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Wrestling with Change Chapter 3

by outkast1728

Wrestling with Change Chapter 3

Chapter 3 – Rivals

“Waiting for you, Stetson. What kept you?” Cameron responded without opening his eyes.
“What?” Ricky asked, stunned. He wasn’t sure exactly where this was going but just like earlier at practice he wasn’t about to stop it either.
“Come on Cowboy, don’t tell me you haven’t been thinking about what happened out there too.” He finally opened his eyes and stared up at Ricky, perspiration dripping down his face.
“Yeah, I have, but I think we should just forget about it.” Even as he said it Ricky could feel his hard on start to grow again. His mind was telling him one thing but the rest of him was indicating something completely different.
Cameron ran a hand across his chest, rubbing his nipple before sliding his hand downward to grope at the bulge that was expanding in his shorts, “I’m not going to forget about it until I can see how far we can go.”
Ricky found himself shuffling forward until he stood directly in front of his teammate; slowly he dropped to his knees and knelt on the warm tile floor between Cameron’s legs.
“Are you sure we should be doing this?” Ricky asked, his hands brushing along the insides of Cam’s thighs.
“No, but if you don’t…”
Ricky cut off the last part of Cam’s sentence when he suddenly lunged forward and kissed him full on the lips. Their lips locked together as Ricky cradled the back of Cam’s head in his hands, pulling them tighter together. Cam’s somewhat startled reaction faded quickly and his own hands were soon playing across Ricky’s chest, teasing at his nipples through the singlet. Tongues met as their mouths parted and the kiss lingered on for several minutes, there passion and arousal swelling with each moment.
Ricky eventually pulled away though, his lower lip still being sucked on by Cameron as he did so. He looked down at the sweat and condensation shining on Cam’s darker skin and knew he couldn’t stop now, he had to have more. He leaned in close again and kissed and licked at Cam’s cheek, nipping at his ear as he gradually moved lower. He nuzzled at the thick ropelike tendons in his neck and shoulder, his tongue tracing across his breastbone. Ricky’s face was soon buried in Cameron’s chest as he sucked the perspiration off his wide flat pecs pausing only to pinch his hardened nipples between his lips.
Cameron grunted and groaned as Cowboy teased at his skin, caressing his body with a tenderness and a longing he’d never felt before. He was as shocked and confused by how quickly he had worked past the barriers he was used to keeping between himself and his teammates. Finally giving in to these desires with Ricky worried him a little but he knew there was no way he was going to stop. Not when these sensations felt so good. The gentle touch of Ricky’s lips and tongue played across his body moving ever so slightly lower with each touch. He ran his hands through that gorgeously thick mop of brown hair on his head, tenderly forcing him to move down further.
The ripples of Cam’s abs lay before Ricky as he kissed and nuzzled his teammate. The delicate lines of his defined stomach tasted of the rich salty sweat that dripped steadily down them. A light trail of small black hairs led down from his navel until it met the waistband of his spandex shorts. The outline of his thick meaty cock throbbed obviously beneath the thin wet spandex that stretched across it. Ricky thrust his face into Cameron’s crotch, inhaling deeply of the manly scents that rose from him. His lips pressed down around the pulsing shaft of his dick, sucking it gently though the lycra. Cam pulled down harder on his head, forcing him harder and deeper into his groin. Ricky could feel every detail of his cock as it pressed against his face, sucking at the mushroom head as it spurted gobs of thick pre-cum into his shorts.
For Cameron the sensation was intense. His friend and rival’s face buried in his crotch, his hot breath blowing though his shorts as he ate away at his cock underneath. His hips involuntarily bucked upward, his ass clenching as he strived to have more contact. His hands lay across Ricky’s shoulders as he played with the straps of the new singlet, feeling the desire to pull that off him and have at the erection that Ricky must surely be feeling as strongly as his own. He didn’t have that long to dwell on it though as he felt Ricky’s fingers sliding under the waistline of his shorts, intently and purposefully pulling them downward off his hips. Ricky backed away slightly and yanked the shorts down to his knees, the wet spandex sliding down his thighs. Cameron’s dick sprang forward, finally free, standing ramrod straight out in front of him. The dark olive skin of his eight-inch long cock glistened in the dim foggy light of the shower room.
