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A Sister's Lust

by mikufan4life

A Sister's Lust

I woke up horny in the middle of the night, I wanted desperately to sleep because I had a mid-term in the morning but I couldn't fall back to sleep and needed relief. I decided to get up for a glass of warm milk, I know it is a cliché, but it has always done the trick. The house was dead silent so I tried my best to creep slowly down the hallway, the carpeted floor help.

There was light and muffled sound coming from my 22 year old brother's room and when I came up to his door I could see that is was open a couple of inches so I looked in. I discovered the source of the light and sound to be porn playing on this television on low volume. My eyes went from the TV to my brother's bed.

I would normally be repulsed by the thought of my brother naked but now my eyes wondered over this naked body. I knew he worked out a lot but thought nothing more. He was ripped, tanned and smooth like all good Latin men. His square jaw made its way down to broad muscled shoulders. From there his arms were bulging with biceps and triceps and whatever other muscle groups happened in the vicinity. His chest was impressive, each pectoral muscle chiselled, clearly defined. His washboard abs tapered into what looked to be a good, solid 10 inches of thick flesh and a hefty pair of balls filling the space between his spread legs. He was propped up on his pillows completely engrossed in his self-pleasure.

My already horny, 18 year old snatch became instantly wet. If I thought that I was going to ignore my horniness before, there was not a chance now. My hand disappeared into my pajama bottoms where I found my pussy primed and ready to go. I inserted a couple fingers into my tight, virgin hole and used my thumb to rub against my clit. I watched him stroking his monster meat; his eyes were glued to the porn where two girls were servicing some guy on the other side of a glory hole. They were all over his cock.

I paid close attention to my brother's face as his hand moved quicker. His face was contorting. I picked up speed, feeling an orgasm coming. Then my brother squeezed his eyes closed, arched his back in the air and let out a muffled moan. Streams of his spunk spurted out of his prick. It hit him in the face, covered his chest and pooled in the deep groves of his abs. I saw stars as a wave of heat and pleasure tore through my body. I ducked back into the hall and crept back to my room where I fell instantly asleep to dreams of my big brother's big cock.

The next morning I was having a quick breakfast before heading to the University for a First Year Psych Exam. I was so prepared, or at least that is what I told myself. I had been studying for two days. My brother came into the kitchen shirtless but wearing a pair of grey sweat pants, the kind all jocks seemed to own. Only now I was acutely aware of how snug they were and how I could make out the shape of his long, flaccid cock. It moved as he walked. I was sure it was being jostled around by those massive balls of his. I was mesmerized. The thing was like six inches soft. He was a shower and a grower then.

My brother, on the other hand, noticed nothing. He was jabbering away about heading to work soon and he had hockey after work today. I found myself accidently flirting with him, all the way up to and including sticking my breasts out for him to notice. Nothing. What was wrong with me?

I watched his package bounce and sway for a couple more minutes until he left the room, that's when I looked at the clock. Shit, I was going to be late. I grabbed my half eaten bagel, my jacket, car keys and bolted.

My hippy parents said good-luck to me as I was closing the door. They were a funny couple. They were completely free-spirited. They supported whatever it was we wanted to do. So I took art, dance and yoga. When I told them that I wanted to become a psychiatrist, they threw their support behind me 110%.

The exam was no sweat. It wasn't as easy as I thought it would be, but I was satisfied that I did well nonetheless. I ate lunch with some friends and then I went for a run at the track.

On the way home I decided that I was going to swing by the adult movie store way on the other side of town. It was much less likely that I would be spotted. I wanted to buy a video, hopefully incest porn, and maybe a dildo or vibrator, or both. I was sure I didn't have that much money, though.

To be safe, I parked a block away and decided to approach the building from behind. I'd eventually have to go around front to get in, but I was determined to hold out for as long as I could. Finally, I made it inside the store and began browsing. There were a handful of people there, all men and all starting at me. Sick. The store was divided with video on one side and sex toys on the other. At the back of the store was a sign indicating that you could rent and watch a video here; the sign pointed to a doorway that lead to a series of rooms from what I could see.

I strolled over to the fetish section and began reading subject headings when the doorbell chimed indicating someone opened the door. By complete fluke I happened to look around the stand only to see my brother strutting through the doors. There was an air of masculinity about him.

I panicked and ducked into the doorway that led to the private rooms. I opened the closest door and ran inside, locking the door. My heart was racing. Why was I so afraid of my brother finding me? Was it because I was being a pervert? Because I was browsing incest porn? Because my pussy flooded just thinking about him? Probably all of the above.

I sat quietly in the room for five or ten minutes when suddenly I noticed movement from the corner of my eye. Shit. It was a glory hole and someone just entered the adjacent room. I quickly ran to the wall with the glory hole so that anyone looking through couldn't see me. My heart was pounding. I wanted nothing more than to get out of here. Why the hell was that hole so big anyways? I could probably fit my purse through that hole.

