• BOY SLUT TRAINING - Crave Cock Boy!    

    Crave Cock Boy is the fifth installment of the BOY SLUT TRAINING series.  This suggestive file trains boy sluts into becoming unconditional sluts when it comes to pleasuring dominant men.  The commands, “Strip Boy!” and “Present Your Hole Boy” will be reinforced in a scenario where dominant men of all ages, races and sizes push the trainee into the acceptance of any cock offered.  The more cock the boy receives, the more cock he will crave.  This training is intended to continue a gay man’s journey into becoming a perfect boy slut.  Your constructive comments are welcomed.

    Rating: ★★★★★ (4)
    Length: 25:15
    Downloads: 530
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    I love this session, the scenario suggested while in trance is advanced and full of surprises (and rewards). The previous session helped me to better accept getting fucked and enjoying it (especially accept to lose control), this one is really creating a need to serve men by getting fucked as often as possible. I think it has to be listened when you have fully accepted the previous sessions and you have evolved enough to accept this new one that is really harder. What is not described is that there is a bunch of new ideas to accept to let you feel and be more "useful" I would say.
    I love being a good boy I want you to make one that keeps my eyes on Mens crotch and more so at all times all men instantly sees me staring at his Cock
    What if you made one like the crave cock boy and have us sucking at the same time as we are giving pleasure to our ass?