Ricky could feel his mouth start to water the instant that gorgeous prick was revealed. Sure he had seen it several times before when they had showered after practice, but never hard like this and never with the intentions he felt right now. His own dick surged underneath the singlet, streams of pre already running down the fabric where it mixed with his sweat. He wrapped one hand around the thick shaft, the other gently cupping his balls. He slowly squeezed and stroked Cameron’s dick, every caress eliciting a moan of pleasure from his friend. Running his thumb over the sensitive head, Cam’s cock jumped in response, throbbing and pulsing, doing its best to swell even larger if it could.
At first when Ricky’s warm wet hand grabbed a hold of his dick Cameron though he was in heaven. But that was until he felt the heat of his mouth surround him. First his tongue ran all the way up the underside of his shaft then back down across the top. Next he licked at and swirled the tip of his tongue around his swollen head, the pleasure so intense Cameron felt as though he would cry. Then those lips of his pressed softly down, kissing as first, then sucking and swallowing his meat. His cock plunged deeper and deeper into his mouth; Cameron was astonished at how much Stetson took in. Surely his cock was halfway down his throat by now. His tongue pressed against the underside of his dick where it met his ball sac, delicately ringed muscles in his throat doing their best to swallow him whole. He pulled back off, the sensation sliding over his dick nearly causing him to cum already, but he managed to hold it back. Over and over again Ricky drove down on his cock only to slowly pull back again.
The thick shaft filled Ricky’s mouth as the head of Cameron’s cock drover further down his throat with each impulse. His mind had finally given up on trying to figure out the situation, all he knew now was how much he enjoyed sucking on Cam’s dick, the way the rest of his body tingled with the excitement of it. He pulled and pulled on the prick with his mouth his hands alternating between caressing his stomach and thighs and fondling his heavy nuts. His nose found itself buried in the thick curly hairs around the base of the cock and his rapid breaths only surged more of Cameron’s rich scent into his nostrils. Every now and then he would lift his eyes up to Cam’s face, his mouth hung open as he panted for breath, eyes closed as perspiration ran down his cheeks and dripped onto his chest. Occasionally he would moan or make the slightest of growls and grunts as his dick was worked over, his strong hands quivered as they ran through Ricky’s damp hair or massaged his shoulders.
After several minutes Cameron knew he couldn’t hold out much longer. His hips gentle thrusts up into Ricky’s face became more frantic as he felt his orgasm approach.
“Oh Ricky, I’m gonna cum… uhhhn,” he called out in warning.
He figured Cowboy would pull off at that point but instead he only worked his cock harder, squeezing his balls slightly with one hand as the other found its way beneath him and rubbed his ass. Cameron could swear Ricky had his tongue wrapped completely around his shaft it was constricting tighter and tighter. Eventually Cameron had to let himself go. His hips and butt clenched and he felt a wave of pressure work through his entire body as his muscles all contracted from his head to his toes. The sensation eventually centered on his crotch as an immense wad of thick cum rocketed through his shaft and into his friend’s waiting mouth. His toes curled and his hands grasped at Ricky’s shoulders as the orgasm pulsed through him, the pleasure so intense he couldn’t even moan aloud, his mouth hung open in a silent scream of ecstasy.
Ricky’s body seemed to react purely on instinct; the momentary thought of not wanting to let Cameron cum in his throat was overridden as his mouth and tongue clamped down harder on the throbbing hunk of flesh. He felt Cam’s grip on his shoulders tighten a brief second before his cock exploded in his maw, loosing jet after jet of molten jizz. The sticky mass coated his throat as he swallowed every spurt that leapt from the swollen head of his friend’s prick. The salty tang filled his mouth and warmed his body to the very core as it slipped across his tongue and down into his stomach. His own dick surged in response, thick gobs of pre-cum and perspiration were rolling down his thighs, despite the heat his entire body shivered from the intense sensations. It seemed like minutes before the flow of semen slowed and Ricky pulled back, catching one last burst of cum on his lips as he moved away.
