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Captain Power's Fall

by koruichi

Captain Power's Fall

Captain Power had been trailing the most recent suspect in a series of crimes that had been plaguing his city for the past two weeks. Every time he got this far, though, he ended up discovering a new suspect, and would decide to begin trailing them instead. This time, though, he felt things would go better.

Using his super speed, the superhero ran quickly behind a wall, trying to keep out of sight of the woman he was following. She had walked all the way from one end of town to the other, and it seemed she was walking in to a club of some sort. He thought for a moment that he recognized this place, perhaps that he had been here before, but he put it out of his head, this was no time to get distracted.

He, dressed in a red, form-fitting, spandex suit, would stick out here for sure, if he was spotted. He didn’t want to alert any unsuspecting, innocent people while he was there, but he had to go inside. Using his super speed once again, he came to the front entrance, and locked his eyes on the goon at the door. In moments, the hired muscle started to blink and fell to the ground, softly whispering to himself, over and over, “The Captain is always right, the Captain knows what’s best, do as the Captain says...”

Another of the Captain’s most valuable super powers was his irresistible hypnotic gaze. He rarely used it however, because it left him considerably weaker for a short period, but he decided this was worth the risk.

He walked slowly and silently into the club, and as he entered, the sound of another man’s voice began echoing through his heightened sense of hearing. It sounded to the hero that there was a stage show going on, some sort of hypnotist had taken the stage, asking for volunteers. As he continued to sneak his way into the audience, and found a seat in the back where he would not be seen, he saw a single hand go up. It was the woman he had been following.

A smile formed on the hypnotists face as he nodded and gestured the woman onto the stage and helped her into her new seat. The superhero’s mind raced with questions. Was it the hypnotist all along? Had this man been manipulating the whole crime since the beginning? All the robberies, all the murders, could it all have been because of a few tranced men and women? He watched with even more concentration, hoping to pick up on any subliminals or any sort of suggestions that seemed out of place.

The hypnotist began his induction, slowly bringing the woman under.

“Miss, I would like you to keep your eyes focused on this pocket-watch. Yes, that’s it, just listen to my words and follow the pocket-watch, it is only that simple. You may begin feeling very tired, as though you do not want to move a single muscle in your body ever again. This is one of the sensations associated with the trance-state hypnosis brings you. You may even begin noticing your eyes feeling just as heavy as your body now. It is fine if you let them close.”

The superhero continued to watch for any perversion. So far he had not caught anything, but he was certain he would be soon arresting this man for his crimes.

With the induction over with, the superhero couldn’t help but notice the woman’s heaving chest, the soft bobbing of her tits was almost as entrancing to him as the hypnotists watch was to her.

He shook his head, re-gaining his focus once more. The hypnotist had started some sort of deepening exercise that was so interesting.

“And with each number I count you will feel stiffer and stiffer, your whole body will feel so hard and relaxed all at once, and when I reach the final number, the number ten, your body will be as relaxed as it has ever been, and you will be deeper in trance than you have ever been. You will be so stiff, so hard, it will be impossible for you to move from your seat.”

“One, feeling your body as it begins to tighten now.”
“Two, getting tighter and tighter, slowly falling deeper into this trance.”
“Three, you are feeling so very relaxed now, you cannot move your body at all now, and you wouldn’t really want to if you could.”
“Four, starting at your toes, you begin feeling a tingling sensation. It is very pleasant, and as it moves up your body with every new number I count, you will feel your body begin to get harder and harder, stiffer and stiffer.”
“Five, that feeling has moved up to your calves, your legs feeling heavy and hard. It continues moving up to your thighs as I count the next number.”
“Six, the feeling is moving into your lower abdomen now, your whole lower body is hard as a rock.”

It was then that the superhero began to feel his cock stiffen. This obscene tenting could not be seen by the public, he couldn’t imagine how the tabloids would ever let it go. But as he tried to adjust himself, he found that his arms wouldn’t move. Even his head would not allow him to look down at his now fully erect cock; his eyes were fixed at the stage. He started to panic, but as he did so, the words of the hypnotist washed over him and he began to realize how little he cared that he couldn’t move, nor that his tenting spandex suit was beginning to feel so uncomfortable.

Captain Power could barely hear the words now, but felt his body rise out of his seat and relax even more as he did so. Suspending his own body with his power of flight, the Captain glided over to the stage to take his place next to the hypnotist, who had nearly finished deepening his wicked trance.

“And ten, you are so very hard now, aren’t you, and so very relaxed now that you’ve joined me on stage?”

“Yes.” The superhero hadn’t expected to hear his voice speak. He didn’t care, though, he was too relaxed.

“Very good Captain. Now Mary, please return to your duties, I have some business I need to attend to with our masked friend, here.”

“Yes Master,” came Mary’s voice, almost too soft to be heard. She was so deep in trance now that she couldn’t possibly resist a command from the hypnotist.

“Now Captain, tell me how you feel in this exact moment.” The hypnotist’s voice sounded much more powerful now, much more commanding than before.

The Captain once again was shocked to hear his own voice speak, like it was not his own anymore.

