• Curse Fucked by a Dog    
    This is for males or females. When You hear the Trigger phrase "Doggy Fuck time for you" You will take up a position for the dog to use you, and for the next 15 min you will feel the dog mount you, fuck you, get tied in you as it cums large amounts, and pull the knot out of you painfully. During the time you will fell ashamed for being mounted, but will not move, but after you will fell better for being used. If this is not activated on you once a week, by someone else, when you are in a safe place, this will happen to you automatically. Forcing you to feel like you're being fucked by an animal each and every week until the curse is removed.

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    Length: 22:39
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    This looks as bad as those 'phyically transform' files, I took one look at this file a thought to myself - "yea, right". Luckly my curiosity is a bitch, and I tryed it anyways =p. So I got into my bed and just listened, the file finished and I felt nothing, I felt like an idiot wanting it acually to work so I deleated the file and forgot about it. Although a few nights later I felt an urge to try it again, so I did, again nothing, the indution at the beginning kept me in a out is the best way to describe it, which happened to make me feel great because thats the furthest I'd gotten. After about 4 nights doing it once before I whenn to sleep, I noticed... well I worked to the best of my knowlegde, the tigger word about half way though got though to me, the next thing a know i'm on all fours on my bed, I found that I couldn't move or speak I was just unaware of everything... Then the files started to take its toll, i could feel a warm presenence 'poking' at the base of my ass, and then a rather large weight, like a furry belly supporting itself on my back, the weight suddenly jerked and a feeling a shear pain and pleasure as the warmth i felt to begin with thrust into me, and in and out of me, I wanted to scream out but found I couldn't. My ass felt as if it was ripping apart, as it drove into me. Then what I can only describe as a fist, forced and pushed its way inside of me as, i'm now sure it is a dog, I felt streams of a hot liquid filling me up, almost as if my belly was expanding, the dog seemed to stay in me a while and aftyer he pulled out i could feel all the cum dripping down my legs. I kind of finshes with you not really realising what youy have done but you do (if that makes sence?), because I 'woke up' with my ass held high in the air and my face down into the pillow. (sorry it's so long but the forums arn't working for me, I needed to tell someone and no one else has commented on this file.)
    cool i might try it
    ive been listening to this for a few nights now and nothing! what am i doing wrong? i want to have this curse put on me. i think it would be great to have a dog fucking me tha no one can see. maybe make another one that your mounted and knotted with the dog longer than 15 minutes and even make if you dont activate it for a week the fucking become more and more painful.. oh please someone tell me how and wha i am doing wrong so this file will work for me!!
    I'm listening to it. nothing yet.
    This doesnt work i listened to it for 3 weeks and still nothing
    This file works for me, and I absolutely love it. Great job.
    Has not worked for me yet but would like to see this file changed that after you are in your doggy position that a massive hooded male wearing a black robe enter the room and stand in front of you and open his robe exposing himself that from the waist up he is human and from the waist down has the anatomy of a horse and when he takes off his robe and it hits the floor his cock becomes so erect and throbbing so hard it bounces up and down and then rapes you
    I'm curious, can this be self-triggered, and does the self-trigger count for the weekly trigger?
    I listened to it. EMG says you can self trigger it, and I if I remember correctly your self trigger counts. But I suppose, if the conditions were too vague, then the details would be left up to you. IE: Self trigger doesn't count, or what kind of dog it is. Hasn't worked for me yet, then again I didn't try that hard. Some people on the forums and in the comments here seem to have had some success.
    How is a curse file removed? I tried looking for something that might do just that, but it's a no go.
    Might I say that I love this file. And I love the concept. It's always been a fantasy of mine, though I've always been relatively ashamed of it. I was really excited when I saw this, and I've been listening to it nightly for about 2 weeks. My only problem is I've yet to get much in the way of results. When I use the trigger I get sort of vauge sensations, but nothing I can actually feel. I'm rather sorry that's all I've managed to get, but I'm going to keep trying.
    I just listened to the file and i've never gone so deep before! I felt totally relaxed and under EMGs control for the first half. by the time the actual content was going on i wasnt as focused as i had been and i had trouble picturing everything but i did feel humiliated and sad and could feel sensation around my ass so i'm deff giving this more time!
    It must have a side effect. I go running daily and seem to run into dogs with their masters. The dogs bark like they want to bite until they come up to me, then they stand up placing their paws on me. Like they want to mate with me. Have not had the experience yet but looking forward to it.
    Be very careful with this one, people! He\'s not kidding around.... I\'m a big skeptic, and most files haven\'t worked on me. But this one after first use, I said the trigger word, and was instantly pushed onto all fours. It all happened, just like he said it would, save maybe for it lasting for fifteen minutes. It seemed like shorter, but I was down there for a very long time. Afterward I did feel very humiliated and I even felt a bit of nausea, probably from the cum filling my tailhole.... Either way, this one\'s a real deal. Only try if you have a spare 30 bucks handy....
    i\'d like to try this file, but i don\'t want to be \"cursed\"... could someone please edit it and make it a one time thing?
    i wish this was more for females where the dog fucks my cunt.
