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Soul's Bait

by OwlGold

Soul's Bait

I ran my hands along the soft curves of my breasts, hidden now under
the plush black angora turtleneck that he had given me. The outer
layer felt like warm fur, while the inner layer had a knit texture
that rubbed against my nipples and made them hard. I could not believe
these breasts were mine, that I had breasts at all. I sighed as I
caressed them again and again, rolling them under the sweater like I
was kneading dough. Oh, that was what I was like now - dough. Like
soft pliant dough, ready to be manipulated. I pulled the hem of the
sweater down, it hung just below my crotch, until it stretched tight
around my breasts, until I could see my nipples embossed in the soft

I pulled a little tighter and arched my back. In the mirror across
the room I could see my bottom sticking out from underneath the
sweater and my fishnet stockings stretch around each swollen ass
cheek. I looked so beautiful, as beautiful as any girl I had ever
seen or imagined. In fact I was the girl I always imagined when I
fantazised. How had that happened? I looked at my face closely in
the mirror, and I could make out some part of my old face, but the
skin had changed, it was white and near translucent, and my hair, once
blonde, was black and cut in a pageboy cut with sharp bangs. I looked
like a movie star from the thirties. I stared at my beautiful face,
my clear grey eyes. I had not always looked like this...

I remembered meeting a man in a bar, or a nightclub. I was staring at
his girlfriend, who was incredible looking, I remembered that. She
was tall and buxom, blonde short hair, and she wore a latex catsuit
that outlined her every curve in black liquid skin. I remembered her
clearly. And then the man had approached me and asked me if I liked
what I saw, if SHE was the girl of my dreams...and I had answered with
some inane response, and then he had touched me, and I knew that HE
knew that I wanted more than anything to BE her. Not to sleep with
her, although my cock was hard...had been hard...no I could have slept
with her, but he saw my desire to be her, to feel like her, under that
latex skin. And he had smiled, and asked me to come along with him.
He had been so charming, those blue eyes and blue black hair,
something slightly European in his accent. Very old world.

And then the next thing I knew I was somewhere else - his apartment?
his house? - and he was asking me to strip. His girlfriend, his
silent girlfriend helped me out of my clothes, and for an instant I
was frightened, but she touched me so gently, so sweetly that desire
had won out. She had looked different then, different hair, bigger
breasts - but how was that possible? She never left my sight - how
had she changed?

And then he asked me to stand in the center of this silver room, a
room that quivered like mercury, and I had been frightened, but he had
reassured me that I would be my heart's desire. And not only MY
heart. That is what he said. Then the room had come alive, and the
silver liquid ran up my body, coating my skin as I watched, until I
was wearing silver pants, or rather silver tights, as every detail of
my body was clear under the warm quicksilver. I watched fascinated as
it swam around my penis, and then my waist, up under my arms. I
panicked then, but it was too late, the silver skin coated my face, I
shut my lips and held my breath, and the room went dark.

And then here I was. A woman. A woman in a tight sweater and fishnet
tights and a pair of heels. I knew that I had been someone else
earlier that night, that day, but I was not sure if I could remember
every thing about me. I looked around the strange bedroom I had
awoken in. One entire wall was a mirror. The opposite wall was
closets, filled to the brim with dresses and lingerie, and then there
was the door, which was locked. I knew that already. The man who had
brought me here, who had dressed me this way, he had locked the door
as he left. But I did not care, I was only interested in my body, and
my desire. I felt so wet between my legs, and occasionaly ran a hand
between my thighs to push against my dark pubic mound. Why was I so
wet? What did I want? To be fucked...but he had already done that
hadn't he? I remembered waking up in his arms, here in this bed. He
had been in this bed with me, and I had felt his cool naked flesh
against mine. And then he had dressed me in these clothes, which were
exactly the clothes I would have chosen. He had said, ``I like your
heart's desire.´´ Those were his words. Your heart's desire. And he
had said that I would be this way as long as I desired. It was all
about desire. What did it all mean?

I sat on the edge of the bed and listened. Nearby, on the other side
of the wall, I could hear voices. Right there. Right behind my
mirror. What kind of place was this? I stared hard at my reflection.
Why did I feel like someone else was watching me?

I stood up and stripped off my sweater. Without any thought at all. I
peeled off my tights, and kicked my heels back into the closet. Why
not change my clothes? I knew exactly what I wanted to wear. This
bodice of pvc, that fastened at the neck, and these matching gloves.
I cinched the chains of the pvc bikini around my thin waist. And
these thigh high boots. I never thought twice. When I turned to look
in the mirror, I was lovely, my- MY hair had grown - had it been
short? - it was down to my ass now. I thought I better put on some
dark lipstick, it went so well with my outfit. I was a vision in black
fetish wear, like a thin Asian dominatrix, all mystery and smooth

Now I looked the part...but what part was that?

