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Bianca’s Golden Ticket

by jmaster12

Bianca’s Golden Ticket

To: Bianca C.
From: Blonde Concepts, Inc.
Re: Congratulations!
Dear Bianca:

Congratulations on locating a golden ticket. As you are aware, this entitles you to a tour of the Blonde Concepts facility, a lifetime supply of select cosmetics and a chance at a modeling contract with BCI. We will contact you shortly for arrangements.
* * *

My hair would set me apart.

Yes, my raven black hair would set me apart from the traditional Blonde Concepts model. Those vapid-looking blonde girls could flit about all they wanted; I was going to rock the chic intelligent look when my day came.

And today was my day.

Only three golden tickets in all of Chrystal Heights, and I had acquired one. A chance at a modeling contract! It was a golden ticket to the future....the future I deserved.

When Blonde Concepts, the most important cosmetics producer and distributor in Chrystal Heights, announced they had randomly inserted three golden tickets somewhere amongst their publicly distributed products- and that the finders of these golden tickets would receive a facility tour and a lifetime supply of cosmetics, as well as the chance at a modeling contract and a television appearance in a Blonde Concepts reality show special- it hadn’t actually occurred to me that I had any chance of winning. There were only three tickets, after all.

Of course, as it turned out, I didn’t win. Sharon, a co-worker who had the cubicle next to mine, was the one who found the winning ticket inside a lip liner box. But Sharon had a big mouth and couldn’t wait to call her BFF and tell her all about it...and cubicle walls are so thin.

Nobody becomes somebody by sitting around waiting for something to happen, so, yeah, I took the ticket when Sharon stepped away from her desk. It was Sharon’s own fault, really. She should have kept her mouth shut. Besides, the ticket would have been wasted on her. I mean, a possible modeling contract for a woman almost thirty years old? Come on!

Anyway, this unlikely opportunity served to reinforce a suspicion I’ve always had...that I’m destined for great things.

So today was the day. The limo would be here soon to pick me up, so I checked the mirror one last time. Satisfied, I nodded. It was time for me to reach out and take what was mine.

There was a knock on the door.
* * *

I opened the door, expecting to find a limo driver. Instead I found a well-dressed guy with slicked-back hair standing on my porch.

“Can I help you?” I said.

“Yes, you can,” said the man, “assuming you are the same Bianca who is going to tour the Blonde Concepts facility today.”

My eyes narrowed. “What do you want?”

“Just information, Bianca,” said the man. “Well, information and whatever, ah, items should accidentally fall into your purse.”

“You’re looking for a makeover?”

The man laughed. “Oh, that’s a good one,” he said. “Actually, I’m a collector.”

I rolled my eyes. “Forget it,” I said.

The man sighed. “All right, all right,” he said. “I’m employed by a rival company. We’re just looking for a way to keep up with BCI.”

“Which company?”

“I’d rather not say,” said the man. “Shouldn’t ‘rival’ cover it?”


The man sighed again. “You’re a pain,” he said. “Sleek Curvosity, out of Darkview. Satisfied?”

I smirked. “Not really, but I suppose it will do for now,” I said. “Anyway, what is it you want? And for that matter, who are you?”

The man smiled. “My name is Theodore, and all I am looking for is whatever information you might think my employer would find interesting,” he said, “and my employer pays quite handsomely.”

“More handsomely than a modeling contract?”

The man didn’t smile this time. “Yes.”

I raised my eyebrows slightly. There was apparently a lot of potential money to made if I played my cards right. Still, I didn’t know this guy. It was way too soon to commit to anything.

“I’ll think about it,” I said.

“Excellent,” said the man.
* * *

The limo arrived a short time later.

The driver held open the door as I got into the limo. There were three passengers inside.

“Hello,” said a dark-haired woman. “My name is Kelly. I’m the Public Relations Director for Blonde Concepts.”

“Hello, Kelly,” I said. “I’m very excited to be here.”

“I’m glad to hear that,” said Kelly. She indicated the other two women in the car. “Bianca, please meet the other two gold ticket winners, Vivian and Maria.”

