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    Sluts, dolls, toys, inflatable fuck dollies, objects, brainless bimbos, robotic pleasure holes - if that describes you in any way, this is the file for your thirsty little brain.

    The gender and orientation of the object is more or less unimportant: if you identify as a warm wet hole in need of use, then this file, which installs simple but potent behavioral triggers, will lend your mind the triggery goodness to increase remote control fuck doll and operator bonding, in the most intensive of ways.

    This is a 39 minute brainwashing file which installs a set of triggers. That's pretty much it: the triggers give total sexual access and control over to the person the listener shares them with. So, share them selectively and carefully. Or don't say I didn't tell you. If you're not ready to share them, that's fine - you can listen and listen to this as much as you like, and it just makes you that much more prepared to belong unwaveringly and without hesitation to your eventual Operator. You will be perpetually ready for your Operator to fuck or pimp out to be fucked.

    The object of focus is on obedience and on-demand fuckability to the operator of the doll's selection. One of the last free will choices I suppose a slutty little object is entitled to is that of Operator.

    The file is normalized for play after my Basic Eyes-Up induction, if you need a more structured induction, though this does ease you in.

    There's music, multiple tracks, and...some warm wet and emphatic organic human sounds.

    Rating: ★★★★★ (1)
    Length: 39:02
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