Cameron panted as the moment passed and his cock was freed from Stetson’s mouth. The steamy air of the showers felt cold against his skin by comparison. But instead of feeling the expected relief and euphoria as he usually felt when blew his load Cameron instead felt a growing hunger, a desire stronger than any he had every felt before. After barely enough time to catch his breath he lunged at Ricky, knocking him flat to his back as he locked his lips onto Ricky’s, licking the warm remnants of his own orgasm off of him.
When he fell backward Ricky hit his head hard enough to see stars for a moment. When his vision cleared all he could see was the close-up view of Cam’s eyes as their bodies pressed together. The warm wet feeling of the tiled floor beneath him was nothing compared to the heat of Cameron’s body as his slid and ground atop his own. His teammate’s crotch pressed onto his stomach as he straddled him, his own cock straining beneath the singlet occasionally rubbing against his partner’s thighs. His frustration and desire for more contact was ultimately fulfilled when Cameron started to slide lower, taking great care to rub his entire body down across the spandex singlet between them. Their crotches met and ground together, the feeling of their two hard cocks separated by only the thinnest layer of lycra material sent an electric thrill through Ricky unlike anything he had ever experienced before.
Cameron’s thoughts were very similar, his own body rejoiced at the close contact with Ricky. The sensations were a thousand times better than he could have imagined, nothing like when he wrestled with other guys and even better than he felt earlier in practice with Cowboy. His hand ran across his broad pecs as he slid lower, grasping at the shoulder straps of the singlet as he pulled them down, the spandex stretching as it was tugged along. Leaving the singlet up just high enough to keep Ricky’s cock covered Cameron was surprised to see that that hard piece of meat extended almost halfway up his stomach, the stiff throbbing shaft pressed down against rippling abs by the spandex. His grin widened further as his gaze drifted further up, sitting up slightly as his hands moved across Ricky’s chest.
“Man Cowboy, you really are hairy… that’s so hot!”
“What’s that supposed to mean…” Ricky’s voice trailed off as he lifted his head and turned his attention from Cam to his own chest.
Across his chest was the thickest covering of hair he had ever seen. There was absolutely no trace of the clean-shaven skin he had left the house with earlier that morning. While not exceptionally long the brownish-grey hair was dense enough that he could barely make out his nipples. What’s more, this hair, while thinning out up across his shoulders, was still quite obvious even down the length of his arms. The thick mass across his chest continued uninterrupted down to his abs, in fact now that he was concentrating on it he could feel his cock rubbing against it clear down his stomach. All the while Cam ran his hands through it, matting it down then ruffling it up again ad he stroked it in different directions. Ricky was truly at a loss for how this could have happened but a sudden surge from his cock reminded him he had more urgent needs than to puzzle over a bit of extra hair.
Cameron was still playing with the hair on his chest but by now he had leaned in close and was nuzzling against the spandex that covered Ricky’s cock with his face. He nibbled and massaged the thick shaft with his lips, kissing and sucking at it, drinking his sweat and pre right through the singlet. Ricky found himself panting from the sensations that were produced but his need was still growing, he gently pushed down on Cam’s head urging him lower forcing him to pull the singlet down further and freeing his rigid cock. Cameron sat off to one side for a second and pulled the singlet the rest of the way down, eventually freeing it from his legs and tossing it against the shower wall with a wet slap.
With the uniform removed Cameron could finally see Cowboy’s entire body in detail. He really was a lot hairier than anybody he had ever seen. It was amazing he had managed to keep this hidden for so long. The thick grayish hair spread across his abs and completely encircled his waist. It completely enveloped his crotch and from what he could see even covered his ass. It was just as extensive down his legs but finally thinned out just above his knees and the rest of his calves simply looked darker than usual.