The redheaded Vivian and the brunette Maria said hello in unison.

I nodded a greeting to the two women, then turned back to Kelly. “I know why they’re here,” I said, “but what’s the television camera?”

“Reality show,” said Kelly. “We’re going to be filming all day. The end result will be an hour-long special that will air before next season’s opening episode of Bimbomania.”

“So this camera will be following us around all day?” I said.

“Cameras, actually,” said Kelly, “and yes, they will be following you everywhere. Remember the media release you signed?”

I shifted slightly to make sure the camera got my good side. My immediate priority was my modeling career, but this was a potential head start on my acting career.

“Of course,” I said. “Not a problem.”

“Excellent,” said Kelly. “Now, once we arrive at Blonde Concepts, we’ll need to spend a little time with security matters. Once that’s completed, we’ll begin the tour.”

Vivian, Maria and I nodded our understanding. Kelly continued.

“Because of the reality show setting, we don’t want to weigh you down with too many rules,” said Kelly. “However, we will be strict wherever security is involved. This means you’re expected to respect our policy of confidentiality. Also, if you’re instructed not to enter certain restricted areas or to not handle certain items, we do expect your cooperation. Any infraction of these rules can and likely will result in disqualification.”

Vivian, Maria and I again nodded our understanding. I wasn’t surprised by Kelly’s tough stance. My understanding was that Blonde Concepts took security very seriously.
* * *

Security arrangements proved to be a bit more intense I was expecting.

“An injection?!?” I said.

“Yes,” said Kelly. “It’s harmless- assuming you don’t attempt to sell our secrets, of course– but it’s a required security measure. More specifically, it’s an activator… A chemical catalyst of sorts.”

“I understand that certain security measures are required,” I said, “but an injection?”

“Please understand,” said Kelly, “that you are going to have access to a wide range of our products. Because you are involved in a reality show setting here, you are technically a temporary employee. This is the same process our employees go through upon hiring, although your process isn’t quite as in-depth as theirs.

I wasn’t happy about it, but there wasn’t much I could do about it. “Fine,” I said. “Do what you have to do.”

They slid the needle into my bare hip and gave me the injection.

“Are we finished?” I asked.

“Not yet,” said Kelly. “There’s one more step.”
* * *

The final step proved to be a helmet hardwired into two complex-looking industrial computers.

“Really?” I said.

“I know it seems silly,” said Kelly, “but it works for us. Again, provided you don’t attempt to sell our secrets. Anyway, this is the final security step.”

“What does it do?”

“Short answer, it’s an advanced hypnosis program,” said Kelly. “Long answer…it’s an advanced hypnosis program. Anyway, we can’t go any further until we complete this.”

I sighed, but allowed the tech to put the helmet on me. “I’m not going to do anything embarrassing, am I?”

“You’re not going to cluck like a chicken, if that’s what you’re worried about,” said Kelly. “Don’t worry, it can’t hurt you, assuming you follow the rules. It’s simply a security measure.”

“Fine,” I said. “Do what you have to do.”

It took about fifteen minutes. I was still irritated, but Kelly was right…it didn’t hurt at all. I felt a little displaced, but it was fading already.

“See?” Said Kelly. “That wasn’t so bad. We’ll give Vivian and Maria a few more minutes and then we can begin the tour.”

A short time later, we were walking around the facility and being given the royal treatment. Many of the factual presentations turned out to be very interesting, and the low ranking peons scurrying around bringing us drinks was quite gratifying.

Of course, the camera followed us everywhere. Two cameras, actually. Initially, my jaw ached from the constant smiling. Eventually, however, we stopped noticing them.

We had been walking for well over an hour when an aide walked up and whispered Kelly’s year.

“I have to make a phone call,” said Kelly. “I’ll be back in about twenty minutes.”

“Not a problem,” I said. “We’ll be right here.”

Finally! It was the chance I had been waiting for, because I had a plan.

My first step was to slip off to the bathroom. While I was there, I took out some eye shadow and layered the bright color over my lids. I went back and rejoined Vivian and Maria.