There was a knock on the door, and then a man walked in staring at me
so hard. He was Asian too, slightly smaller than me, and older, 40 or
so, and I could feel his desire so strongly, burning white hot desire,
to have me, and as I felt it I began to burn, my breasts tensed with
lust, my vision clouded over, and I went for him, stripping his
clothes off, tearing into him, servicing him with every ounce of my

The poor little businessman actually wept when we were through. I was
naked except for my long shiny boots, and I watched him cry as I idly
teased my small pointed nipple into erectness. The dark man who had
brought me here eventually came and got him, speaking to him in
Japanese words of soothing comfort. I knew I would forget about my
conquest, this Japanese Romeo, but he might never forget about me.

I lay like that on the bed for a long time, playing with myself,
cooling my sweat covered body with long strokes of my fingernails. I
loved having inch long fingernails. I should paint them. I rolled
over and looked at myself in the mirror. Was I getting fat? My hips
were big, very round, but they had always been this big. I was just
built like that. Thin waist, big hips. These boots, they didn't fit,
I peeled them off of my thighs, and scratched my thatch of tangled
pubic hair. I almost fell over when I stood up; it was not so easy
with these enormous breasts, god, I could barely see my feet past
them. I hefted them in my hands. They were soft, but heavy, heavier
than I remembered. I looked again at the mirror. My body was not
fat, I was just built like a latin Mae West, my enormous ass forming a
perfect S curve with my breasts. But this hair, this mass of black
curls...why hadn't I done something about this hair? And why wasn't I
wearing some green eye-shade? Wouldn't that be perfect?

I played with my makeup for a few minutes then pulled a spandex
minidress over my curves. God I looked so indecent in that dress it
made me shiver. I danced a little rhumba, moving my broad hips up and
down, watching my breasts sway in rhythym. I was perfect wasn't I?
Yes now I was perfect.

The door opened and a broad shouldered man came in, slightly tan,
older than me by ten years. He looked like the kind of man who might
have been in the Navy once, short hair, authoritative features. He
wore a light suit and an awkward expression. Oooh how he wanted me, I
could feel it. His lust was deep down, hidden. I knew just where it
was. I started to sway to it, to dance my mesmerizing dance. He
swallowed once. I danced around him, dimming the lights, sitting him
down on the bed. Then I danced, faster and faster, right in front of
him, my breasts sometimes inches from his face. I watched him sweat,
and I sweated with him. The smell of my sweat, of my sex filled the
room. Finally I settled over him and pulled the top of the dress
down, peeled the spandex away from my enormous breasts; he moaned
quietly as I buried him in the depths of my sweat soaked bosom. He
was seeing white hot flashes now, he was so close, and I was perfect,
I was perfect. I pulled the dress up over my hips and settled my
pussy onto his ramrod penis. It was long and curved slightly to the
side. It reached deep inside of me, and then I was thrashing back and
forth, the desire was in me, it was in me now.

He left too, finally, a dazed look on his face. I peeled the bunched
up spandex down my legs and went to take a shower. My vagina still
burned with the friction, juices dripped down my thighs. Oh dios mio
I was sexy.

In the shower I felt the weight melt from my body, maybe from the hot
water, I did not know, and I thought about the men who had come to see
me. Already I was forgetting them, they were dim memories like so
much else in my life. When I got out of the shower I was surprised
for a moment at my reflection, it seemed somehow unfamiliar. Maybe
because my dark pageboy cut was wet and my bangs sat flat across my
forehead. I stared at my grey eyes, at my lithe perfect body, my
softball sized breasts.
Perfect. Perfectly familiar. What had I been thinking about?

I dressed in a dark negligee and curled up in bed. Tomorrow I would
ask that dark haired man what this place was, and why I was here...it
could wait until tomorrow.

But I woke up sometime in the night, with the feeling that someone
was watching me. The negligee was so tight on my body, I felt like I
was choking, and I stripped my body bare with avaricious excitement.
Why was I so excited? I turned on the lights and went to the closet.
My pert little breasts curved upwards and my almost black nipples
swelled with this feeling, this sense of urgency. I dressed so
quickly I barely knew what I was doing - I pulled a red peekaboo bra
out of the drawer at the right, I knew right where it would be, and
put it on. Then I rolled stockings, also red, up my long long legs,
and attached them to a sexy garter belt that cinched tight around my
narrow waist. I looked at my reflection. So sexy, my african ass
jutting out from my long thin frame, my legs streaming down forever
into a perfect pair of stiletto heels. Perfect. I brushed my long
brunette hair, straightening it further, and then slipped on a white
Angora sweater. My dark brown skin made the white sweater glow.

