut behind him. He stood by the door, he entered and waited for a few seconds, after which a faint sucking noise resumed. His curiosity slaked, he continued into this new room filled with winding hallways and many doors. Hundreds of unmarked hallways, each of a different color, were filled with many numbered rooms. A newcomer would have easily been lost, but Fancy Pants, was well aware of his target destination. Continuing down the third hallways from the left, past a total of 23 doors, he arrived at his destination, room number 24.

As he opened the room, he was presented with a sight he had longed to see. The room was lined in purple velvet, and filled with orbs that gave off a pink light. In the middle of the room, was a large platform carpeted in purple, and running right through the platform was a long metal pole. Lying on the platform waiting for him, was a young white unicorn mare, with a pink mane. Seeing him enter she stood up, her thin, slender body accented by the diaper she wore around her waist. Walking towards the edge she looked at him seductively. ”Hello there sir, can I interest you in a good time?”

Fancy closed the door behind him and came in. “My dear Fleur, must we go through this every time I visit?” Approaching the stage, he sat down in a large elegant armchair, that was positioned facing the platform. Fleur reached out with her hooves, and picked up his face, “My dear baby, are you getting impatient? Well, we can’t have that, now can we. Oh, and I am sorry, but you were taking far too long.” Fleur gave him a peck on the cheek, and proceeded back to her pole. As she turned around it, the yellow tone on her diaper made it evident that she had already used it.

She made it back to the metal pole, and once again prepared to perform her eloquent dance. Her hooves wrapped around the pole as she spun her very being, balancing on the vertical pole. With each swift motion her diaper rubbed again and again the pole, turning the cold steel warm. As she continued with each movement, the crinkling of the diaper was replaced by the squish of her warm wet diaper on the cold steel. Her movements continued, and her padded crotch was grinding deeper and deeper into the rod.

Her dance completed, she looked out to her one pony audience, regardless of the refinement in his character, she could see the growing lust in his eyes. Looking at him with wistful eyes, she proceeded to taunt him, “So Fancy, how did I do?”

Trying to keep his composure, he responded, “My-my dear Fleur Dis Lee, you performed terrifically!” Hearing this she let go of her pole and walked towards the end of the stage. Only to turn away at the last second playfully flicking her tail in his face, giving him a full view of her sodden diaper.

She hopped off the stage, and began the next part of her act. She gracefully walked over to him, and sat down him his lap. As she did this her diaper proceeded to squish against his leg, as the soft, malleable diaper began to envelop his leg. The sudden warmth of her diaper caused his body to tense up. She swiftly turned around, wrapping her arms around the stallion, and locking her hind legs around his leg.

She began to place her lips on his neck as she kissed him, slowly moving up with each point of contact until she reached his ear. As she opened her mouth, her warm breath ran against him. Securing her mouth around his ear, she began to nibble on it, sending him into waves of pleasure. Letting go of his ear, she grabbed the sides of the chair with her hooves and stood on top of the arm rests. She expertly moved her diapered waist centimeters away from his face. She began to erotically move her hips, her yellowed and sagging diapered crotch the only thing in his line of sight. As the smell of passion, sweat, and urine filled his nostrils he was left elated.

As he collapsed further into his seat, Fleur let go causing her squishy diapered rear to bounce in his lap. Jarred by this, it took all of his might to restrain himself from losing it right then and there. Seeing the great effort Fancy was putting to remaining collected she got off him. She then positioned herself standing with all four of her legs on the arm rests, but looking away. Her diapered rear, pushed directly in his face, she began to move her plot rhythmically to ignite his passion. Each movement, and each pass, brought him closer and closer to overflowing. Her dance done, she noticed that he was left panting and tired from the experience. It was finally time. She hopped off the chair and slowly walked back to her stage, shaking her diapered rear every step of the way. As she got back on, she turned around licking her lips. Witnessing the events the desire within him began to boil over, which slowly started to make him to lose his cool.