It only took a minute for Vivian and Maria to notice the rich color on my eyes.

“That’s beautiful,” said Vivian. “Where did you get it?”

“That room we were in,” I said, “and with all the chemicals and stuff.”

“But wasn’t that the lab?” said Maria. “I thought we weren’t supposed to take anything out of that room.”

“That’s what I thought, too,” said Vivian, straightening a red curls with her fingers.

I shrugged. “I didn’t hear her say that,” I said, “and besides, she saw me take it. Heck, I took a couple items.”

“Like what?” said Vivian.

“One or two things that looked interesting,” I said, digging into my purse. “Here, I’ll share.”

I handed Maria a tube of lip gloss, then turned and handed Vivian a can of hairspray.

“Oh!” said Vivian. “Thank you, Bianca.”

“Yes, Bianca,” said Maria. “Thank you.”

“No problem,” I said.

Vivian and Maria walked to the bathroom together.

With a slight smile, I watched them leave. Strictly speaking, I hadn’t been completely honest with them. Kelly had not seen me take the items from the lab. And I may have misled them slightly by not mentioning the fact that my eye shadow had not come from the lab…it was something I had brought from home.

Now all I needed was for them to actually use the products.

I needn’t have worried. When they returned a few minutes later, Vivian’s luscious red hair had a distinctive shine and Maria’s lips displayed several layers of gloss.

“Wow,” said Maria. “This gloss is powerful. My lips are practically buzzing.”

“This stuff feels amazing,” said Vivian, patting her red locks. “It actually feels like my hair is tingling.”

“I know what you mean,” I said. “This eye shadow feels vibrant.”

They prattled on for a few more minutes, but I barely listened. My work was done.
* * *

Kelly returned a short time later.

“We can continue now,” said Kelly. “Thank you for your patience.”

We resumed our tour then, with the cameras once again following us. As we moved from area to area, Kelly gave us a brief overview of the function of each section and lots of free samples.

It wasn’t until we were near the end of the tour that we realized something was up with Vivian and Maria. Vivian was running her fingers through her hair and appeared distracted, while Maria was having trouble speaking. It wasn’t until closer examination, however, that the extent of the effects became apparent.

In Vivian’s case, the effect was a visible growth of her lustrous red hair. Her auburn locks had already been fairly full, reaching the middle of her back. Now, however, her hair was a large mass of spectacularly wavy red, covering her shoulders and running down her back to just past her waist.

As for Maria, her lips had swelled into thick, plump pillows. They appeared incredibly soft and sensual, but not well suited for conversation. Her attempts at speech resulted in her exhibiting a thick lisp.

And then, as Vivian continued to run her fingers through her hair – shuttering as she did so – and Maria licked her lips and wriggled, it dawned on the observers that whatever was affecting Vivian and Maria was creating sexual sensitivity in the affected areas.

Two men in white lab coats walked up to Kelly and spoke into her ear. Kelly listened without speaking, then nodded. The two men walked away and Kelly turned back to us.

“All right,” said Kelly. “We now know what happened to you two.”

Since Maria was unable to speak and Vivian too distracted, I responded for us. “And what is it, Kelly?”

“It seems you two got hold of products you weren’t supposed to touch,” said Kelly. “Experimental products, to be exact.”

Vivian and Maria try to speak simultaneously, but Kelly held up a hand.

“Vivian,” said Kelly, “you have apparently used hairspray that is presently being tested by our R&D team. The spray has turned your hair into living cells…erogenous cells, no less. What this means to you is that anything touching your hair will arouse you, and that you won’t even be able to cut your hair until this effect has passed, which is estimated to be about six months.”

“Really?” I said.

“Yes,” said Kelly, “really. Her hair is now composed of living cells, so attempting to cut her hair – even a trim – would be somewhat akin to slicing off a fingertip, at least in terms of pain.”

“And the, umm, arousal part?”

“Her huge mass of hair is now a erogenous zone,” said Kelly. “Just trying to brush her hair in the morning will probably leave her a hot, wriggling mess.”

“And Maria,” said Kelly, turning, “you’ve done essentially the same thing to your lips. For the next several months, everything that passes your lips is going to arouse you.”

