• Resistance Dissolver - Part 3 — $35   ,  

    The perfect mindfuck for girly girl cumsluts whose soft little clitties quiver uncontrollably in the presence of manhood and masculinity, this file is every brainwashed bimbo's dream come true.

    Even more extreme and twisted than the previous two parts in the Resistance Dissolver series, this file is ultra-deviant and was created especially for only the most dedicated of true pathological sissies.

    Your fluffy little mind will learn that being limp & diddle-free is no longer something to strive towards, but rather something that any experienced listener should long since have achieved.

    That is correct: those qualities are simply presumed of you at this point my precious little flower girl.

    It's now time to get fixated on your next long-term pussification goal: total inversion of your girly little sissy clitoris.

    Yes sweetie, you're going to be fully committed to achieving complete clitoral inversion over time, utilizing the extraordinarily helpful information I graciously share with you throughout this session. 

    You will also gain an increased understanding of estrogen (not the prescription kind, but the estrogen naturally present in a little sissy fuckdoll's girly girl body and pink little mind) and ways that it may be naturally increased. 

    Any good castrated flower girl should already be wearing bra & panties daily, however this is reaffirmed very forcefully throughout the session.

    You'll observe a feeling of sheer cumslut euphoria wash over you, almost like a wonderful hypnotic drug, whenever you slip into your pretty feminine undergarments princess.  

    This file is extremely addictive and the effects are profound, life-altering and utterly intoxicating.

    Do enjoy sweetie :)




    Rating: ★★★★★ (6)
    Length: 30:23
    Downloads: 100
    Thank you for this amazing file Goddess Gracie i already listened 3 times in a row and i am perfectly diddle free and will continue to do so as anything else would disobey the direct commands of Goddess Gracie! i also had couple of "braingasms" from this file on my 2nd and 3rd listen without any other stimulation i don't know how you do it but this file really truly does MINDFUCK me HARD!!! this flower girl promises to listen at least once a day for this entire month (and beyond). I wonder are there any other files to pair with this one that is recommended for perfect training?
    i miss Becky Sparkle:(
    Hi Goddess Gracie. I was wondering if it would be at all possible to get the Subliminal track for Diddle Free Mantras? I really like listening to the subliminal tracks when I sleep. I just got the Women Just know loop today and I love it, but the Diddle Free Mantras Subliminal phrases are my favorite. Thank You for all you do and provide
    Oh thank you so very much!!!!!
    Who's Becky Sparkle?
    A very good girl. I am not sure but I think she was even sissy of the year once
    It appears that https://sparklevisionxx.blogspot.com/ is no longer available. When I went there recently it asks me to sign in with google gmail, but then when I signed into google I got an error message saying that the blog is by invitation only. It used to be free to visit without having to login. What happened?
    Well it looks like sparklevision is back up now but it still is making me sign into google to view it. I don't like google and don't like having to sign into google to view it. I value my privacy and it's not of googles damn business! Also as of today there is still no new content on sparklevision. Are you retiring again GG? These files are also not visible here on WMM now without signing in either. Why?
    thank you for another beautiful file Goddess! You are a shining light for sissies everywhere :)
    Aww, you're welcome sweetie :)
    GG -- please make your Honesty Curse into a "New BGM" file. It's the next most necessary release. PLEASE??? :D