• Your Impotent Penis, Shrinking Forever — $15   ,  
    (WARNING: This file uses a multitude of new techniques such as novel bio-feedback loops for producing physical change, 'consentifiers',  pre- and post-hypnotic triggers, method of loci mapping to strong emotional states... In other words, do not listen unless you want a tiny, impotent penis, along with becoming mentally emasculated around all men, and finding penetrative sex impossible.)

    If you have come to terms with your desire to have a tiny penis, and want an effective solution to take your desires from fantasy to reality, then this file is for you. If you have searched for files that cause impotence and shrinking, but become aroused and find your penis growing from the suggestions, this is the file you were looking for. Your mind controls your penis, and I control your mind.

    While this file is not a curse, it is permanent and will cause any desire to shrink and be limp and impotent to grow so strong, and for your mind to become so emotionally dependent on the progress towards your micropenis goals, that it is likely permanent and addictive.

    Make sure that you are certain of your desires before deciding to download this file.

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    Rating: ★★★★☆ (9)
    Length: 24:03
    Downloads: 876
    Wow, great file. I think it might give me the tiny baby peepee I deserve.
    I'm very pleased that you enjoy the file, baby Timmy! I know of a few babies who should really have little peepees, and I hope they listen and train themselves tiny and soft for good, as baby boys should be. Same for my cute little sissies, you just know that it's right for you to be smaller than real men, because you are not anything like them, you are sissies. A limp sissy is a good sissy.
    Thank you for the file Mommy. I will keep listening so that I get the baby penis I should have.
    Thank you for this wonderful file ... It is really great! Today is the third day I listen to it, and from the first moment, I never had another erection again... Of course, still did not give the penis time to shrink, but I am relying, it will shrink quite .. I hope it gets very small, the size of a baby's penis, totally impotent ... I listen to the recording three or four times a day... The problem is that the voice in the recording is difficult to understand clearly, because of the very high volume of background music ...
    Thank you for your review Eduarda! I'm so pleased to hear that erections are gone for good, just like you wanted. :) I have heard from a few people that the music in these files are mixed a little too loud, I have made the volume of the music lower from Becoming a Baby Forever 3 onwards, so rest assured I take my subjects comments to heart. <3
    Wow! I don't know how, but this has given me the best trance ever. Amazing. This is about more than just shrinking. Thank you Sweet Dreams.
    hi there, all! it's still a tad early for me to give a definitive opinion on the file, but... mamma does know her stuff: i'm a donkey-stubborn hypnosis-resilient all-rationalizing kinda bloke, and yet, 5 minutes in and i found myself in full catatonic state. i know it's working, in part because i already am, on the inside, something other than either man, or woman... well, what i can tell, a day after having downloaded the file, is that i finally feel at peace with a part of me i've been doing my best to kill for over 25 years now, and i can go on loving myself... promise an update further on, thanks!
    *bloody... i meant hypnosis-resistant... :D there must be something happening to my head :)))
    bloody... i meant hypnosis-resistant... :D there must be something happening to my head :)))
    well, i promised an update, and here it is: after a long pause (turned out i had been doing it the wrong way, with the wrong mindset), i came back to mamma's file a couple of weeks ago... with a fresh self... long story short: it works... don't expect to be completely passive about it, for me, al least, you need to put some conscient effort into it, but the results are definitely gratifying: no more erections, and a slowly, but steadily, shrivelling flap of skin where an (in)decent 8"er used to be. @sweetdreamshypno: thank you so much!
    Does the file also shrink the balls ?
    Want this file so bad, but don’t have the money :c
    Honestly, the audio mixing isn't great on this. I've tried several headphones and speakers, and the vocals are muddled.
    @shibby99, is it still worth the $15 price or is it better to ask for the file to be edited first? From the description it sounds like what I really really want! But if I am concentrating on actively listening to a voice through loud backgrounds, I won't enter trance as my mind is too preoccupied trying to listen in the first place!
    I gave to your patreon but there are no files posted :/
    I listen to this and could not hear a word that was said that I could understand, the music is so loud that it is impossible to turn it up to try to hear you. I did have sensation in my penis while I listened to it . I wish I could have heard your voice . I put it on speaker and turned the volume way up on it to pick up on what you were saying in the file. Could you do a script for this and add it to it so I can read what is being said during the playing oh the file?