I looked at Kelly. “Everything?”

“Yes,” said Kelly, “everything. Just eating breakfast is going to leave her squirming like a slut.”

Maria squealed, hips wriggling, as her lips were apparently already causing her difficulty.

Kelly shook her head in apparent disappointment. “Vivian, Maria, I’m sorry, but you’ve been disqualified for breaking the rules. You’ll be escorted to the clinic for an examination, but otherwise your tour is over. When the examination is complete, we ask that you leave the premises immediately.”

Kelly turned back to me, effectively dismissing Vivian and Maria.

“Well, Bianca,” said Kelly, “it looks like you win by default.”

* * *

We took a break then, so I went to the cafeteria to get something to eat.

I was a high state of excitement. I was the only one left! The modeling contract was mine. Sure, some of my actions were a bit underhanded, but you can’t make omelettes without breaking a few eggs.

I finished my food, then went searching for Kelly. I found her in the hall coordinating with the reality show director.

“Oh, there you are, Bianca,” said Kelly. “I was just about to send for you. There’s going to be a formal presentation involving the modeling contract, so you want to give you a makeover before filming the piece.”

“A makeover?”

“Yes,” said Kelly. “Don’t worry, it won’t cost you anything. It will be done at our on-site salon.”

I shrugged. “Not a problem.”

“Excellent,” said Kelly. “This way, please.”

I followed Kelly down the hallway. After couple of turns, we arrived at a very modern–looking hair salon. It had a very efficient, high-tech edge to it.

Kelly walked to one of the salon techs. “This is Bianca,” she said. “Give her the ‘Never Prosper’ treatment.”

“Yes, ma’am,” said the tech.

It was an unusual experience. A full team of techs worked on me simultaneously. One concentrated on my hair, another concentrated on my nails, another worked on my makeup, while yet another circled me, rubbing lotion into my skin. There were more of them than I could keep track of. I felt assaulted. However, they were very efficient and finished quickly.
* * *

Kelly returned a short time later.

“Excellent,” said Kelly. “You look good. You look very good.”

“Thank you,” I said. “Your techs seem to know their job.”

They actually had done a good job. I had gotten my hair styled earlier in the week in preparation of this tour, but they still managed to improve upon it. The same with my nails. I had received a manicure and pedicure with the efficiency of a racecar came changing the tires during a race, but it still looked professional. They had only used clear polish, but it offered an unusual shine.

“All right,” said Kelly. “Are you ready for the presentation?”

“Well,” I said, “is there anything I need to know?”

“Not really,” said Kelly. “Everything will be pretty much intuitive. Just remember that the television cameras are still rolling.”

“Fine,” I said. “Lead on.”

We ended up backstage of a Blonde Concepts auditorium. There was a surprisingly large crowd inside the auditorium. The whole scene had an electric fashion show aura.

“We’re going to announce you shortly,” said Kelly. “What we do, you come walking straight out from between the curtains. You’re going to be walking through an arch. As you do, you’re going to be sprayed with mist from tiny hoses attached to the arch. Don’t freak you out; it’s part of the show.”

I nodded. It was theatrics, but at least everyone would remember my entrance.

“Okay, I’m on,” said Kelly. “I’ll see you on stage.”

Kelly stepped out between the curtains of the crowd began to clap in anticipation. She gave them a few moments to quiet down, then began speaking into the microphone.

“Good evening,” she said. “For those of you who don’t know me, my name is Kelly. I am the Public Relations Director for Blonde Concepts.”

The audience applauded politely.

Kelly continued. “As you know, today the three finders of the Golden Tickets were given a tour of the Blonde Concepts facility. One of the three was also to be given a one-year modeling contract with Blonde Concepts.”

More applause, louder this time.

“We hadn’t announced the criteria for the contract selection,” continued Kelly. “However, it became irrelevant when we had to unfortunately disqualify two of our Golden Ticket finders.”

There was a startled buzzing among the audience.

“That, of course, left us with only one remaining Golden Ticket finder,” said Kelly. “So, without further adieu, let’s bring out Bianca!”

