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    Adult file! woa watch out!
    This file turns the listener into a muscular horny male gorilla with the phrase "Turn into a gorilla" and lasts until you orgasm or fall asleep. It encourages to masturbate and get in touch with their primal self.
    Enjoy ^.^

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    This is a really great file! I love the positive affirmations. 10/10!!
    This language seeks to devolve the user. It is bisexual if you do not want your sexuality tampered with, be aware of it going into this. There is mentions of "eating right". And particularly the word "right". Also this seeks to create a second skin, that acts as you do and is 'non-invasive' more like unnoticeable. This was followed by the installation of a core. These things mean that your subconscious will be at work when you are moving alongside you. Be aware of this. I'd say this was an empowerment for the right, turning "the body" into slow thinking, brutish unempathetic sexually driven people. The body refers to a group in this instance, which your consciousness controls, think like a flock of sheep. You have an effect on others. Think on the afterlife, you are a part of the universal fabric or you are it, you can be anything there, but beings will come and try to usher you to reincarnate or bring you into the light. Love waits, it does not demand. Tracks like these set you up to return, willingly. And it could even be used to try to have your consciousness conform to being confined in an animal shell. Magic and spells are real. What you focus on comes to pass. If you do not like the sound of these suggestions, be aware of how this could radiate to the whole. And it does. Look at the world, the way to happiness is not by falling for fnords (unseen concepts that can get stuck in the mind) and spelling words, it is to create from the heart and manifest a reality hopefully where there is no harm. d-evol "evil" -ve, evol "evil"-ve, love "evil reversed" (but still playing their word games) for your fellow to empower each other to create with the fabric of the universe not bind it to materiality. Because you are in a forest, looking at wooden spirals of nordic fae, and this is nothing new. But I urge you to grow the trees you want to see, or leave it entirely. I don't care if I sound mad or "unhinged". Language is a trap, devolving is not a way out, it is a way in deeper into the oubliette of the soul where beings unseen battle. Don't "return to monke", return to love, understanding, kindness, and compassion. You are more than your muscles, more than pride, more than any thing that can hide in this materiality. You are priceless awareness.
    That is the longest comment I have ever seen on a wmm file, wow
    I read this script, and the file is nothing like what MeltedMind describes. It's exactly what you'd expect. A transformation file that 'makes your face transform' and makes you feel like you are becomming a monkey with buldging muscles and a massive shlong. There is no mention of subconscious control or new personality taking over. In fact Meltedmind made the file sound way hotter than it actually is. The weirdest suggestion is that you feel like you can JO with your feet, but honestly that's pretty normal. If you like transformation files then this one is for you. I've never seen a gorilla tfs file and honestly I can see how becoming a grunting, sex-obsessed ape could be hot. But again, it's your typical transformation file without any surprises or egregious forms of control. I'll double check by listening to the whole thing when I get the chance to.
    actually thank you for this comment it was awesome to read and helped me learn a new word to add into my vocabulary literally never heard of Fnords until today and love concepts / philosophical perspectives on things hell yea :D