• Curse: Libido of a Teenager — $20   ,  

    Welcome to perpetual adolescence. This file will curse you to the hormone levels and sex drive of a perpetually horny teenaged boy for the rest of your life no matter how old you get.


    WARNING: This file may result in excessive production of precum while listening.

    Rating: ★★★★★ (3)
    Length: 18:48
    Downloads: 453
    Been catching myself pulling this up to just listen while I sleep, while I work, while I workout and I'm actively having to tamp down my brain when I lose focus because it goes right to horny thought making and it's all I can do to not pop a full on erection pretty much everywhere now and I've probably only been listening for about a week, I wish and hope it gets even worse.
    @AHoneymaid: Are you still listen to it?? Is the effect still there? Do you listen to the Subliminal or to the original MP3 file? Thx