• Erotic Hallucinations    

    This is a script that uses covert hypnosis (hypnosis that is hidden in plain conversation) to get you to become better at hallucinating and will have you hallucinate sexual partners.  I am unsure of how well this will work as this is my first attempt at covert hypnosis and I don't have much experience with hypnosis in general.  (I tend to stick to subliminals.)  Perhaps someone will do something with the script like record an audio version or place an induction before it to help increase the file's effects.  Feel free to do this.  My hope is that this will act as a stepping stone for people unable to hallucinate things when instructed during trance.  It will help them develop the skills necessary for these other files.  There are a number of safeties and ethical standards the file tries to give you.  One such safety is to not let hallucinations take over your life.  This should help make you comfortable while reading.  The actual script can be a little dry, but read it all the way through and I guarantee you that you'll feel light on your feet.  The more you read, the easier it will be to continue.

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