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    This file is for men who want a slut in their head to mutually masturbate with. Experience another man jerking off your dick, and feel my dick in your hand instead of your own. This happens every single time you masturbate from now on. I expect you to touch yourself during this file. The is no actual wakener, just instructions to awaken upon orgasm. Not for use while driving or operating heavy machinery, please.

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    Length: 16:11
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    Trigger(by yourself)
    Absolutely fantastic! An ideal recording to get guys started on their journey to accepting their gay thoughts. Gentle and soothing, yet ever so effective. Be SURE to have your favorite masturbating lotion at hand before you start. A loving and effective way to begin your journey. It's time to get listen and relax...
    A year later and I still masturbate to this file all the time. Believe me, try it and you will love it!