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The Office. (Another patient.)

by Haxsaw

The Office. (Another patient.)

It was another dreary Friday afternoon. Seemed the wall clock ticked so loud. It was it ticked very, very loud. Here I was, in mid-life. My wife was cranky and the daughter was snappy to me this morning. She was going on.... About what? I was supposed to help her secure a loan for a sports car? Over my dead body! That started the fight.
Dr. Haxsaw cursed several times, rose from his desk and went out to call his next patient. The good doctor was at it for twenty three years, twenty three year and counting. What Dr. Haxsaw did not know was he was soon to be rid of his troubles. "Stephanie?" he asked. A tall, well built blonde stood from her chair in the waiting room.
Forget of house troubles, he murmured within his thoughts. Lets see what problems this patient has. Stephanie followed him in, taking a seat before his desk. Dr. Haxsaw closed the door.
After so much conversation it was determined Stephanie had little self-esteem, seeming to blame herself for what went wrong in her marriage. Dr. Haxsaw determined already she was the little fly on the wall sort. That being said Stephanie was the type who remained out of way from arguments in her own troubled marriage.
"Stephanie," Dr. Haxsaw began, "I am going to try a relaxation exercise with you. You seem tense. Am I correct?"
"I am! I am so nervous being here. I want to do right for my husband." Dr. Haxsaw, middle-aged and with graying hair came around the desk. He stood before her. He reached out a hand. As she took hold he gently shook it, over and over. As he made good eye contact he spoke directly, telling her how well she was in being here this day. He told her how relaxing her chair was and how she was doing alright in taking this first step. While still shaking her hand Dr. Haxsaw brought up and then down, slightly before Stephanie's eyes, his other hand. He told her to close her eyes. As his hand was close to her face her eyes did, indeed, close. He kept shaking her hand as he told her shoulders to relax, her neck to relax and even her jawline to get loose and limp.
After so many other commands and directions Stephanie was deeply under.
I wonder if she is treated well at the home? he thought. He asked questions, finding at home she was bossy, even arrogant. While revealing social fears outside the home; at home Stephanie was bitchy with her husband. During question and answering Stephanie even revealed she needed be this way to get what she wanted. Dr. Haxsaw was reminded of his daughter, how she reacted when he would not co-sign for her to buy a sports car.
My daughter would have a holy fit unless I gave in, gave in to what she wanted! Dr. Haxsaw clenched a fist. Although it was entirely unorthodox the good doctor had a solution.
After telling Stephanie she was in a bedroom with her husband he commanded she strip and kneel on the floor. Dr. Haxsaw stripped. As he became erect he thought of how his daughter was very much like her mother. His last command was Stephanie would feel pain and love it.
As they started a mating like ritual for it had nothing to do with love, Dr. Haxsaw listened to Stephanie cry and sometimes scream. He leaned forward, panting. He gasped, telling her whenever, whenever she was with her husband again she dared not speak to him. She would never dare speak to him yet always crave making love, every night. Dr. Haxsaw stopped before he came, blue balls quite intact, thank you.
After Stephanie was calm Dr. Haxsaw had her dress again. He then deepened the trance, telling her next time she saw her husband she would always crave him, yet never dare speak.
I can just tell her to go, he figured. He wondered if this could be used on his wife? Dr. Haxsaw snapped his fingers and Stephanie left the room for the day.
The good doctor was wavering his hands, making motion one would as if shaking hands with a friend he met.
"Yes, dear," he pronounced aloud, thinking his daughter near, "lets talk it out and shake on an agreement, shall we?"


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