In the midst of all that was his cock. Ricky’s piece had to be well over ten inches long from the large glistening mushroom head to where the base disappeared into the dense hair and nearly as thick as a baseball bat. Cameron’s mouth started to water at the sight of it, he moved back over Cowboy and sat astride his legs. He gripped that massive rod in both hands and stoked up and down its length. Scooting in a little closer he rubbed his own cock up against it and soon had both their pricks covered in a liberal coat of the clear slick pre that flowed in a steady stream from Ricky’s engorged penis.
If Ricky was surprised by the sudden increase in his body hair, the tremendous growth of his cock completely shocked him. No way could this be explained away by adolescent hormones, his prick had nearly doubled in length and girth. Not that he was about to complain about it. Cam’s hands were wrapped tightly around his cock sliding against the sensitive skin, he could feel some of the rough calluses of his palms passing over every vein and curve of his dick. When their two shafts touched the tingling warmth quickly spread through the rest of Ricky’s body. Soon Cameron was once again laid out over top of him, grinding away as he humped against Ricky’s dick, mashing against his stomach and its thick covering of hair. Ricky found himself thrusting back up against him, moving in time and building up a sensual rhythm that made him feel as horny as he had ever been in his life.
Cameron quickened the pace as he ground their two cocks together. The gigantic log that was Ricky’s piece burned against his stomach leaving a steadily thickening coat of pre where it touched his skin. He leaned forward and once again their lips met, locking together even as their bodies writhed together on the cool wet tile floor. Cameron broke away again as he continued to thrust his member against Ricky’s hair covered body. He panted as he felt he was close to cuming again and he could tell by the intense look on Ricky’s face that he wasn’t far behind.
The powerful sensations surging through his body were almost more than Ricky could handle. He could feel the dense layer of hair as it became matted with sweat and weighed down on his body. His pulse raced causing his terrifically endowed cock to throb forcefully. Each jolt seemed to push out a small handful of pre from the tip and deposit on his chest where it was quickly smeared in by Cam’s body sliding across his own. Soon a new feeling took over. The sensation started deep in his balls and it felt as though they were swelling rapidly, stretching slightly. The feeling radiated out from there down his legs to his toes and up his torso before traveling down his arms to the very tips of his fingers. Every muscle felt like it was bulging, contracting and relaxing in rapid succession. He imagined he could hear the sound of his skin stretching to hold it all in but very little was audible over the pants and grunts he and Cam were making. Finally the swelling sensation hit the base of his cock then rocketed down the length of his shaft before erupting outward in the form of a torrent of hot white fluid.
Twin shouts of ecstasy reverberated off the walls as Cameron blew his second load of the afternoon at the same time that Ricky orgasmed. Cameron was almost knocked aside when Ricky’s hips started to buck and his massive cock heaved. Each blast of cum ricocheted off Cam’s chest and neck before splattering all over Ricky’s face. His own cock burned as he deposited his seed on Ricky’s crotch. Minutes passed and the flow of jizz from Ricky had barely slackened. Cam took to scooping it off in great handfuls, alternately smearing it over his exposed skin and lapping it up with his tongue. The salty thick tang of it flooded his senses and he found himself wanting it more and more. When the deluge of spunk eventually subsided Cameron rolled off to the side and hit the floor with a dull wet thud. Together he and Ricky lay there on the shower floor a sticky white mess, each of them heaving for breath.
Ricky lay there in a state of blissful paradise. He never imagined anything could feel as good as what he just experienced. He had lost count of the number of shots that had exploded from his cock, he never would have believed he was capable of producing such a massive amount of cum. The euphoria of the moment pushed aside and doubts or suspicions about what was happening to him. Lost even further was the fact that it was his teammate and rival that he had just gotten off with. He looked over at Cam and saw him flash a wry grin.
“Dude, you’re a mess.”
“You’re not exactly Mr. Clean yourself, Stetson.”
Ricky looked down at his hair-covered body, now sporting a liberal amount of cum, and laughed, “Yeah I guess you’re right.”
“That was pretty intense, I never figured anybody could cum so much at one time, you been poppin Viagra or something Cowboy?” Cameron asked as he got to his feet.