Then, to my surprise, came a voice, "Hey, anyone in there? I've got 10 inches for your pleasure." It was my brother voice. Dare I? I crept as close as I dared to the hole in the wall and whispered, "I'm here."

A moment later my brother's flaccid penis and heavy balls flopped themselves through the hole. My pussy was on fire. I took a hold of his cock with my right hand while I cupped his balls with the other. His cock started to grow. I couldn't resist, I licked his sack and heard him moaning on the other side. Then I mustered up the courage and opened my mouth to take him in. His cock tripled in girth and doubled in length. It was huge. He back fucking my mouth through the hole and I couldn't help but gag.

Then I heard, "Shit, girl, I am going to cum." A torrid of jism began pouring out of his cock head and into my mouth. I panicked; I didn't know what to do. As it started to leak out the sides of my mouth I involuntarily swallowed. It was thick, salty and when down like my morning's OJ. His cock began to deflate and I ducked out of sight.

I head, "Thanks. Want to do it again tomorrow?"

Hells yeah! "Sure," I whispered back. "Good," he replied, "Same time?"

I heard him exit the room then I waited 20 minutes before opening the door. I checked to make sure my brother was nowhere to be seen and I ran out of the store.

Later that night I was lying on the couch watching CSI: Miami when my brother came in the door. He was sweaty and wearing his grey sweat pants. Of course, my eyes fixated on the way his bulge moved as he walked by.

"Hey sis, what are you watching?" He asked. I told him.

"How was your game?" I asked, like I always asked when he made it home after playing.

"We won, I scored three goals." I congratulated him then he excused himself to go shower.

My dreams where filled with visions of my pussy being pounded by my brother's substantial endowment. I wanted to do it so bad but had no idea how to. I decided to wear sexier clothes around him, for a start. And I did, at breakfast. I wore a shear blouse with a black bra and a fairly short skirt. My brother found me sitting at the counter, eating my yogurt suggestively.

I caught him doing a double take, then he asked, "Why all dolled up?"

I told him that I was meeting friends for lunch but wouldn't have time to change later. He left for work and I went shopping for sluttier clothes. Around 4:00 I made sure to be back in the private viewing room at the adult video store and at 4:30 the adjacent room was occupied.

"Hey, you here?" it was my brother again. "Yes," I whispered back."

A moment later his already hard prick came through the hole along with his massive family jewels. I took him in my mouth and swallowed all the way down to his balls this time. "Fuck, yeah." I heard him say. One hand was now playing with his balls while the other was helping pump his cock. I could barely get my hand around this thing.

"Fuck, I am going to cum." I heard and again he filled my mouth. He thanked me and we agreed to meet again the following day. As I was leaving I noticed that I could turn off the light and TV next time, what should be enough to help keep my anonymity.

That night I swapped my pink flannel pajamas for tight "night shirt" and a pair of really small shorts. I stayed under a blanket while we all watched some National Geographic special but as soon as 11:00 came around my parents bade us good night and left just my brother and me alone. I got off the couch announcing that I was going to grab a drink and asked my brother if he would like something. He looked me for a moment then asked for a beer. I was pretty sure he liked what he saw.

The next day I waited at the glory hole for my brother again. He did not disappoint. At exactly 4:30 he pushed his cock through the glory hole and my mouth went to work. Five minutes in he pulled his cock back out then I heard him whisper, "Can I fuck you?"

Can you!?! "Yes, hold a sec" I whispered. I couldn't contain my excitement. "I am a virgin, though."

"Hot," was all he said.

I couldn't pull the chair to the glory hole quick enough. I lined my ass up with the glory hole and bent over and waited. A moment later I felt his cock head pushing against my already dripping pussy. I held my breath as he push further in, it felt like he was ripping me open. It was a combination of pain and pleasure.

He stopped when he reached my hymen, then he asked, "Are you ready?" "Uh huh."

He pushed again, and again then I felt a sharp pain as the same time he slide inside me fully. I lost my breath and was seeing stars. The next sensation was him bottoming out inside of me; his balls smacked my ass. He stayed still for a moment then started sawing in and out. It was unbelievable. It was the best sensation I ever experienced. His thrusts sent shivers of pure pleasure through my body. We were really getting into it. I was slamming my ass back against him and he was slamming into my ass.

I started cumming all over his prick. My orgasm flooded my body. It was a constant state of euphoria. Not only was I devirginized by a gigantic cock, I was getting fucked by my stud brother and he didn't know it. His thrusts became quicker and I heard him moaning on the other side of the wall. Suddenly he plunged all the way inside of me and stopped full stop, I felt his cock jumping and swelling. A deep heat spread through my loins. He was cumming inside of me. The realization triggered another orgasm and my pussy walls milked his cock for all he was worth.

He stayed inside me for some time until his cock was hard again then he started fucking me all over. He rammed his cock in and out and was calling me names through the wall, "Fucking slut, fucking whore, you like being bred by some unknown guy?"

He was frantically pounding away at my pussy and I kept pushing back against him. His massive prick fuck me in and out. I was cumming in no time. Once again he thrust hard into me and held himself there. His cock expanded and began chugging away, filling me with his incestuous seed.

