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Mae Story

by Sokan85

Mae Story


There I was in my room together with my best housemates.
For some reason I started reflecting on the years that past.
Think it was because Tommy, my friend - hypnotist, did a hypnotic regression on me, and did not let me awake completely. So I was still kinda, into the twilight zone.
Kitty, my darling human pet, jumped on the bed and started caressing my like only nice sweet pussycats are able to. She does that often though, but still…

I was receiving a relaxing message from Diddi, my darling sub, I must’ve been staring in to infinity. It did not help me waking up though, just got back into the dream state you tend to have during a light hypnotic trance, and saw my live passing, as through a mirror. Whilst two other roomies where doing there love play in the room next door. Still, these well knows sounds tended to be far away.
I just start reflecting on the things that happened.

It must’ve been these coincidences that brought us together. And the time spent together all these years.
Still, … question… “ Are they’re actually, coincidences in life? ”

Where did it started and, …bloody hell…, how did I arrive where I’m now?
Oh Dear. I don’t know, ….do not remember…. I just forgot!
Me thinking, “ I’ll get you back for that, Tommy boy…” Rather amused, though. I have to admit.

Oh dear, “ where did this start?….”
I just was not able to recall, like total amnesia. Did not know what to do.
Till that moment, the moment I posted that question, things were coming back to me.

It all started at the boarding school, where I had my education trough well into me teens.
“ Painlessly ”, must my parents have thought, the day they decided to sign my up for that one. I was only allowed to spent the weekend home, every three weeks, and during holydays. Sometimes I even had to spend my holydays in that school as well!
Did not see my parents often during the days I was at home though. When I came home, most of the time, sissy and me were in care of our dear butler James and that sweetheart, maid Caroline.

When I was about 12 years old. Summer holydays finally around the corner, our teacher-mentor decided to teach the class the magnificent art of ‘ Hypnosis’.
For sure, we were not brainwashed yet! Due to our years spend at that sassy school. Still! Breen, as we used to call our teacher-mentor among our selves. Had the complete attention of the class for once!

I was the lucky one to hypnotise one of me fellow classmates, the first.
Whoot, yeah! I was a natural. I got them under like no one else could!
Thanks, Breen! Now I really know what I’m going to do during the boring summer-holidays! And that was what I did those holydays. No big deal though, just mischief stuff at that time. The things you see those stage-hypnotists doing, you know..., that innocent entertainment kinda stuff.

It was not to well into college I started to explore me hypnotic talent again but in slightly different ways…..

When it was time for to roll up for college.
I had a small disagreement with my parents; they wanted me to become a Lawyer.
I wanted to do something else, more into like psychology.
They told me that in that case I would have to pay for those studies my self.
I got a small allowance that was sufficient to pay a roof over my head during college, but for all my other expenses I relied on some small time jobs.
I shared a house with two girls. We got along pretty well. Did not do the same studies though. Those days a rarely got back to my parents home.

Into clubbing

It was during a weekend, was about 20 years old at that stage.
No one else was at our house for the weekend, and I felled like heading out.
But once again, I was broke. I started breaking my head on how to get a free night out.
And then, like a light went flashing, I knew what to do. I was going to put on my naughty boots! I dived in to the wardrobe of one of my roomies. It was Danielle’s; she had a great set of club ware stashed away in that cupboard of hers. So I tried some of her stuff on, and eventually find something suitable for my purposes. She had also some fancy perfume and make up. So I put on some of that as well.

When I felt ready for the task I put my self on for that night I went to a club where I never been before. And, yep, there was that dreadful cue in front of the door.
Did not feel like cueing that night, so went straight to the VIP entrance.
I gave a nice little wink, and flirt to the doorkeeper. I think he must have been charmed trough my presence. He let me in right away! Did not even ask me for a photo ID.
Definitely, good way heading. So far so good. This never happened to me before.
I was not even searched.
When I entered into the club, and the music became louder and louder, when entering the dancehall. I wandered a bit and found me a nice place on the balcony, looking over the other clubbers on the dance floor, I started feeling that I was catching some greedy eyes, I was really starting to get comfy in this roll.
Eventually I was approached by someone complimented my dress. And asked me if I would fancy a drink on his expenses. I could not refuse on offer like that so I said yes.
He did not looked like a nice subject at first. But I would give him a chance, if it would not work out, hey I would just tell him he was not my type.
We spent a part of the evening together, and sat down in a corner with him. He was caressing my legs, you know, like they usually do, slightly going up to the sweet part.
At a certain moment, he got a bit close to the red ribbon. So I put my hand on his…
Hey I did not want him to get to close at this time, right…. Was just looking for a cheap way to have a nice time out.

