• Dandelion Dominance — $15    

    Blow on the dandelion... wish for a dominance so powerful that it can never be conquered. Your wish is granted.  This system will bless you with alpha male dominance that has the unkillable resillience of a dandelion: no matter how powerful the counter-force, NOTHING will stop you from becoming ever more dominant and ever more masculine for the rest of your life.

    Notes: This is a system. Download all the files! Though framed as a blessing this file is permanent and designed to be inescapable and non-removable once burned in. The MP3 link is the main hypnosis file, binaural is a two-chanel confusion brainwashing loop for loop-and-stare use with the acompanying spiral, and the body version is a Failing to Resist trigger based short-induction version with alternate music and no count up for playlist use.  

    Rating: ★★★★★ (4)
    Length: 31:39
    Downloads: 378
    Excellent and original script, thanks!
    Except for the video the program works for gay and straight?
    This is a system for gay men, but the main file is actually neutral about the gender of the sub. For a heterosexual dominant, avoid the spiral and brainwashing loop.
    Thank You! I really enjoy the main file, falling into trance very quickly and deeply. Regarding the brainwashing loop: Is only the video solely for gay men and the loop on its own neutral? I was thinking about looping it during sleep.
    The binaural file is an absolute beauty of a file!!! It is one of the best files I’ve ever listened to. The two-channel confusion/brainwashing is a beautiful thing to listen to. It takes me down SO deep, and after several listens, I now go into a trance instantly when I listen to it. The file now takes me deeper and deeper every time, and I get incredibly aroused when I listen to it. It’s so perfectly crafted by JackDrago.