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What those videos can do

by horneyslaafje

What those videos can do

This is an erotic story, perhaps not for everyone (though I think that most people on this site will enjoy it). As always I would like to ask not to copy this without permission and most important of all: enjoy.

I couldn’t stop watching, even though it was very late, I couldn’t stop watching the videos. Hot women were saying the filthiest things, humiliating me so much, and I loved it. It wasn’t unusual for me to comment on one of these things and one day, when I was just watching my favourite video, I got a reply to one of my comments. It read: ‘‘If you love this video, you have to watch this!’’
And underneath it was a link which I eagerly followed. I wondered what it would be, sissy slut humiliation? Forced bi? Spanking? Then the video started, it seemed just like all the others, a hot girl wearing the smallest bikini popped up on the screen, her breasts so big, so intoxicatingly beautiful. Then, all of a sudden, music started playing. When she spoke, her words dripped right into my subconscious. After a long introduction she began to speak:
‘You love the music, you love how it makes you feel. Think about it, the music can make you feel whatever I want. So would you be up for some more suggestions?’
I nodded without thinking about it, this was what I wanted, I knew that.
‘Right now, you disappoint me. You watch those videos, you desire to be a sissy slut, but you never do anything about it. Don’t you see that you are useless? That is why I am here, I will help you, I am going to give you a purpose. You are going to be loved by many, you will play an important part in many people’s lives.’
My heart began to beat faster, though I wasn’t sure why.
‘But first, you must be devoted to me, because only I can help you. You understand that do you? It’s logical, let it sink in, it’s logical.’
‘Yes! YES! Of course! It’s logical!’ I shouted.
‘I will tell you a story, a story of people who are just as messed up as you, but not as submissive. They are so sexually frustrated, you know what they want. Wouldn’t it be great to help these people. Good news, you can! I know that you have a little ‘’problem’’ down there. But that is not important, you have two things to compensate for that: your bum and your slutty lips. Yes, you have heard right, you will help those people, you will be fucked by many a strap-on, even dicks. And your mouth, that hole will also be put to work, sucking and licking, cock and pussy. Now repeat after me: I want this, my hot bum and slutty lips are at you disposal.’
I did as she asked, more aroused than ever.
‘Now, I am going to help you, but naturally this is not cheap. Luckily you can easily make the money and pay me back. You don’t mind being a whore now do you? A prostitute?’
I shook my head, I didn’t mind at all.
‘Good, now I will start the training. Get a dildo, cock or cucumber. Or all!’
I took the cucumber from my drawer, and also a small, pink dildo. Though I had not dared to use the cucumber before.
‘Now take the biggest thing at your disposal, and lick the tip of it. Moaning, panting. Act as slutty as possible while you lick it.’
I licked it like the biggest whore in the world, the cucumber was all there was in the world.
‘Now take it in your mouth, and gag on it. And seeing as this is hypnosis, I have a nice addition: every time your teeth touch the ‘’dick’’ you will feel an electric shock go through you. A very painful shock.’
I wasn’t going to touch it with my teeth, I was a real whore! I sucked and gag and then – OUCH! ARGH! – I touched it with my teeth. The pain was so intense, I was never going to let my teeth come near the cucumber again.
‘If it’s a cucumber your sucking, remember: they are not for eating anymore, your teeth have no earthly business touching them!’
I felt humiliated, but also, very, very aroused.
‘Blow it, blow it! Now look at yourself, sucking a huge cock! Because it is not a cucumber, you know that, it is a real fleshy cock! You are doing so well, such a good boy! You see, you have a purpose after all, you are going to satisfy the needs of huge monstrous dicks. Oh, wait, don’t you have another dildo? And your ass is empty! Do you see where this is going? Oh, but that dildo isn’t wet! Wait, the bigger one is! That’s the one you have been working on all that time! Oh you are good, you are going to be such a good sissy bitch! Now get completely naked, spit on your hand and lube up that asshole real nice. Then ram the big cock in there! Fuck yourself hard!’
I obeyed, and the pain was larger than the dick, it was too big for me! But with the lube, hmm… it began to feel really good, I was a submissive bitch, completely under the control of a simple cucumber.
‘Oh you slut, admit it, this is what you have been fantasizing about all your life! Sucking the last drop of cum out of a huge cock, having your ass sodomized! ADMIT IT!’
‘I ADMIT IT!’ I shouted.
‘Now I want you to shout! I want you to shout: I need dick! I am a whore! Please, I’ll do anything for a penny, or if you are big enough, I’ll do it just for the cum load! I want to suck your cock and make you feel good, I am such a slut! Please! I am well practised. Then giggle.’
I said everything, not caring that my roommates might hear me.
‘Now suck the smaller dildo while fucking yourself in the ass with the big dildo. Then switch them around. Come on, you can’t resist a cock just because it’s been in your ass. Just be glad it’s not someone else’s ass!!’ And she laughed out loud.
I did as she asked, only slightly disgusted by the foul flavour. No wait, it was a divine flavour, it was the best thing in the world at that moment.
‘I think you are going to be a proper cock-sucking slut! Now moan some more, think about all the cock you’ll suck! But remember, you serve all sexes, so you will keep your love for pussy and breasts. And if you don’t have that you well get it. You will love to lick a woman’s breasts all over, to invade her pussy with your tongue.’
This came as a rather strange suggestion to a man currently licking a cucumber like an ice-cream cone, and sucking it like a dirty slut would do.
‘You will be a whore, a prostitute. I need to be paid don’t I? But don’t worry, I have many other sissy slaves, so you’ll be a very cheap whore. You will do it for just about anything! A penny will be more than enough. You are a cheap fucking whore. Now fuck your ass harder and harder, are you feeling like you are going to cum? Well you won’t. Remember, you are in trance, you’ll do anything I say. You will not be first to cum, you will never be again!’
I felt ashamed, I felt aroused, I didn’t know why but I couldn’t control myself, I immediately accepted everything she told me.
‘Now, what will you do for me? Or rather, what wont you do? You little slut.’
‘Everything!’ I shouted, ‘and there is nothing I won’t do!’
‘You know, let’s put your hypnosis and devotion to the test at once. Look in front of you, you can see a penny can’t you?’
As I looked I noticed that there was indeed a penny, I wanted it so much.
‘Who’s penny do you think it is? Certainly not mine, and besides, I don’t have to pay now do I? Say it! Tell me how you feel about this!’
‘Yes mistress, you will never ever have to pay a single dime, it feels good to obey you, even for free, I wouldn’t want to do anything else!’ I said.
‘Well who’s penny is it then? Oh, I know, why don’t you go outside, there’s probably someone out there walking the dog or anything, the penny must have been from them! Of course no children, they don’t give pennies to people like you. No, the one who gave you a penny was an adult, and you know who. Why don’t you go outside and ‘’thank’’ them properly?
I knew I had to do this, so I got up. But before I could leave I heard: ‘and do a good job of it, when you are done we’ll play some more.’


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