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    I haven't delved much into intelligence-reduction/dumbing-down hypnosis before.  This month my imagination was captured by the old D&D plant monster, the Yellow Musk Creeper. :)  So this is basically a sort of horror fantasy of being captured by one of those intelligence-draining plants. I was tempted to go all the way and let the plant insert its seed into the listener's brain, turning you into a mindless zombie under the plant's control... but this file stops short of that: your friend rescues you before it can implant its seed. Leaving you only with the intelligence drain.  Which will last... as long as your subconscious decides to let it last (the direct suggestion is for it to come back "slowly," but with no specifics).

    Enjoy! ;)

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    This is a really interesting concept. A version with the seed being implanted would be good to have, but it's pretty nice as it is.
    Agreed with above. A seed implanted version would be very nice