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Here: Read yet another confession.

by Haxsaw

Here: Read yet another confession.

Dear Gentle Readers here we read of a girl with a confession. In as such she shares what occurs after listening to one of my files. I could not get what file it was that caused open her up. Please take your time and enjoy this account.

I am Vera. I am twenty years old. I share an apartment with two other girls. We came across warpmymind.com one night. Since my friend had the computer attached to a sub-woofer system I was seated dead center. My friends were seated at each side. We listened to some file by Haxsaw. It was about being made into a frozen object. I listened. I honestly do not see anything wrong with his files, really. I could doubt you call them hypnotism.
At the end I was woken!
It was strange. It was really, strange! I never knew I was asleep. I was thinking it was over so went to get up from my chair. I was not able to get up any. My two friends were sitting still, too. I mean, picture this, alright? It was Saturday night, okay? I was like, on display or something. I could swear people were looking at me. I could only move my eyes about. I was seeing different people looking at me.
The next weekend I was listening to Haxsaw again. I was standing this time. I was feeling someone strong move my body about. I was being played with like I was some giant doll or something. My two friends were no longer listening but I was!
O.M.G! It was beginning to turn me on. I was being turned on, being commanded by him. I was soon enough back at warpmymind. I was listening to other files and loved being told what to do. I sometimes fought him. I was literally powerless against whatever Haxsaw told me to do or say. In a way, trying to resist him was the part that turned me on. In trying to resist him I was shown how weak I was. Haxsaw was always so kind so I was glad he was in control. O.M.G! Should it ever be revealed who I am the world would think me mad!
I am now listening to sexual ones by Haxsaw. I have no boyfriend. I am loved... By Haxsaw! In an odd way I am okay for a short time at least. Would you believe I even dress sexy before listening to some of the files?
I was with Cable T.V. and saw the DISNEY NETWORK. I watched hypnosis on there. That is kids stuff compared to what Haxsaw offers. I have lost some weight and my boobs are definitely firmer. I was at first turned off by being forced to give a man a blowjob. In finding it was Haxsaw I was okay with it. It was in one of his files. I listen to it many a time. He is such an O.M.G moment on the Internet.
A mind controlled girl


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