Music began playing overhead and I took that as my cue to enter. I split the curtains with my hands and walked straight out. I immediately saw the arch Kelly had mentioned, and I walked directly through it as if I had practiced it a hundred times. The tiny hoses attached to the arch had created a hanging mist, so to the audience it must have appeared that I simply appeared out of the fog.

I smiled as the audience greeted me with a round of applause. I was also busy hoping that Kelly appreciated my discipline, because that mist was causing all sorts of reactions on my skin. My scalp, my lips, my face, my skin… I was getting intense itchy sensations.

Kelly held up a hand to quiet the audience. “I know it’s just a formality,” she said, “but it’s time to announce the recipient of the one-year modeling contract with Blonde Concepts.”

I continued listening to Kelly, but I was becoming more and more aware that something was happening to me. My skin felt very warm. My scalp itched. My chest felt tight. My lips felt dry.

“However,” continued Kelly, “before we do that, we do want to show off a little bit of our latest technology. If I can direct your attention to Bianca, you’ll note there have been some changes since she stepped onto the stage.”

Changes? My belly muscles fluttered with sudden nervousness. I didn’t like the sound of that.

“First,” said Kelly, “note her nails. Her fingernails and toenails were unpolished when she stepped on stage. After being exposed to our special chemical mist, her fingernails and toenails are now an alluring shade of red.”

Oh, wonderful. I had bimbo nails now. I continued smiling, as if I had known this was going to happen. I wanted to kill Kelly.

“Even more impressive, however,” continued Kelly, “is Bianca’s hair. Her natural hair color is the raven-black you saw when she walked on stage. As you can see, our special mist has interacted with chemicals already worked into her hair. The effect, I’m sure, is obvious.”

“Obvious?” I said, still smiling, but speaking to Kelly through the side of my mouth.

“Yes,” said Kelly, also speaking through the side of her mouth. “Quite obvious, actually. You’ve gone completely blonde.”

My forced smile was causing my jaw to ache now. Kelly had just turned me into a blonde! Grrrrrr.

“Also, please note her lips,” continued Kelly. “When she walked on stage, Bianca was wearing a pale pink lipstick. Now her lips are classic red, an erotic complement to her now blonde hair.”

Wonderful. I didn’t even have the contract yet and already I was looking like a vapid bimbo. Apparently, Blonde Concepts didn’t believe in wasting time.

“All right, then,” said Kelly. “Now that we’ve shown off our new technology, let’s wrap it up by announcing the name of our newest model.”

Finally. We needed to get this wrapped up. My chest was really feeling tight and tingly and the rest of me was feeling weird as well.

“Without further adieu, then,” said Kelly, “allow me to introduce to you… Sharon Livingston!”

I stared incredulously as Sharon- the very Sharon I had stolen the Golden ticket from- strolled onstage. She looked almost nothing like herself. The technicians had apparently worked on her earlier and she appeared to be ten years younger than she was.

The crowd murmured in confusion. I blinked, unable to speak.

“Sharon is the original finder of the third Golden Ticket,” said Kelly, “and, as such, is the only remaining candidate for the prize contract.”

No. This wasn’t happening. It wasn’t! I was the one. I was one who deserved that contract! Not Sharon! It wasn’t fair!

Kelly continued. “But don’t worry, Bianca,” she said. “Even though you stole from Sharon, attempted to fraud us and set up Vivian and Maria to be disqualified, we’re not coming down too hard on you. The changes occurring to you even as we speak should only last around six months…give or take.”

I couldn’t let her win. “Changes? Six months? I don’t think so,” I said. “This hair will last as long as it takes me to get to a salon after I leave here. Same with the nails. The lipstick will be gone before I get into the taxi.”

Kelly laughed and covered the mic with her hand. “Sorry, Bianca,” she said, “but your lips and nails will not be changing color for about six months. That’s actually a very expensive blend of chemical cosmetics, but it seemed appropriate. Same with your hair. Your hair follicles can’t hold dye right now, and won’t be able to for about, oh, six months. But those changes are actually relatively minor. If you haven’t noticed the major changes yet, you will soon enough.”

