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Tricked by a friend

by HypnoDiaperSlave

Tricked by a friend

(This is an old story; love the idea but could use a rewrite. Recently updated a few minor things.)

One summer, I was staying at a friend's house. Their parents were almost never home, life was good. We sat around doing nothing except for the occasional bike ride. For some background, my friend's family and mine are close friends, and we're practically brothers. We're both 19, John, my friend, being a few months older. They live in a relatively large house. Anyway, one day John and I were going to have a gaming marathon, all day. We brought up some food and soda, and also something in a brown paper bag. "What's in there, John?" I asked. "Something to help up not interrupt our gaming marathon." He replied. He then pulled out a bag of diapers, and my jaw practically hit the floor. "You cant expect us to wear Diapers!" I almost yelled. "I don't see how this could be embarrassing, we've both seen each other naked, and Im going to be wearing them too."He said "Alright, I guess.". He then opened the package, and also pulled out some baby powder. He grabbed 3 diapers for each of us, and handed my the powder. "You can go change elsewhere, if you want. Put all 3 of them on" I nodded and went to the other room. Quickly pulling off my pants and underwear, I took some powder and applied it to all over my crotch. I pulled a diaper up tentatively, and taped it. The crinkle was nice sounding, and the diaper was snug. I pulled up the other 2, and waddled over to the computer room. Unknown to me, John had set up a subliminal program on my computer to make me dependent on diapers , and follow his commands. I handed him the baby powder and we went to the other room. "Also put on the plastic pants in the bag" He called from the other room. I bent down and pulled out the plastic pants, and slipped them over the diapers. He walked back in, also clad in diapers. "Alright lets get this started" He said with a grin. We played several games throughout the hours, and I didnt have to pee for the most part, until the middle of the round in the game we were playing. "John, cover me, I need to go use the bathroom." I said "Just use your diaper, that's why I got them for us." "Fine, I guess". I slowly let my pee into the diaper, and the warm wetness felt good. Over the next few hours, I wet my diaper some more. I didn't poop in it, and after we finished our gaming marathon we took our diapers off and took showers, and disposed of them. That night, I nearly wet the bed, but I made it to the bathroom in time. This continued for a whole week, and then we had our next gaming marathon. We both got ready separately, and he setup the program again. That time I wet it fairly quickly, and several more times before we were finished. That night I wet the bed. I woke him up after and he helped me get the sheets in the washer. "You should start wearing a diaper and plastic pants to bed' He told me. I started to protest then realized he was right. I nodded and he went and pulled them out. I changed into one, and it was wet in the morning. From then on, I started wearing diapers to bed. He changed the program to make me dribble pee all day, and after our next marathon, my diaper was flooded. "You should start wearing more, just in case" "I agree, this thing is sagging greatly."At that moment I let out a fart, and shit my diapers. His eyes widened and he grinned."Dont worry about it, it happens to us all". At that moment he shit his diapers and we both laughed. We changed, and by bedtime, my underwear was quite we. "I think you should start wearing diapers all the time" John said. "Yea, I dont know whats up with my body, Im sure its just a phase." I put on 2 thick nighttime diapers and fell asleep. After I was asleep, John setup a small set of speakers that were designed to hypnotize me while I slept to crave diapers and follow his commands. The next morning, my diaper was soaked, and I changed it like normal. For the next few weeks, I started shitting and wetting my pants more and more, like a toddler. John kept 'nudging' me to wear thicker diapers. I followed what he said, but school was going to start soon and I would be the laughingstock of the school if I wore diapers. John came up to me when I was changing myself a week before school started. "Hey, I found this type of underwear that is very tight and keeps all your poop and pee from leaking. It doesnt absorb it, but none will know." "Give it to me then!" I exclaimed. "One condition, you become my slave"By this time, the hypnotic conditioning had gone deep, and I heartily agreed. He changed the program to start giving my back most of my continence, but to still dribble fluids all day, again without my knowledge. I did tasks for him, and he gave me the special underwear. One day, I found the program on my computer when he wasnt home. I left it be, but installed it on his computer, and set it to make his penis shrink, lose his continence, and stop making me his slave. Over the next few weeks, our positions swapped. I also put in a command for him to not touch any hypnosis-related programs. Now, I am his master, and I control his continence. I still wear diapers at home, and he wears them all the time, without anyone knowing


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