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Another story: Another Confession.

by Haxsaw

Another story: Another Confession.

Dear Gentle Readers, I re-wrote this piece. The one who sent it in was poor with English. It was they experimented, after New Years Eve. It was that and they were drinking. This just goes to show you drugs and life do not mix, huh? I guess we all have been there. In this be open minded, please. I changed everyone's name and place setting. In this the girl gets more than she bargained for.

We were with the glass in the center of the table. It was after midnight. Our island screamed in the New Year. Frank stated it was the year of the snake. I did not give a care. Now we were all around the table in the backyard. I held my finger on the edge of the glass, as per his instructions. We were drinking glasses of Royale Salute and all were feeling fine. I was feeling flushed. The air outside was rather nice. I had no idea what was going to happen to me. What was the spirit of the glass going to bring us for luck, anyhow?
Gregg was having us in the master parlor of his rental by the ocean. He had a laptop computer. He was getting some website. He went and downloaded a file he wanted me to listen to. I was going to? Really? He told me the drinks were free so why not? I agreed, of course.
We were in swim suits as the ocean was so close, just outdoors to us. We were sworn to be up all night. The cabin is really rather private so I am more than happy. I am feeling safe here with the five guys. In a way, it is like being guarded! :)
I was listening to this file from a guy named Haxsaw. All I remember was relaxing. My legs were relaxing, then floating behind. I do not know who this Haxsaw is but I love the man! I sent this confession in what is called twisted English. In English my nose bleeds. Haxsaw assured me it would be readable, once he was done with it. What a man! I first listened and thought him some idiot. I thought it odd him telling me to relax and let go. I understood not everything yet when his fingers snapped I had eyes closed and slept so well.
I cannot say the same for the men in my life.

I was commanded to pose before them. I was told to get on my knees before some of them guys. I was so humiliated, so embarrassed. Some of the guys used cellphones and took picture images of me this way. I could feel my face turn red when it took place. I was helpless to obey their every words! Gregg would stand before me as my mouth was open. I wanted to hide somewhere. I felt like a fool. All I could do was remain kneeling. I wanted to stab him.
In my room I had the laptop with me. I listened to Haxsaw. He is like a great lover! I am madly in love with him and do not even know why. I want to meet him so much. I did do some swimming. It was in bed I was listening to Haxsaw, after. The guys were passed out from too much Royale Salute. I am a sipper.
I am so just the first few moments of his file cause me to react. Are others reacting this way? Is it normal to simply awaken, not remembering what you heard? I will ask the great Haxsaw for a free file. I read at the site he does custom files. I will gladly be his geisha girl if I could! Tee-hee-hee. Just one free file Haxsaw. Could you, please? Should I be there I would give you a sukhumvit or a ratchadasik all afternoon. I love you, Haxsaw.


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