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    Remember show and tell as a kid?  This file is similar, except you tell, they show, you suck.  This file makes you the best boyfriend ever. You become addicted to sucking cock and swallowing cum. If you don't have a boyfriend, this file encourages you to get one. You'll suck a lot of cocks until you find one cock you can suck anytime you want. Then, it will be your boyfriend's cock you're focused on. Until then, it's all cocks. Start telling gay men you listened to this recording. That's all you have to do. Let gay men know seeing any guy's dick is the trigger. Tell any gay man you spend time alone with. Suck any cock you see until you're finally getting enough cum from one, special lover. That man is your boyfriend and you are the best boyfriend ever because its his cum you are after, constantly horny to swallow more and more from him alone.   

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