• Becoming a Baby Forever 5: Poopypants Forever — $15    
    This file causes complete loss of peepee and poopoo control, so you will be just like a baby, needing diapers forever, so do not buy this file if you haven't thought through the result of listening.

    Welcome back baby, if you feel like it is time for you to have the exact amount of control a newborn baby has, then this file is for you.

    This file uses advanced peer pressure subliminals, is a curse, and uses all of my strongest current techniques to turn automatic control into automatic lack of control. You will wet and mess, all the time, with no control, during the day and at night. Once again, do not listen to this file unless you are completely certain that you want these effects.
    This file contains strong reward and punishment triggers, amongst other methods to keep you permanently diapered, always wetting and messing, with no control, and no way to regain control other than by me potty training you.

    Of course, I have made it so that it feels incredible to have no control, with strong pleasure triggers when you are a good little baby for me. :)

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    Rating: ★★★★★ (6)
    Length: 27:34
    Downloads: 1160
    Sure! You can email me at sweetdreamshypno@gmail.com :)
    I listened to this file last night on a loop and woke up this morning with a very soggy and messy diaper while sucking on my paci and holding my stuffie. It was the best feeling ever. This file makes me feel just like a good little baby. Thank you mommy.
    I love this tape it more easy for me to use my diaper now.
    I listened to this file quite a few times over the weekend and wow, I love it! By the end of the Sunday I don't think I'd made it to the potty once, I've just been having accidents in my diapers. The thought of being a little poopypants permanently was pretty embarrassing at first, but I'm now I'm just excited at the prospect of not having to worry about the potty anymore. Being a good baby for mommy and going potty in my diapers is so much easier. Thank you so much for this file, I can't wait to listen to it even more!
    Wow-listened four times yesterday and woke up this morning soaked and stinky- great file
    How exactly will this work look forward to buying this file
    Would you make this for permanent wetting only
    It's been a few months since my last comment and I have to admit, this file has been my favorite file to listen to for my baby training. It's helped me become completely dependent on my diapeys now, which is exactly what I wanted. It was still pretty embarrassing for a while but Mommy has been really encouraging and helped me through a lot of that, now I'm just so happy. I can just be a poopypants in my diapeys forever now thanks to Mommy! I even threw all of my old big girl panties recently too, I don't need anything but my diapeys now. Thank you so much for all of the baby training Mommy, you're the best Mommy ever!
    I have been listening to this file while sleeping for a few days now and I think it's working. I am not wearing diapers yet, since I have to wait until my big order arrives. Yesterday while grocery shopping I felt a bit of pressure on my bowels. Then it all went very quickly, I bent my legs and pushed all out in the seat of my pink panties. I wasn't even aware what I was doing until it was done. Ususally I would have felt embarressed, but this time I felt happy and warm. ♥ Also this morning as I got up, I was still sleepy and just bent direcly after standing up to push everything out. Let's see how this will work in the longrun.
    After almost a month of listening every night I have really become diaper depandend. Last night I was dreaming about using the toilet and right in that moment I woke up feeling myself pushing my bowels into my diapers. I felt so proud and euphoric about it, I just have to share that experience ^.^
    Oops that was typo. I meant to add more to that. Okay So. Omg!! This works! This works so well!! I love it so much!! I've always been on the fence about going 24/7 but this just makes me feel so happy and safe!! I will never use the potty ever again!!
    I can feel myself!becoming more!and more babishly x3 it's so!awesome I've been tracking progress on my insta @diaryofalittle so be sure to give me a follow Must be 18+ in order to follows x3
    Sorry its diariesofalittle
    This hypnosis is the best thing I ever did for my mental health!!!!! I am so glad an an happy that I'm a 24/7 babybuuuuuuuttt
    This is one of the best files I’m messing my diaper right now I love the feeling