• Shore of Relaxation Induction    
    The induction portion of the amazing Shore of Relaxation by MN_FriendlyGuy. Start your playlists off with a fantastically relaxing induction that takes you by the hand and gently guides you into a trance that's so...deliciously...deep.

    Original description: "It feels good to relax. It really does. And, that's the point of this mp3... it invites you to relax. Many folks tell how difficult it is to reach a state of trance - especially if they're new to hypnosis or a new WMM member. They hunger for the experience of feeling deep trance without any understanding of what it feels like or how to get there. That makes it difficult. It's so much easier to simply relax. Headphones/earbuds are recommended since this recording includes binaural effects."

    I highly recommend downloading the original file as well. It's great for anyone who wants to let go of the day's stresses and lousy moods, calm an overactive mind, and just relax. It's also a very useful file for someone who's new to self-hypnosis and wants to become familiar & comfortable with trance state. Get it here: https://www.warpmymind.com/index.php?gadget=HFiles&action=GetFile&file_id=6504

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