He pulled out this time and whispered through the hole, "Thanks, see you on Monday?" I agreed.

However, come Monday for some reason I couldn't go through with it. I wasn't necessarily feeling guilty and my brother totally still made me wet just thinking about him and I was still dressing like a slut around him hoping he would just take me. Maybe I wanted to lose the anonymity, maybe I wanted it to be real.

So I didn't meet him and he came home shortly past 5:00, looking disappointed. He gave me a good once over and I noticed his cock twitch in his sweat pants. He stood there for a moment then said he needed to go for a shower.

With midterms over and classes back to normal I wasn't spending as much time thinking about my brother fucking me. Or so I told myself. He was on my mind all day, every day. Every day I'd catch him looking at me now and I've seen him grab his hard-on through his pants a couple times when he thought that I wasn't looking.

Then a thing happened that I hadn't even contemplated. My period did not come. It did not come the day after it should, it did not come three days after it should, then a week went by followed by two and three weeks. At four weeks I took the pregnancy test and it was positive. Fuck. My brother knocked me up.

At two months I told my mother that I was pregnant and she was ecstatic. She was a big supporter of exploring sexuality, which was why she was a sex therapist. When she asked who the father was, I told her I'd rather keep him a secret because I haven't told him and wasn't sure that I would ever. She was totally cool with it, but during the pregnancy she and dad kept spurting out random names of friends they've met. Not even close.

My brother thought that it was nuts that I was having a baby, "When did you even have sex?" He asked. "Never you mind, what I do with my body is my business."

As my belly grew I started wearing less and less clothing which seemed to please my brother significantly. There were times when he'd stare at me and did nothing to hide his erection. Our flirting turned to a lust between us, we both knew it but were both too scared to make a move. There were days when he'd come up behind me and press his hard cock into my ass and put his arms around my belly and breathe into my ear, "You're beautiful pregnant."

Then one night in my fifth month, I heard a knock on my door then it opened. My brother came in and closed the door. He was wearing only a pair of boxer briefs. He walked over to my bed and stared at me lying under my covers. He looked at my baby bump then into my eyes when bent down and kissed me full on the lips. Without breaking our kiss, he moved onto the bed and pulled back the sheets revealing my naked body. I felt his massive erection on my thigh.

He broke our kiss and moved between my legs. I thought that he was going to eat me out but instead he stood up and slid his boxers off to reveal his enormous prick and pendulous balls. He was gorgeous. He took my legs and placed them on his chest, "I've wanted to do this for months. I'm just going to do it."

With my feet on either side of my head, he aligned his prick with my pregnant pussy and pushed. He pushed slowly, from the look on his face he was savouring the moment: when brother and sister become one. "Fuck sis, so tight."

I was in heaven. I never thought that I'd feel his massive prod splitting me open again, but here we were and no anonymity. He continued to push and when he sunk his prick all the way inside, and when I felt his pendulous ball sack come into contact with my ass I let out a moan.

"Fuck me stud," I watched his bulging mascular chest flex and his chiselled abs contract with each trust. It was a sight to see.

He slid out again then pushed back in. He fucked me slowly, tenderly. He bent down to find my lips and they locked while he continued to move in and out. Those stars started popping in my head. It was exquisite: the joy of the perfect coupling. I was non-stop coming, the whole experience was romantic, sensual, perfect.

"Oh fuck, sis, I am going to cum. I guess it is okay to come in you?" He smiled. I nodded. He pushed once more, held himself deep inside me, his balls started jumping and then I felt his cock kick and swell. Every one of his muscles contracted now, "Oh yeah!" And he filled me with his spunk.

He rolled off me and we spooned. "That was amazing." He told me. "It was perfect," I told him.

"You are so beautiful pregnant," he kissed my ear. "I wish we could have our own family. You and me and a big family. I could be a good dad to your kid." His cock was getting hard again.

I laughed. "Can I tell you something?" "Sure" he replied.

"Have you ever been to that adult video store on Place Promenade?" I asked.

He seemed hesitant, then "yeah, a couple times, why?"

"Did you ever use those rooms they have in the back?"

"Maybe, why?"

I continued, "Did you ever me a girl through one of those glory holes who sucked you off a couple times before you devirginized her?"

He rolled me on my back and crawl over me on all fours, "You?"

"Me," my smile was met with his own. "It's your baby." He kissed me.

With the truth out of the bag, my brother actually was more than pleased to help our parents that he was the father of his sister's baby. My parents were completely unphased, "That's wonderful. You kids make a lovely couple."

I gave birth for a healthy baby boy. Nine months later, I had another boy. Within the next 10 years my brother fucked no less and 16 children into me. A combination of multiple pregnancies and quick turn-around time.

My parents were thrilled to have so many children around. In fact, we moved to a rural lot and built a large house. We still plan to keep producing as many kids as we can.

I have never tired of my brother's humongous cock ravaging my body and fucking little babies into me.


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