Seeing this, Fleur giggled at his expense, her teasing ever present. Looking at him wistfully, she was prepared to bring this all together. “My, my it looks like someone is feeling excited. Well then would you please be a dear and change me~” She turned back to him winking, “The supplies are right next to the stage.”

His heart was beating a mile a minute, he swallowed heavily. “Did you prepare the “premium” foal power?” The anticipation in his eyes evident.

She giggled, “So anxious, but of course. It is the specially marked one on the left.” Bending down, putting her face mere inches away from his she lightly blew in his face. “Shall we begin~?” She laid down, her diaper squishing, still warm from earlier.

As he got off the chair, and approached the stage, he swiftly used his magic to move the supplies next to Fleur. He proceeds to open up the new diaper, and place it underneath her. As he looked down at the diapered mare, she looked back to him, their eyes locked. Looking at her, he began by pulling off the first tape, the tearing noise breaking the silence. Her face became red as she looked away, another tape came undone. As he tugged on the third her eyes closed, awaiting the inevitable. Finally at long last the fourth tape was torn. This caused the now exposed mare to bite her lower lip, as he pulled the used diaper from under her and threw it away.

“Well, it looks like you are still just a little filly after all~” the condescending tone of his statement mixed with the passion in his voice. Hearing this her eyes opened to meet his, a quick look that lasted an eternity in the two pony’s minds. Reaching over with his hoof, he brought over a wipe to clean the mare. As the cold wipe ran against her, she let out a moan, the passion consuming her, now overflowing. As he continued to run wipe after wipe the moans increased in number and intensity, soon leaving her panting.

Just as she teased him, he responded in suit, as he ceased his cleaning of the mare. He then picked up the bottle of foal powder, poured it onto his hoof, and blew it on her awaiting crotch. As the powder dusted her, she spasmed in ecstasy. Seeing this, he proceeded to sprinkle more of the powder completely coating her.

Now ready, he pulled up the front of the diaper up, once again covering her in the security of her diaper. He grabbed the first tape sealing it, and directly after kissed her on the forehead. Sealing the second, he kissed her on the chest. Sealing the third he kissed her on the cheek. And now once again at the end, he sealed the fourth tape. As the last tape attached, and fleur was once again encased in a diaper, he passionately kissed her on the lips. The two interlocked in an embrace, their combined heat warmed the room in their passion, and soon they intertwined together into one being. Time was soon rendered irrelevant to the two lost in their own world.

After the heat dissipated, two broke free returning to the two beings they once were. As Fleur got up, she inspected the job Fancy did diapering her, and looked approvingly it. As Fancy Pants came to his senses, he looked over at Fleur. “Truly a wonderful evening. There is but one way to end such a pleasant time.”

Fleur smiled wryly at his statement, and turned around, her padded rear facing him. He picked up the oddly marked bottle of “premium” foal powder, and sprinkled it liberally over her diapered rump. Placing the bottle down, Fancy looked at the smiling mare, he was truly happy. In one swift motion, he inhaled the powder. The world soon began to spin. Money, women, diapers, and his true self, everything began to blend into one. Soon all became joy, and the world was coated pure white. This night drew longer, and proceeded infinitely for the stallion. In a world all his own, and on this night of sin never to be seen by the day.

Soon, the night came to a close, and the baptizing sunlight filled the land. Once again the club doors opened, as the same dapper stallion passed through the doors once again. The only remnant of the night’s events being the smile left on Fancy Pants face, as he began to leave the same bouncer called out to him. “Good morning Mr. Fancy Pants, I hope you enjoyed your visit. Please be sure to come again.”

Fancy turned back to the bouncer, “But of course my good man. Now if you excuse me I have to make it to a meeting at the Canterlot board.” Fancy Pants departed back into the mundane, and ordinary of his everyday life. A story repeated by many a pony, here at the Canterlot Diaper Club.



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