“I feel really relaxed and heavy, and my cock is so hard, so I guess I’m horny too.”

The hypnotist chuckled for a moment, his deep voice booming through the club.

“Yes, Captain, you’re very horny right now, just as you were the last 5 times you were here. Tell me, hero-boy, how does it feel to be at my whim? How does it feel, Mr. Spandex, to have no control over your body right now?”

“At first I was scared that you were controlling me, but now I just feel like this is right,” the hero muttered.

“You remember what to do now, my super-slave?”

Super-slave, the hypnotist’s first trigger, sent Captain Powers spiralling even deeper into his control, and reminded the hero to obey, to submit, and to call this man his Master at all times. This was the first in a series of triggers, one given each new time the hero made his way to the show.

“I am ready to begin again, Master,” blurted the hero.

“Good. Hands off, now. Feel your hands leave your control entirely and come into mine. Your hands are once again my hands.”

And just like that, the superhero could no longer feel his hands, as though they weren’t a part of his body anymore.

“Stroke yourself in your tights, but remember that cumtime comes only after you do everything I ask.”

The hero’s powerful hands rose from their slumber and began to grip his cock and pump it slowly through the soft spandex of his red suit. A dumb smile came to his face as he continued to helplessly pleasure himself.

“I’m going to count to three, Captain, and when I reach the number three you will remove your tights and present yourself to your Master, like the good super-slave you are. I hope you’ve been wearing Master’s jock at all times, hero-boy. You know that I will never let you cum unless I know you’ve been a good boy.”

The hero sighed. His Master would be so pleased when He saw that he was wearing His jock, just as He had commanded.

Captain Power waited anxiously to prove himself a good slave.
He stroked his cock faster with anticipation. He wanted so much to do as his Master commanded.

The Captain nearly disintegrated his suit entirely with the ferocity with which he ripped it off of himself. He didn’t need it anyway, he was going to wear his Master’s jock always from now on.

And with that, the Captain knelt before his Master, longing to do everything he asked.

“Very good, my pet. You have been wearing my jock, as I ordered. Have you been doing all your other assigned tasks, as well?”

“Of course Master, last night I hypnotized another man for You to enslave. I even used my cock, as You suggested. It was much more effective than using just my eyes, he was completely in trance in under a minute. Some men just can’t resist a good superhero cock, I guess.”

“And what about the suits, my slave?” The Captain could tell his Master was happy with what he had just heard, and was excited to give Him more good news.

“I sent Your designs to my seamster, who is also now fully at Your will. He will have Your slave-suits done in a week, Master. He was excited to work with spandex again, and said that the briefs were a fantastic addition.

“I also should tell You, Master, that I don’t remember whatever it was You told me to forget, and that I do remember that when I am not in Your trance that I am still looking for suspects in the case.”

“Good, very good, my super-slave, you have done very well. I suppose I can let you cum now, but not in my jock. You must remove that for the time being, and cum while wearing these.” His Master held up a pair of plain, red briefs, with a familiar insignia on the front. It was the same letter ‘P’ that adorned his old super-suit.

“You will wear this to cum in, from now on. You don’t want to soil you Master’s nice jock, do you?”

The superhero suddenly felt sick. “Of course not, Master,” he protested, “I would never want to dirty your gift to me, Master, of course I will cum in those briefs, Master, just as you command.”

“That’s what I hoped to hear, hero-boy. Now go ahead and put these on, and prepare yourself by repeating the mantra I gave you.”

“I will obey my Master, my Master’s will is my will.”
“I will obey my Master, my Master’s will is my will.”
“I will obey my Master, my Master’s will is my will.”
“I will obey my Master, my Master’s will is my will.”

With every repetition, the hero’s cock grew ever harder. After only ten times of repeating it, Captain Power could not stand it anymore, and he began to whimper.

“It’s okay, Captain, you will cum on the count of five, okay? But when you do you will begin repeating your newest, and final trigger, one that I will be able to use whether you are in trance, or fully awake. That trigger is slave-boy. When you hear me say it, whether you are awake or in trance, you will strip to my jock, kneel before me, get hard and await further instruction. Do you understand?”

“Of-f c-c-c-course, M-aaaa-ster,” stammered the hero, as his body shook from intense pleasure.

“I will count you to cum now, Captain. When you have finished cumming you will wake up, and remember nothing that happened after you followed Mary into my club. You will return to your home, and then you will remember that you discovered a new suspect to follow, just as you did the last time, and the time before. You will continue following this new suspect for as long as you want, until you absolutely need to see me again, or until I contact you. Is that clear?”

The hero could only nod as he had begun moaning in both pleasure and agony.

“Alright, Captain, here we go.”


And all that could be heard on stage were the happy screams of the enslaved superhero, and the wicked cackling of the evil hypnotist, who knew that he would be seeing his pet again, very soon.


Re: Captain Power's Fall - Raichu

Rather interesting story there~ A superhero pet, or "Superpet" ^^

Re: Captain Power's Fall - koruichi

Thanks so much, do you think I should write another story? It would most likely be another superhero take-down, but maybe not Captain Power again... maybe.

Re: Captain Power's Fall - callmecrazy

This was hot!

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