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Witches are Superior

by Raziken

Witches are Superior

by: Raziken

Warning, this story contains wetting/soiling on an extreme scale. Possibly 18+ material that I don’t suggest anyone under said age, should ever read. Or really anyone! By continuing to read you are responsible for your own actions. You have been warned.

Jake rubbed his short brown hair and stumbled out of bed, his hair in a mess for being so short. The apartment had cooled the room to a brisk frozen bite that stung his light skin as it is uncovered.

He stands up in only his boxers and makes his way over to the restroom for his usual morning routine and bathroom break. The routine took about 5-10 minutes depending on how drowsy he is after his restful sleep. Today was a well rested day.

With a quick flick of the light switch and the door swinging open, he emerges forth from the bathroom and moves out to the kitchen through the hallway. The brisk cold air tickling his skin as he walks forth and opens the refrigerator and pulls out a Starbucks ice coffee drink. He was well stocked on these, as he enjoyed one or two every day. So he moves out to the couch and pops the spin cap open and takes a few deep gulps.

Suddenly, a loud knocking is heard at the door and Jake stands up to check the peep hole. He can see a fairly busty female in what looks like a goofy mage hat wearing some blue with gold trimmed robes. She looks up and around happily, tilting her head around as if to hum inside her head. She looked like some sort of model! Jake couldn’t help but stare for a moment and stopped himself. He could deal with a goofy hat for a girl that looks as good as she does!

“one second! Ill be right there!” he dashes off to his room and slips on some jeans and contemplates putting on a shirt. He picks up the black shirt and thinks for a moment, then throws it down. Only after a few steps, he returns to grab it off the floor with a quick swipe and ever so gracefully, rolls it over his head and arms, bumping into the wall/door frame to his kitchen with his elbow.

He opens the door quickly and she isnt there. He stares for a moment and leans out to look around. His right foot forward as he surveys the left, empty. And then to the right, empty. He lets out a disappointed sigh and backs up into his apartment and closes the door softly, and with a click he locks it.

With the looming disappointment in himself that he took too long, he rolls back on the couch and quickly chugs the last of the sweet bottle of caffeinated milk and vanilla. The watery texture gliding over his taste buds and then slowing down to a milky trickle of enhanced flavor. He licks up the last bit of it and screws the cap back on it.

He lays idle for a minute or so and returns to the kitchen, dumping the bottle in the recycling bin and going for the fridge to pull out a second one. Surprisingly, he chugs half of it greedily to get that flavor back in his mouth. He shakes it off in his mind and slowly gulps down the other half. Maybe this second bottle would take his mind off things.

Of course this proved correct and he grabs his big bottle of Gatorade and heads to the living room to start up some video games. In about 20 minutes, he has already immersed himself into the game world and downed half the gallon of Gatorade. The liquid however, building fast with the coffee and Gatorade now, so he felt he would have to relive himself in a few minutes.

That time came when he was moving his legs about and he heard a knock at the door. Jake rushes over and sees the girl from before, but doesn’t hesitate to unlock the door and swing it open. He smiles a bit nervously. “hello! Can I help you?”

She doesn’t seem as happy and cheery this time, but she gives a fake smile anyways, her dark brown hair flowing over her left eye as her crystalline blue eyes look at him calmly. “um, no. I just wanted to come meet you!” she says as if they had been friends for a while.

“meet me? Am I some sort of celebrity now?” he gives a light chuckle and looks her over between shifty glances. If only those damned robes didn’t cover her body so well...

“No. You're my test subject!” she says with a cheery smile. “I wanted to meet you before I started training my magic! But you didn’t answer the door... so now I guess I have to punish you.”

Jake takes on a concerned look and looks at her “Wait. What? Why..? I had to get dressed...” he tries to defend himself but she doesn’t seem to care.

“You ran off to put on clothes. You could have answered naked for all I care. Not a good way to introduce yourself to your new mistress.” she cocks her hip to her left and moves her hands from her back and reveals a polished wooden staff with a white pearl on it.

Jake stutters for a second and looks over the staff in between the two of them. “Look... i-”

“Rule number 1: don’t touch my staff.” she interrupts and he pauses for a second.

“okay.. but I don’t remember signing u-” Jake is cut off again.

“Rule number 2!: do as I tell you.”

Jake was feeling pretty annoyed by now, and the urge to piss wasn’t helping his mood.

“Rule number 3: address me as mistress Ceres.” she speaks in a demanding tone.

“okay stop... I really gotta take care of something right now and I'm not in the mood for a stupid prank. Your pretty and all but I really gotta take care of something right now... and I don’t feel like being someones pet or.. test subject. So I'm sorry. But goodbye!” he closes the door and locks it with a click, letting out a sigh and quickly rushing to the restroom.

He turns on the light and rushes to lift the seats, and to undo his pants. He pulls out the plump penis and releases his hold on his bladder, but to no avail. Not one drop is free from the overfilled organ. He tries to push but the muscles go the other way, as if to hold it back in and keep it in.

“Trouble?” the females voice breaks the slight breathing in the bathroom from the struggling male and he looks up at her and covers himself.

“whoa! How'd you get in here?!” he says in a bit of panic and stuffs his cock back into his jeans.

“I own you now. So what you own, I own. It doesn’t work the other way though.” she says a bit coldly but with a smile. She takes her eyes off his crotch and looks up to his eyes again.

“What? No. Get out!” Jake says impatiently and she tilts her eyebrows down in an angry glare.

“you don’t tell me what to do.” she says in a calm, commanding voice.

Jake's jaw is quivering now from the situation. But he decided to stand his ground against this strange girl “Out!” he points to the direction of the door and widens his stance, raising his voice.

He feels a sudden shift in his stomach and he can feel the need to take a dump, crashing into his senses. Strangely though, he is frozen. His body doesn’t react to any movements, and he feels his bladder and bowels opening up. His cock moves a bit as it gushes out a thick warm stream of urine that quickly runs down his legs. His ass parting to allow the smooth brown mush to enter his underwear. What was odd, wasn’t the fact that he suddenly had to go, but that he still felt like he had to go, even with all that he had expelled already, and he was still going!

Jake shutters and groans now, the shit filling his pants is ballooning his rear end and going down his pants. His piss was still just as high of a flow as ever, making his legs warm with the tickling of the dampness randomly snaking down his skin. He closes his eyes but can still feel the crap packing in and going down his pants, ballooning his jeans around the legs, it even goes around his hips and under his balls. Soon all of his crotch is surrounded in it.

After what seems like 3 minutes, everything stops and Jake falls to his knees weakly and splashes in the puddle below. His overfilled pants making it hard to move his knees. He can only pant and wonder what happened, since the girl was gone.

After an hour or so of cleaning up and dealing with the horrible smells, Jake is left worrying on the couch, cleaned up and showered. He holds his face in his hands as he wonders what he is going to do...


Re: Witches are Superior - hypnomaniac2

I loved this! Please make another chapter!

Re: Witches are Superior - samhh277

THIS is amazing, please write more!

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