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    Full title: Sissy addict curse part 2: Cock reminders Part A. <br> Some of you found the Sissy Addict Curse: Cock reminders file very long, and wanted a shorter version. So I split it in two files. This is the first part. Each part can be listened to as a standalone file, since both contain the addiction and curse warnings, as well as the addict curse induction that the larger file uses. I uploaded both part A and part B to the long Sissy Addict Curse 2: Cock Reminders file as well, so if you have bought or choose to buy the longer file, you get access to both the shorter versions as well. <br> <br>Now, on to the description. <br>Hello my cute, little, sissy whore. Are you ready to take your cock addiction to the next level, once again? If you are, I think you are going to enjoy this new file, which focuses on specific aspects of your cock addict behavior, and acts as a magnifying glass, building and strengthening the associations inside your brain between everyday situations and thoughts about cock craving and come swallowing. <br><br>

    WARNING: Like the “Sissy addict curse”, this file is a strong addiction causing curse file as well. People who listened to “Sissy addict curse” know that the warnings that I put in the description are real, so, if you plan on listening to this file, be prepared for your everyday thoughts to be utterly and completely changed forever. After listening to this file, you will be unable to do everyday things without your cock obsession increasing all the time, forcing you to find as many ways as possible to find all the men that you can, who will feed your insatiable hunger for cock and come. <br><br> Now, sit back, relax, and let me explain a little bit what I am talking about. Have you noticed the behavior of a smoker? Have you noticed that a smoker has associated specific events in his everyday life with the urge to smoke? Let’s see how a smoker behaves. Usually, a smoker wakes up in the morning and after a little while he wants to smoke his first cigarette. Then he wants to smoke when he drinks his morning coffee. Then he wants to smoke after breakfast. And on, and on, almost everything that a smoker does, he gets reminded of his will or his need to smoke. And there are many associations inside a smoker’s brain between smoking and the everyday activities that he engages in. <br><br> A similar thing is going to happen to you sweetie, but not for cigarettes of course. You are cursed to be addicted to cocks forever sweetie, and this file is making you even more addicted, so that you get reminded of your cock craving during your everyday activities.

    In this file, I have used the same warnings, which, if you have listened to the first file, are going to only act as reminders of your cock addict status now, followed by the beautiful cock addiction causing curse induction of the “Sissy addict curse” file. Then, I have created a cock addiction symbol for you, which I am going to place deep in your brain, making cock a permanent part of your thinking. Then we will be installing many triggers deep into your brain, so that your cock obsession increases even more inside you, because now many of your everyday activities are going to remind you of your need to suck cock and get fucked.

    Everyday activities get converted to powerful cock and cum craving triggers, as the associations of being a sissy whore for men inside your brain expand to take over your life. <br><br> Some of the triggers that are installed and reinforced deep inside your brain, using intelligently made hypnotic suggestions, as well as powerful affirmations, are: <br> Getting out of bed in the morning and having cock in your mind. <br> Everyday bathroom activities like peeing, pooping, washing your hands, washing your face, reminding you of how much you crave to be filled with cum. <br> Your brain becoming more and more addicted to cock and cum and becoming more and more feminine, every time you find yourself being nude. <br> Being addicted to wearing only panties, because this is what sissy whores wear. <br> Wearing pantyhose makes you hot and horny for men and cock. <br> Every time that you wear a pair of trousers, you are going to think, about attracting men, and making them want, to fuck you deep and hard. <br> Every time you see a skirt, you are thinking of cock and you get more and more aroused. <br> Every time you look at a bra, you are becoming more feminine and you crave more come in you. <br><br> Reminder: If you have already bought Sissy Curse Addict 2: Cock Reminders, or are planning to buy it, you do not need to buy this one. You can find this exact file, which is part A, as well as part B, as bonus downloads for that file. <br><br> You can find the rest of my files by clicking on my name on the upper right corner. <br> Thank you for listening, <br> NinaTemptress.

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