    I\'ve listened to this a few times tonight, but no luck. I\'m going to keep listening to it every night once or twice until I feel the dog inside me.
    Why does everything have to be a curse? -_- No one-shot fun with this doggy? For shame. I\'d be eternally grateful to whoever made a harmless version.
    I\'m with bugmenotguest, why can\'t it be a one off or self triggerable only, rather than \"every week for the rest of your life you\'ll feel like you\'re being fucked by a dog\". It might be interesting to me now, but what about when I\'m in my 70s? Will my knees be able to take 15 minutes on the cold hard ground?
    Damn, The first time i tried was about 15 minutes ago and it was one hell of an expirience. I went through the induction and begining on all fours with my head down thinking it would be a better feeling. Then my body just froze in place. I felt a... Big feeling in my ass and then my lower half went completely numb for some reason. Still felt great though =]
    cmon EMG make us a trig version i dont want to be 60 and still getting anal raped by a dog once a week
    I agree brand22023, we want it more than once!
    Honestly though, how is the curse broken once it happens? Does somebody have to say something, or reverse the file\'s lyrics so it says it backwards? I just want to have it once, not be like what Brand22023 said, be 60 and still getting anal raped by a dog each week.
    i could edit this but i need a recorder
    If you do any research on the site at all,you will see you have to buy a special removal file from emg in order to have it removed. Please, people, at least read the faq before you post a question.
    Dear Gentle Listeners,\n I will make a gentle, only when you listen, file for girls to be mated by large dogs. I will write it for penetration in the girl\'s sexual organ and nothing more. In fairness, should EMG disapprove... I will remove it.\nSincerely,\nHaxsaw
    After two days I\'m having the best sex I\'ve ever had and orgasms without needing to stimulate myself (that\'s never happened before). This is amazing and I never want it to stop! I\'ll write a longer post on the forum about what I\'ve done to make it work for me.
    I would like a version of this where I am the one going down on all fours and start humping like there was a female dog beneath me.
    I wonder if this might work better if you listened to it as you were going to sleep...i can\'t seem to find the trance for it...any ideas?
    I have to agree with Czab, I would like to see a file where I just start humping the air [or possibly anything] like there is a female dog beneath me. That would be fantastic!
    wtf ppl are crazy!
    For people asking about the weekly trigger, read the description:\n\n\"If this is not activated on you once a week, by someone else, when you are in a safe place, this will happen to you automatically\"\n\nI believe you can self trigger, but self triggering does NOT prevent the automatic trigger. This is according to the file description.
    I listened to the file. Apparently, the description is misleading. Self-triggering does reset the week timer.
    I\'d download this right now, if not for the fact that it\'s a curse.
    3rd listen and stuff is definitely working! Liking this file!
    Cant get enough of this. Everytime i say the trigger, i get thrown onto all fours and get fucked. Only lasts a few seconds, but thats only after 3 listens
    I would love to listen to this but i am afraid of the curse side of it :/
    This file must not work anymore, I\'m not able to open it
    The file still works Doll_jessi, just click on the underlined \"curse fucked by a dog\" that\'s just to the right of the \"NAME:\" part at the top and it automatically starts downloading. If that won\'t work try using a different browser (i.e. try firefox instead of chrome or IE etc..)
    Why would you even want to be cursed?! People are crazy.
    I wonder if this ever will work for me. I'm german, but understand english very well. But I'm still unsure if english hypnosis work for foreign people like me. I listen to the file for a week by now, even at night, but still nothing. I tried self-triggering, but nothing happen. Am I doing something wrong? :(
    this is a fantasy come true... been using it for a while, and the feeling is amazing... :P yiffyaff, this slutfox loves this file
    I want my slave girl to listen to this file. However, she is still a virgin. Can you listen to this file and remain a virgin?
    i tried it, listened twice in a row, then triggered myself, result: i was stuck on all fours, presenting my ass and unable to move for a long fucking while, and nothing fucked me, i was just stuck, i had some clenching at the first moments but except for that- nothing. what the hell, that was just boring and weird, where is that damn dog at??
    I’ve been listening to this for several days now to know effect. Would it work better if I set it up to loop while I’m sleeping.
    I just started this one four days ago. On my first trigger, nothing much happened so I listened to the cursed helpless to hypnosis. Listened to this a few times and was forced down and ,y hole spasmed a lot. Yesterday I was listened to a concentration binaural and had the urge to trigger and after like 30 seconds I felt a pressure on my back and soon I felt like I was getting fucked. This is my favorite curse, trigger it quite a bit since then. Trying now to hold off the week.
    In all seriousness, why would anyone want this to happen? I'm asking because I really don't understand this.
    I would love to try it, but NEVER gonna touch it while it is a curse. Shame, because I love the idea.
    Did not feel anything very disappointed
    Still waiting for it to work
    To those who commented back in 2008... are you still cursed? Have you really been fucked by a dog every every week, for about 780 times since then?
    i tried it manny many times and still havent got much,the only thing is that i get pressurized so that i have to go on the floor.More nothing but i still am going to try it more