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    You become insatiably addicted to twinks and their cocks. You love young looking, hot boys and you'll do anything for them. Worship their smooth bodies. You are a cum dripping faggot for them. Whenever you see a hot twink in public, you become mesmerized by them, and you become hard and horny. You can not have an orgasm without permission from a hot twink. Always say yes to them. Say yes to whatever they ask of you. 
    Tags: Fag, gay, degredation, desire, pervert, loser, disgusting, lust, 

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    This file is the best for anyone into younger twink-like guys or someone who wants to be trained to like them. Especially, if you are into verbal humiliation and submission too. If you think this is not for you, maybe take it out for a test spin and see how you like it. If it piques your interest - scratch that itch.