Ricky shook his head as he sat up, “Nope. I guess I’m just a stud like that.”
“I’ll say.”
Cameron turned to one of the nearby showers and started to wash himself off. Ricky was a little surprised at how easily Cameron seemed to be taking this all in. He’d never had any indication that Cam felt this way about him or anybody else for that matter. Here they had just made out with each other and as far as Cameron was concerned right now the might have just finished running laps. Ricky shook his head as he stood up at an adjacent shower and started to clean up as well. They showered in silence but every now and then Ricky would look over and catch Cameron staring at him and he’d smile, wink, then look away.
It was unbelievable. He had never experienced feelings like this for one of his teammates but Cameron wasn’t going to complain. Every time he looked over at Ricky’s hair covered body he feel his dick stir. He never imagined he would do something like this here in the locker room before but now he couldn’t stop thinking about it. When he finished rinsing off he shut off his shower and turned to leave. Stetson was still washing up, gently soaping his long thick cock and Cameron found that he couldn’t help himself. As he strode past him he grabbed a hold of Cowboy’s dick and squeezed while leaning in close and giving him a quick kiss, before he walked out.
Cameron strode out into the locker area, the cool air playing across his skin as he continued to towel off. He sat down on a bench in front of his locker and started to pull out his clothes. He was nearly finished dressing when he noticed Ricky’s duffle bag a few lockers down, the fancy new wrestling shoes setting on top. He reached over and picked one up he turned it over in his hands tracing a finger along the sole and across the ‘w’ emblazoned buckle on the top. The thought barely had time to register when he lifted it to his nose and inhaled deeply. Rich scents filled his nostrils, the rich musky odor of Ricky’s foot was barely detectable under the more acrid smell of the new materials. Cameron wanted desperately to try them on himself, but not here, Ricky would be finished in the shower any minute. He thought about it for a moment then quickly opened Ricky’s locker and pulled out his old battered pair of shoes. He slid them into the shoe compartment of Ricky’s bag and zipped it shut. Cameron quickly slipped the new shoes into his own gym bag and threw his dirty clothes in on top of them.
Ricky found that is was taking much longer than usual to shower off. The thick hair that now covered much of his torso was proving rather difficult to rinse free of the spattering of cum he had earlier received. He also took the time to scrape his soaking wet singlet off the far wall and rinse it out. When he finally finished he had to use three towels to get completely dry. As he walked back to his locker he spotted Cameron just as he was finishing packing his bag.
“So you think you’ll be able to order me the right size uniform now?”
“Yep,” Ricky said as he stepped up close and gave Cameron’s cock a playful squeeze through his jeans, “extra large.”
“You know it, Cowboy.” Cameron winked as he strode past, slapping Ricky on his bare ass. “See you tomorrow, then.”
Ricky sat down on the bench and watched Cam leave. His entire body was still tingling from the memory of his touch. He very slowly started to get dressed. He really didn’t want to put on his regular street clothes, he had the strongest urge to pull the singlet back on but as he reached for the sopping wet spandex material, common sense won out and he ended up placing it inside the wet bag of his duffle. The entire walk home, his mind raced as he pictured the rest of the team in the new uniforms, how great they would look on the mats as they dominated their opponents. As soon as he got home he barely said hi to his dad as he raced up to his room and pulled out Jack’s business card.
“Gene-pool team sales, this is Jack how may I help you?”
“Hey Jack, this is Ricky.”
“Oh hey there, how’s it going? I was wondering whether or not you would call tonight. How did practice go?”
Ricky smiled to himself as he thought about everything that had occurred that afternoon. “Practice was awesome, man. The whole team loved the new stuff, they really flipped out when they saw it.”
“Super! And what about you, you’ve been wearing everything right? How does it feel?”
“Oh it’s been great, I’ve tried everything out and it really all feels great.”
“So you feel good right? No problems or anything unexpected then?”
Stopping dead in his tracks for a moment, Ricky felt a little alarmed. Unexpected? His extremely hairy body and giving his teammate a blowjob in the shower… yeah you could call that unexpected. But there was no way Jack could know about any of that and fat chance if he was going to tell him about it. “No, everything’s good. No problems at all.”