Anyway, it was getting late, and asked him he would provide me a last drink, … for the road. We exchanged our numbers. He went of, I stayed in for a an other hour, and than I received on other drink, from a girl for this one. This was not quite what I expected, but, hey, why not. We walked to my place and spent some time chatting, where after we head into the sack.

The next morning I woke up, I felt that nice warm body besides me. I needed some time to come to my senses. Because after all, I had sort of a wild night, and did not planned on coming home with a new friend after all. We would spend the rest of that day together. Late afternoon Deidre and I said a goodbye for now.

Later that week I received a call from Sian, you know that guy I’ve met at the club last weekend, he wanted to see me again. I was a bit disturbed at first. Because, you know…. Somehow he persuaded me to meet him later the Thursday evening. Oh boy, I was a bit in a pickle now. Frankly I did not want to meet him again that soon, but I could not say no to him as well!
I called Deidre, she was aware of the situation I was in, after all, we shared that wonderful night together, and she was the only one that knew about my lill secret. I myself did not had a clue what would happen next.

Stage One

Deidre and I got together later that Tuesday. Eventually while sitting together we discussed the options. And somehow we came to a daring plan. I have to admit when it comes to daring planning, yep she definitely was the person to reach.
She was trying to think of a way to manipulate that guy. As it turned out, a friend of hers had dated him before, and the moment he’s able to get his thingy in, the day after he would brake up, cuss that apparently was the only thing he had on his mind, and once the deed is done you just would not here from hem again.
That was one of the reasons in the first place why Deidre joined up with me when he left, she admitted. This came bit as a surprise to me, why did she share that only just now…. ?
Deidre also told me that for some reason she knew I was just the right person to get even with him for he has done to that friend of hers. A short silence came up at that moment. Then I interrupted the silence. I agreed to help her out on this streak of revenge, and I discussed the possibility I was thinking of. She on her turn was surprised on what I suggested, after a small hesitation she agreed.

At that point we concluded on how to fulfil this little quest of revenges, I would need some suitable clothes, I could not ask Danielle for that mater, so Deidre would help me on that.

Eventually it was the Thursday evening I would meet with Sian.
I’ve asked him if he minded me bringing a friend.
He was a bit surprised, but did not mind, at least that’s what he insinuated.
As Deidre has confirmed me earlier on that she, in person, has not met him before, there were no risks in recognition possible.

The plan to join up at Deidre’s place first, get dressed over there, and than we would be heading downtown to meet with Sian. So far so good.
Sian seemed to be pleased to see me again, I introduced Deidre, we had some drinks and a small dinner. Charming Sian did not mind to pay for this treat.
As we were getting him pretty well aroused as part of our act.
He was such an easy subject. I mean, when just wanting to get his thingy placed he was so meek. Deidre and I were pulling this act very well, yep we sure did.

After the dinner we asked him if he would be interested in dropping us of at our place, which actually meant, Deidre’s place, and have some coffee over there.
And so we did. He would not know what would be happen there, as there would be the place to come to the climax of our action on vengeance.

We started to give him a massage, but this was more like an excuse to get him under, and In doing to I would manipulate him in just let him feel what I wanted him to feel, just let him think want I wanted him to think. And most important, let him see what I wanted him to see.

To our surprise the thing worked better than we anticipated, and we were looking up on our result.
Yep, at this stage he was so much under we could do everything with him what we wanted As this was the first time in ages I did such a thing, the success caught me a bit in surprise, While he was sitting there languidly.. Deidre and I were looking on to this success. We sat there watching each other, wondering what doing next. It took a while before we came to a wonderful idea.
We put a trigger in for the next time, silly might you think, but we felt like having a new toy, not quite sure how to put it to use, just yet. So we would let him off for the night, making him believe we split up after dinner, and I would call him back after.

Deidre and I were laughing after he’d left, and just kept on talking on what we could do with him now, yeah, we sure had fun that evening, but it was getting late, and I needed to get to my class the next day. I decided to spend the night with Deidre, so we dived under together. For this one we looked into each other eyes from under the sheets and went to sleep with the biggest smile on our faces ever seen, both dreaming in extend on what to do with this pour lad, that is now under our mercy.


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