Major changes? What was she talking about? There weren’t any major changes, unless something was-

And then my eyes widened as my hands cupped my breasts.

“You didn’t!” I said.

Kelly nodded. “Yes,” she said, “we did. You should end up with a pair of E-cups. We did your lips as well. I’m surprised you can still speak clearly.”

That was why my chest felt so tight. My boobs had swelled to the point of trying to escape my bra.

“You bitch!” I said.

“You steal and try every dirty trick in the book,” said Kelly, “and you call me a bitch? Just take your punishment and go home.”

“Whatever,” I said. “I’ll be fine, you’ll see! I’ll-”

And then I stopped. I stopped because I had spotted somebody in the crowd that was a possible answer to my problem.

Kelly’s eyes followed my gaze to the crowd, and came back to me.

“I wouldn’t,” she said. “It’s a really bad idea. Trust me.”

I gave Kelly my best bitchy smile. Then I turned and walked into the crowd.

Kelly resumed speaking to the crowd and began talking about Sharon’s upcoming assignments, but I wasn’t listening. I had a very specific someone I wanted to speak with.

“Hello, Theodore of Sleek Curvosity,” I said. “Ready to talk business?”

Theodore smiled. “Are you sure you want to do this?”

“Oh, yes,” I said. “Trust me.”

“Very good, then,” he said. “Let’s find some place a little, shall we say, quieter.”

“Lead on,” I said.
* * *

As we left the auditorium, I could feel the changes really taking over my body. I could actually feel my hips wriggling as they widened slightly. The fibers of my bra were straining to contain my swelling boobs. My lips were swelling, thickening. Even my ass was swelling, although my waist was cinching in. I was really beginning to look like a beach bunny.

Theodore had a van. The back was set up nicely, with comfortable plush seats facing each other. We sat down opposite of each other.

“So, my dear,” said Theodore, “what is it you’d like to tell me about?”

I giggled. I was trying to think of what to tell him exactly. My lips were strangely numb, though.

“Well?” said Theodore.

I tried again, but I couldn’t seem to get anything out except a little giggle. Then my cheeks flushed as I felt a sudden hot rush.

“Are you okay?” said Theodore.

Gawd, I was hot. My hips wriggled. My lips, now thick and sensitive, were still strangely numb. My nipples were so hard. I couldn’t sit still.

“Bianca?” said Theodore.

I squeaked. I was too hot. I couldn’t think straight.

Theodore parted his knees, just slightly. It was enough for me to see his bulge.

I couldn’t help it. I had to. I dropped to my knees in front of him. My long red nails reached for his zipper.

“I’ll tell you what, Bianca,” he said. “You go ahead and do that while I make a phone call.”

As I pulled out his cock, he began dialing a number on his cell phone. As I slipped my a warm, wet mouth over his growing hardness, he began to speak.

“Yeah, boss, she did. No, didn’t get a word out. Sure, I’ll do that.”

My mouth stroked over his rock-hard cock, my lengthening blonde hair bobbing over his lap.

“Bianca, I’m putting my boss on speaker phone now,” said Theodore.

I didn’t stop. I continued sliding my tightly-wrapped lips up and down his shaft as I listened to the voice speak.

“Hello, Bianca,” said Kelly’s voice. “I just wanted to let you know that Theodore works for Blonde Concepts. However, by attempting to ‘sell’ him our secrets, you triggered your internal programming. Your helpless heat is now a perfect match with your blossoming bimbo body.”

I tried to answer her, but my mouth was full of cock. The only sounds I managed were muffled slurps.

“You’re lucky you’re not a conventional employee,” said Kelly. “Their confidentiality agreements last for five years. Yours only last for six months. Still, you’ll be good for employee morale. And look on the bright side…it’s not a modeling contract, but at least you get to work for Blonde Concepts.”

I tried again to answer her, but failed. Theodore was coming in my mouth and I was helplessly swallowing.

“Now that,” said Theodore, “is what I call a Golden Ticket.”
The End


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