• Bi Curious Cocksucker (SH-3) — $10   ,  
    Ready to take the plunge and go from bi-curious to sucking dick?  This file will help you get over your inhibitions about being with men and finally learn to fail to resist your desire to become a cocksucker.  Designed to work on its own or with Shattered Heterosexuality and other gay conversion files.

    Rating: ★★★★★ (2)
    Length: 29:25
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    I started listening about a moth, and I still am hooked on this file. I haven't achieved the results yet, but the file just keeps bringing me back to it and makes me thinking more gay thoughts while looking at my male friends than ever before.
    Jack Sir, If you have a file to complete my journey, to be a cock hungry slut without my friends knowing it, please release it.I would like to be a cum whore, with out my friends not knowing it. Is this possible? Thank you for your files. Emil me @ emailslut2@hotmail.com Thank you
    how long is file?
    ah i see. I would prefer female voice TBH