Ricky swore he could make out a rather disappointed sigh, “That’s great, so what did good old Coach Bartlet have to say?”
“You know at first I didn’t think he was going to go for it, but then he watched your demo DVD and that convinced him. He wants to go for the complete package, the whole smash!” Ricky found himself almost shouting as he paced around his room.
“That’s fantastic! Yeah the DVD usually does the trick to get them on board.” You could almost hear the smirk on the other end of the phone line. “In fact you should let your parents watch it, makes everything much clearer on what Gene-pool provides.”
Ricky scratched his head, a little confused about why his dad would be interested in a product video for their new uniforms, but he agreed to show it to him nonetheless. “Sure, I‘ll let him take a look at it. In the mean time I’ve got all the sizes we’ll need for the team.”
“Great, let’s have ‘em and I’ll get things into production tonight!”
Pulling the note pad Max gave him out, Ricky flopped down on the bed and started to read off the order, “Well for singlets we’ll need…” It took nearly twenty minutes for Ricky to read off the whole order, all the while he could hear Jack typing on the other end of the line as he entered their information.
“Right, so that’s two pairs of shoes, size 9. Ok, I’m also gonna have them drop ship a case of the DVD’s to you tomorrow so the rest of the team can take them home to their families too. Well that should have it right?”
“Yeah, I guess so.” Ricky said tossing the notepad aside.
“This is great Ricky, I really am grateful for your help with this. This order should be ready in a couple of days so I’ll call you when it’s ready to ship. In the mean time keep wearing your demo gear and if you need anything at all call me, ok?”
“Sure thing Jack. Talk to you soon then.”
Ricky ended the call and tossed his cell phone aside. He lay there on his bed for a while, slowly reliving every facet of his encounter with Cameron. The way he looked as the steam and sweat beaded up and ran down his dark skin. Every detailed curve and crevice of his powerful muscles. How it felt when their lips touched and the salty sweet taste of his flesh, and the smell of his stiff cock as it thrust towards his mouth. He absentmindedly reached down and undid his fly, his hands darting into his pants to massage at a resurgent erection.
Before he could get too carried away though, he heard his dad calling him down for dinner. Swearing under his breath Ricky gave himself a few moments to calm down before grabbing the sales folder and DVD out of his gym bag and heading downstairs. His dad tried to engage him in conversation over their spaghetti and meatballs but this was one time Ricky had no intention of describing how his day went. With dinner finally over and the dishes cleaned and put away Ricky took out the Gene-pool DVD and asked his dad to take a look at it. Like he figured he would be, his dad was skeptical about needing to watch it but agreed to do so anyway.
Back in his room Ricky was trying to get started on his homework but trigonometry had never seemed less interesting than it did at the moment. His mind kept drifting to his gym bag and then back to Cameron. It was during one of these frequent derailments of his train of thought that he remembered his soaking wet singlet was still balled up in his duffle bag. He leaned over and grabbed the bag and pulled out the damp uniform, dislodging his nylon warm-ups in the process. He held the singlet up to his face, the cool clingy fabric sticking to his skin as he inhaled. He almost imagined he could smell the very excitement itself of the earlier events. Ricky was still holding it to his face when it started to drip, fat droplets of water spilling down his shirt and soaking into his pants.
Ricky grumbled as he got up and took the uniform into his bathroom, hanging it in the tub to dry. He then pulled off his wet shirt and dropped his pants and stood there facing himself in the mirror. He again found himself puzzling over the amount of hair that now covered his body; however he was gradually becoming less and less concerned about it. Then he noticed something new. He seemed bigger than before. Not really much taller but definitely more massive. He leaned in closer to the mirror and he could make out the outlines of his muscles beneath the hair. Ricky saw that his physique was now ripped and cut, he had a body that would make any junior body builder jealous. Broad flat pecs, biceps like melons, a solid eight pack of abs, his entire body exuded power. He stood back a bit and flexed and posed for himself.


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