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Francisca, more for a Habit.

by Haxsaw

Francisca, more for a Habit.

So we run across the next alluring chapter of Francisca. I have had a few requests for more of her. I am pleased this piece of general fiction was liked by a few gentle readers. Please be open minded and try enjoying her.

It was they were seated in his living room. Haxsaw was laying back across his wrap around couch. Francisca watched him intently. The evening was theirs together once more. She was still feeling uneasy. It was as if she needed to go run off. It was as if she needed run off and do some other job. Looking at Haxsaw as he rose from the sofa set made her breathing quicker then before. She was ashamed, hoping he would not notice it any.
Francisca was reading The Holy Bible.
"I found it by your encyclopedias," she stated aloud. "1st Corinthians 13: 12." She placed the book aside and spoke on. "I mean I see myself as I think I am yet then there is a time I will see myself as others know me to be." She then thought, deeply. "Hmm...."
Haxsaw stumbled along toward her.
"Come on," he motioned with his extended arm. "Lets go upstairs, dear."

He slowly made his way up the staircase like an old saint who never tired. Though his feet shuffled he ascended to the top. Francisca was on his heels. She was obsessed with him anyway. For some reason his broad shoulders and tight arms attracted her. She suddenly wanted to be dominated by him. Submission was always what she wanted, all along. So long as the man was kind, understanding and loving. Haxsaw was all the bill. He paid all the debts she needed satisfied. She would have followed him through broken glass if in the right mood. She would often think of following him to Hell if need be.
He took her to the same bedroom again. She was at a tiny table once more. The open windows let in a teasingly gentle breeze. The curtains were drawn open yet the night was all too vain to look out at. The neighborhood was all a distant, darkened area that way.
Haxsaw placed on the electromagnetic device. He was following as was in the file, "Magnetic Personality." He next placed a small, round magnet within Francisca's ear. There was romantic music playing. It was easy and soothing. She was liking it and wanting to listen on and on.
Haxsaw spoke soothing words again. Francisca was soon out again. She was relaxed and deeply under his control. Using the right words now she wanted to obey deeply. As she drooped and sagged Haxsaw soon had her convinced she need serve. In short time she was at his feet, massaging them while Haxsaw sat.
She was rubbing and licking at his ankles. Suddenly, her pussy felt wet. Why? She hugged his feet tight as if life was weighed upon them being there for her. Haxsaw was telling what a good girl she was. Francisca really, really needed to hear this! It made her breasts tingle. She moaned softly. She clung to his feet tighter than ever. Haxsaw reached down and patted her on the top of her head. Francisca felt she came. Her panties were soaked.

The rest of the evening was Haxsaw lying on top of her. She did not know it, yet she was nude. She could feel, really feel his arched penis press against her. It frightened her. She was so timid. Any moment it could penetrate her with savage love. As scary as it was she wanted, hungered to be used by him. For some unknown reason she wanted to become a sex doll. She envisioned herself as a blow up, rubber sex doll. She dreamed Haxsaw was pumping her silly. She was seeing she was unable to stop or even resist. All she could do was lie there and be a good little girl. All she could do was lie and take him.
Later, she was on her hands and knees. Haxsaw was coming at her from behind. Francisca screamed. She screamed as his huge member pressed up, deep within her. He had a strong hand cupped over her shoulder. Another hand pressed down on her back side. Haxsaw stood slightly and started thrashing within her!
As she cried, over and over Haxsaw told it was the best sex she ever had. Within seconds Francisca was wetter than ever she imagined. She was so wet it embarrassed her, fully. Her back arched but then her head fell forward. Haxsaw was using her as if she was a sex doll.
"Sex doll."
The name echoed within her minds chamber. In short, she was being brainwashed. After about forty two minutes his rough voice, gagging for air, told snapping fingers would cause her to relax and obey. Yes, of course! She wanted to be a good girl, right?

Francisca woke up nude again. She was handcuffed to Haxsaw's wrist. He was still deeply asleep. She awoke him also. The cuffs came off. After a breakfast of muffins and fresh fruit they chatted over fresher coffee. While they spoke Francisca looked at Haxsaw dead eye again. She could not remember what took place last night. Her body was sore and spent. Still, seeing him look back made her hungry again.
"I really love you," she told him.


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