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    Seducer MIndset with Brainwave Tracks


    Hello fellow powerful seducer! This is the Seducer Mindset file which I have uploeded in the past, with four different background music tracks in the four different download slots:


    - First slot (mp3): Trance music Starry Night

    - Second slot (body): Alpha brainwave track. This track is going to gently guide your brain to operate more towards the alpha brainwave frequency while listening.

    - Third slot (subliminal): Theta brainwave track.

    - Fourth slot (binaural): Delta brainwave track.


    Why is it important for your brain to listen to all these versions? Science has taught us that our brain processes information in different ways when operating in different brainwave frequencies, which means that, it absorbs new information in different ways and in different depths of trance, therefore making this new information your own in more effective and generative ways. Also, the new useful information and hypnotic suggestions that you are going to get into your brain are going to be associated with far more thoughts, emotions and experiences inside your brain, as a result of absorbing information in different brainwave frequencies.


    Another advantage is that our brain generally enjoys novelty and is more focused when listening to different kinds of things, so with these different background tracks, it will be much easier for you to keep listening to this recording daily, for longer. 


    There is no strict particular order in which you should listen to these files, but I would recommend that you listen to them in cycles in the order given: (Starry night, alpha, theta, delta) as in this order you go from lighter to deeper trance states.


    Day 1: Kemp - O’ Brien

    Day 2: Alpha

    Day 3: Theta

    Day 4: Delta

    Day 5: Kemp - O’ Brien

    Day 6: Alpha

    Day 7: Theta

    Day 8: Delta


    ...and so on. Or you could listen to the first file for 4-7 days, and then go to the next, and so on.


    Of course, if you have the first version of the file as well, you can integrate that into the cycle too.


    It is advisable that you listen to this file for at least 21 days, and even more. While you are listening, it is better that, at least for the first few times, you keep yourself awake and focused on what is being said. For this to happen, it may be preferable to listen while sitting comfortably instead of lying down. When you have a grasp of what is being said, you may listen while lying down as well.


    And here I am going to copy the description of the original file:


    This is Attract Beautiful women waking hypnosis loop with an induction specific to the seducer theme and emerging added, for those who prefer a full hypnosis session instead of a waking loop. 


    If you are a man who wants to move through the world in sexual abundance and happiness, this recording is a very good start, as it programs your unconscious mind with the necessary attitudes about yourself, women and the world in general. It will improve your self-esteem and you will find yourself automatically responding in attractive ways. 


    Imagine for a moment how great you can feel, every time you talk with a woman, as you realize that you are a sexy masculine man, who attracts many beautiful women because you know that women love you everywhere you go, and you can continue right on flirting and having fun, with beautiful women, because you know their little secret; that they want to get fucked, which means that you are becoming happier and happier day by day as well as making the women around you happier and happier. Allow yourself to think for a moment what it would be like if you were a very attractive sexual man. How would women behave differently around you when they realize that you know their little secret? It's as if everything changes and becomes easy for you now because now, every time that you talk with a woman, you know her little secret. That's right. And you could think of this every time you are having a conversation with a beautiful woman, couldn't you? 


    This recording contains advanced hypnotic language patterns and embedded commands, the kind of which you read above, so that the suggestions are much more efficient and your unconscious mind enjoys creating these changes in you. 


    Listen to this recording once every day, and watch your sexual life and your general level of happiness increase exponentially. The more days you listen, the greater the results you are going to get. The general themes of the file include, but are not limited to: 


    Knowing women's little secret 

    Loving women

    Women loving you

    Women being drawn to you magnetically

    Being strong, confident and sexy

    Knowing that you are a good looking guy

    Enjoying flirting and having sex

    Finding it easy to start conversations and flirting

    Beautiful women trying to impress you and have sex with you

    Feeling great expressing love and getting love from the world around you

    Seeing women as the beautiful, sexy creatures that they are

    Being happy and loving to the world

    Attracting women unconsciously

    Being comfortable with your sexuality. 


    I will be happy to read your comments about your experiences with these files. 


    To your abundant sex and relationship life, 




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    Would it be effective if listened to from a phone speaker?
    I like this concept.
    I bought this, but none of the tracks were a subliminal.
    I have only listened to this a few times thus far, but I am quite liking it, and looking for the positive aspects discussed in the file to begin appearing in my day to day life. Thanks.
    @dorfmeister, yes, none is a subliminal. I have used the "subliminal" slot that this website provides to upload the theta brainwave track. And, I'm happy that you are enjoying the files.