• Himbo sleep - IQ lock    

    This file creates the association between working out and dumbing Himbo down. The file lowers Himbo’s IQ permanently with the help of previously installed, as well as new triggers.

    This Himbofication TTS series is based on the Bambi sleep series, without the sissification. Some suggestions are on the gayer side of the himbo spectrum, though. All mentions of femininity were replaced with himbo-oriented, masculine suggestions. Dumbing down, IQ lowering and himbo personality replacement were all retained.

    Rating: ★★★★☆ (8)
    Length: 15:20
    Downloads: 1986
    I look forward to seeing more of this! I wanted to try the bambi series but I was kind of hesitant about the sissy element, so this is absolutely perfect!
    wow this is a good file bro
    I agree with both of the above - everyone sings the praises of Bambi but I’d rather stay masculine. Would love to get the rest of the series converted in this way!
    bro pls make more of these
    Loved it. Can't want for the rest. Do you have a patreon or other way I can support you?
    These are strong haha love them
    Man this file makes me soo dumb brah. Keep making more I need to dumb down fully man.
    Please only listen to these tracks if you want to lose your sexual identity in the future and autonomy. People are making and shaping society and this is another grinder. This stuff is very real using soundwaves to hack into people and have them recite these mantras in their sleep to make you less empathetic and less loving towards your fellow man, brother, lover, friend, partner. This goes on to effect the world at large. Do not be lazy, do not go to sleep - we need freedom and equality for all beings. Please listen to me.