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    Full title: Sissy addict Curse 3: Anticipation. This is a standalone file, and you will enjoy it even more if you have trained yourself with parts 1 and 2 of the Sissy Addict Curse.

    Hello my little cock craving sissy. You have probably spent hours upon hours training yourself with many audio and video hypnosis files, gradually turning yourself into more and more of a sissy. And there are some files that change your sexuality, erasing your sexual interest in women. And there are files that feminize you, increasing your interest in wearing panties, bras, and feminine sexy clothes. And there are files that increase your interest in men, and there are files that increase your need to get fed with cock and male cum, in every hole, as often as possible. And you may have cursed yourself with one or both of the previous Sissy Addict Curse files. And if you have, you have probably already started thinking and feeling like a totally brainwashed, addicted, cock sucking, cum swallowing, ass stretched sissy whore, who begs for male cum at every opportunity and loves to be used by men for their sexual pleasure.

    In part 3 of the series, we start with the addiction / curse induction that you already know from the first two parts, and we continue the work we started increasing your anticipation for cock, exponentially. To accomplish that, this time, I am going to, very elegantly and efficiently. reach deep into your past memories of the most intense feelings of anticipation, and connect them to the anticipation for cock and cum, so that the whole way you see yourself, changes for the better. Of course, you know that, what is better is not the same for every person. And you have come to realize that, better for you is everything about cock, cum, men, sluttiness. With this file, your deep need for cock is going to be tied to your earlier life memories, so that your whole belief system changes, at a very deep, emotional level. The changes in you are happening at such a deep level, and at the same time in such a subtle way, that it will probably take weeks or even months for you to realize the depth of your change. What I mean is that, with the first time that you listen, you are going to feel your anticipation for cock growing, more and more, and you are going to get very horny. But there is much more depth to that, which  you will know as time passes by, as the sissy seed that I will plant inside you, is going to grow, making it more and more natural to you that this is who you are and this is what you do. Through the processes in this file, The Cock is going to be your guide to happiness, and without it you have no purpose. Also, you may be pleasantly surprised to find how the file ends, something which is going to drive you deeper and faster to your cock obsessed transformation.

    Of course, this is a very powerful recording, and you are advised to listen to it only if you are absolutely sure that you need cock to be the center of your life’s purpose. Cock is going to be the center of your attention and of your interests. Some of the themes that are included in this file are:

    Utilising memories of the past to evoke your anticipation for cock and cum.
    Craving cock.
    Your emotional well being is connected to receiving cock and cum.
    Cock is becoming the symbol of everything that you need in life and your deepest desires.
    You adore all cocks.
    Cock is entering your thoughts when you are thinking about anything.
    Feeling empty and sad without cock. Deeply fulfilled and grateful to cock and come and men, and every woman who helps you get more cock. This is what you need, now, and forever.

    Again, you can listen to this file even if you have not listened to the previous ones. I have uploaded two versions of the same file. The one is 1hr 45 min and contains the addiction and curse warnings. The other is 1 hr 37 min, and is the same, only with no warnings at the start.

    Thank you for your interest, NinaTemptress.

    PS. You can listen to a sample of the file here:

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    Length: 1:43:11
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    Mistress, will you recommend a long-wearing lipstick? This file has breached all of the thresholds of resistance that I had really been counting on. Now there's going to be sperm on my face by February.