I barely had time to pull on a blue silk skirt before the door
opened and a very skinny, very bald youth ran in. He was handsome in
an angry sort of way, and, I thought , in the grips of a fierce
desire, but instead of kissing me, or bowing at my feet he ran up to
me and slapped me hard across my face. I turned away from him,
stunned, but I could still feel his lust, he was hammering it down,
but I could feel it...I turned back to him and stared into his eyes, I
willed myself up and around him until I was taller and larger than the
room, and then I took him to my soft angora breast, and made love to
him, and he weeped and cried while I fucked him three times in rapid

Instead of leaving he slept deeply, and I watched him sleep with
growing derision. HE did not need this kind of loving, no now I saw
what he truly needed. I got out of bed quietly and went to the
closet. My thick thighs rubbed together as I walked, and I could feel
my big ass sway. I glanced in the mirror. This coffee colored
lipstick would never do, my skin was too dark for that shit. My whole
body screamed with power and sexual energy. I was like a fierce
African warrior, not some toffee colored fashion model. I got dressed
for battle.

When the skinhead awoke he was face to face with my big black body,
decked out in leather and chains, the dominatrix of his dreams. In
seconds he was kneeling at my feet, scared, but so full of desire that
he hurt. Perfect.

I uncoiled the whip from my hand and cracked it once. His body shook.
I licked my big juicy lips with anticipation. Just perfect.


In the morning it all seemed like a dream, the feel of my hard body in
leather, the moans of the skinhead as I strapped him into a full body
restraint, his perfect devotion, it all seemed close to impossible.
The leathers lay on the floor, but they hardly looked like they would
fit me. I stared again at my grey eyes, brushing my bangs back from
my forehead. I looked different somehow, I could not put my finger on
it, but I was definitely changed. I ran my fingers over my pale white
skin. Maybe I was gaining weight. I looked again at my svelte body,
all those curves looked so familiar. Oh I had an idea, I went to the
closet and pulled out a latex bodysuit, as black as my hair. It would
take some baby powder but I knew I would look PERFECT if I put it on.
Perfect in my mind anyway.

When I was fully clothed in my wet looking second skin, and I had
applied some deep blue eyeshade and my favorite bright red lipstick, I
walked back and forth in front of the mirror, trying on several
diffirent pairs of shoes until I looked perfect. It was so exciting.
I could barely contain myself. I collapsed on the bed and started
masturbating through the thin latex bodysuit. I looked so good. I
moaned and ran my hands over my sleek body, feeling my hard nipples
through the black plastic. I was climaxing when the door opened. It
was the dark stranger, the man who had brought me here. Wherever here
was. He smiled and told me not to stop, and truthfully I could not.
I finished with him standing there watching me, a faint smile on his
lips. My body felt like liquid under my shiny second skin.

He said I looked lovely. ``Really´´, he said, ``more lovely than
anything I can imagine.´´ And he laughed. I laughed with him, and
stood up to release the catches in the back of my costume. He said
Allow me. As I peeled away the latex he stepped back and appraised
me, watching my naked body intently.

``Perhaps you could be a bit more busty.´´

I turned to answer him, but stopped suddenly when I saw my reflection.
My breasts, usually just handfuls, were enormous. As big as..last
night? What had happened last night?

He spoke again, ``And the hair, what if it was white?´´

My reflection changed in the wink of an eye, my hair was silvery
white, cut in the same style, but definitely white.


I turned to him, my captor, and said, ``What is happening to me?´´ I
was not scared, up to now it had all seemed so normal, but I was sure
now that all of this was anything but normal.

``My dear don't you understand?´´, he purred, ``It all has to do with
desire. You told me your desire, and you have lived it. And now,
right now, you are living mine.´´

``But how - ´´

He laughed again, and this time my body shivered with fear. In the
mirror stood a five foot blonde girl with wide innocent eyes, enormous
breasts, and a waist the size of a barbie doll. I didn't even look
real. My breasts grew as I watched, to the size of volleyballs, the
weight of them was enormous. I sat down quickly on the bed. How had
this happened?

The man, the dark man laughed and laughed. My size increased. I lay
back and watched them swell out like watermelons.

``Stand up´´, he said, ``you look perfect.´´

And I suddenly felt that I did look perfect, because he wanted me. He
wanted these enormous breasts. I posed for him, catching myself in
the mirror.

``You would look good by the pool´´, he said.

The mirror shimmered, and the room changed, and we were by the pool.

He fucked me on the edge of the pool, while my breasts floated around
us. He had a penis that filled my every orifice at once, it felt so
good, and when he finished it was like I had been filled with a drug,
a euphoric, mind altering drug. We were back in the room, in my room,
and I lay on the bed, burning with his desire.

``Others will come´´, he said, ``and you will be the thing they most

I rolled over onto my stomach, my breasts were small and angular now,
and my body was as long as the bed. I brushed the red hair out of my
eyes and smiled up at him. My lover. My dark, dark lover.

``You will be the thing they most desire and, for that, I will get
what I desire.´´

He left me with a wicked smile. It was business. They get what they
want, he gets what he wants, and somehow, I have what I want.

I slept in the body of the tall redhead, but when I awoke I was a
bleached blonde from 1950's Hollywood, somewhere between Marilyn
Monroe and Jayne Mansfield. I admired my curves in the mirror. Who
was on the other side of the glass, admiring me back? I stepped into
a black corset and laced it up the front. Seamed stockings would look
nice. They would look perfect.


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