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    Visualize your ideal penis, and attain it the easy way! Feel your dick getting bigger every time you put on a jockstrap, and since your cock only grows overnight and while you are wearing a jock you have total control over when and where your dick is growing so you can avoid being hard when you don't want it.  

    This file takes you back to adolescence, and implants a trigger that instantly sends your body back into puberty every time you put on a jockstrap; while making the experience of wearing a jockstrap addictively pleasureable so your penis can remain erect and pleasureably growing for as long as you wear the jock.  

    This file may cause frequent erections, intense horniness, increased male hormones, increased fertility, and addiction to jockstraps.

    Rating: ★★★★★ (10)
    Length: 59:59
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    Nice file! I've listened to the mp3 & binaural versions. The binaural seems like it may have greater impact on me. I REALLY appreciate the subliminal version. I have listened to that the most. I like the fact that you can be listening (I put on repeat) and do other things. The other files take an hour out of my day. I did wake up this morning with a really stiff cock in my jock. :) Thanks for making this file.:)
    For more information and test subject reports see: http://vastcountry.blogspot.com/2017/10/jockstrap-penis-growth.html
    I'm very disappointed by this file. First a common flaw with a lot of the files found on this site : all the breathing on the microphone and misspelled words are very annoying and give me a hard time to stay in trance. A basic youtuber learn to clean his audio quickly, we should expect as much from paid audio content. Secondly and that is why this file will never work for me, a great part of the story rely on bringing back the memory of an hypothetical morning where I would have soiled my sheets with cum during the night and realized how big my cock had become. I don't have such memory so it is impossible for me to rely on the narrative.
    Jadorm: Subjects who have negative expectations of a trance tend to have poor results. Hypnosis is very expectation sensitive and having a preconceived notion of "this will work" is much more likely to produce the desired effects. As for the memory implant; it's just that: an implanted memory. In subjects who have NOT talked themselves out of trance like you did, it actually functions just like a real memory even if it didn't happen.
    Shit man! Been listening to this on and off, but just now was the first time I actually stayed rock hard through the whole thing Gonna keep wearing my dirty jock and hope I get results soon >:)
    Forgot to mention I was pretty much throbbing and spurting pre the entire time every time something horny was mentioned. Distracting tbh but I focused back on the voice as much as I could each time
    Unbelievable file. Just finished 3rd listen and my cock is throbbing and aching. Feels like when I was a teenager, and that was many years ago. I already want to wear my jock all the time now. I am connecting it with penis growth and simply the feeling of overwhelming masculinity. Damn powerful!
    I got this file and listened a few times the first night. I didn't own any jockstraps so I had ordered a few online. The very next morning I woke up as I always do and started surfing the web, my jockstrap order was still there, I got hard looking at the pic of the jock. I have never had any proclivity to jockstraps, its not one of my kinks, but I don't think I can say that anymore. I have been listening to this file before bed and it keeps replaying after I am asleep. Last night when I got up to pee I swear my cock felt bigger in my hand, I don't think it looks bigger in the light but it felt bigger in my hand. Today my jocks arrived, and I was excited. As I pulled on the first pair I started to get hard. I had to tuck my erect cock into the new jock, and it felt amazing. It's only been a few days of listening to the files and I think they are definitely working. I just added a few more files of yours to my playlist to help my brain embrace and not fight the hypnosis and suggestion. I am hoping that will just unlock more effects of your file on my growth. Fingers crossed.
    After the first listen of the non binaural version, I woke up with huge amounts of precum leaking into my underwear so it definitely did a number on me. Gonna try the binaural version tomorrow but for now I've got my jock on and enjoying it.