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    This curse file will make the listener prepare a baby's dinner for themselves every night for a month and then force them to either eat it like a baby(little/no motor control) or suck it from a baby bottle with an enlarged opening in the nipple.  That will be the only dinner they get an any attempt to circumvent the curse will add additional days to how long it lasts.  Once the 30 days are over the curse ends(unless you listen again).

    Infant Behavior
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    I like this hypothesis tape my first time is very good . i thing you need to come up with a baby bottle one fill with infant formula only for dinner lunch and morning.
    @EMG I want to ask you some questions about another file of yours but I can't work out how to privately message you, help
    @wan269 you can either click unread messages and enter a message from there or email me at admin@warpmymind.com